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CDCN Chapter 22.2


Chapter 22.2

Could it be because he defeated Gongsun You once instead of Yu Beizhou at the Baijia Banquet after his rebirth, unintentionally inserting willows and willows into shades, and got this result?

(t/n Unintentionally inserting willows and willows into shades- common idiom, the pinyin is wú xīn chā liǔ liǔ chéng yīn, meaning whether something is done or not, often has little to do with deliberate planning, especially the helplessness when one’s fate is related to God’s will.)

After all, apart from other things, even if Gongsun You was secretly loyal to other people, he had never said a bad word about Yu Beizhou, let alone bluntly said “the King of Beining who has a problem in his head”.

Be as it may, doubts were still doubts, Zong Luo still didn’t believe it.

The memory of being betrayed in the previous life, he could never get over it no matter what and it was still very vivid in his mind. Moreover, Gongsun You specialized in being a spy. Even if he was sincere now, what if he couldn’t resist the pull of the protagonist with ten thousands of fans in the future and be biased towards Yu Beizhou again?

Once bitten by a snake, afraid of well ropes for ten years. Zong Luo didn’t want to gamble on people’s hearts anymore.

(t/n Once bitten by a snake, afraid of well ropes for ten years-is a metaphor for becoming timid and fearful after experiencing a setback. It was later extended to mean that once you have been hurt, you will be very afraid of similar things or events.)


Seeing the person running away without saying a word, Gongsun You hastily got on his horse and chased after him. Finally caught up with the flying ponytail in front of him, he raised his voice, “His Highness took the jade token, does His Highness accept my allegiance?”

Zong Luo didn’t look back, and snorted coldly. “I don’t believe you.”

He spoke very bluntly, without concealing it, as if he disdained to put on an air of hypocrisy on the surface.

“If you want to gain my trust, you have to work hard.”

Being hypocritical and perfunctory to others, who wouldn’t know how to do it. Even if Zong Luo got the jade tablet today, he didn’t plan on using Gongsun You.

In this way, if Gongsun You wanted to switch sides to Yu Beizhou in the future, he could simply take out the jade tablet to disgust him.

Open and aboveboard to sow discord. With Yu Beizhou’s suspicious character, Gongsun You could only become an abandoned son after switching sides.

Gongsun You’s eyes lit up, and a haughty smile hung on his face again. “That’s only natural……My Lord.”

Distrust was not a big problem. Since he had accepted the jade token, that meant he believed him. However, Gongsun You also felt that his Lord was reckless and easy to trust others.

In short, Gongsun You seemed to be very satisfied with Zong luo at present, and he couldn’t wait to drag this new Lord to talk about the changes in the world’s situation around him for three days and three nights.

Hearing this sudden address, Zong Luo staggered, and it took a lot of effort not to look at himself as Liu Xuande.

(t/n Liu Xuande-was a Chinese warrior who founded the Shu-Han Dynasty, one of the ‘Three Kingdoms’ that formed China at the end of the Han dynasty. A kind and compassionate ruler that even the assassin that was sent to kill him was moved and diverted to his side.)

“Don’t call me that outside.” He said coldly.

Although Zong Luo had decided to shed one of his disguises to speed up the progress, this did not prevent him from covering up the truth of things against Gongsun You.

As Zong Luo thought so, he looked back at the dense forest behind him.

There were only dense trees, a wild profusion of vegetation, and no people around.

Although he had been delayed for a while, the essence of the hunting competition was still hunting. At the beginning, students would undoubtedly choose to explore the outer ring of the forestry, and would not delve into the dense forest at the start.

Moreover, the big advantage of taking Gongsun You, would be that, Zong Luo didn’t have to work hard to knock out the garrison guards following him, nor did he to hide from an insider’s eyeliner, or lift his own disguise by himself, and it also comes with a pathfinding function.

(t/n Eyeliner-Chinese vocabulary. Pinyin: yǎn xiàn A person who secretly investigates the situation, reports in time, or acts as a guide.)

Originally, Zong Luo didn’t know where Zong Hongjiu took Xiao Ba, therefore he wanted to ask Ye Linghan first, but now that he had Gongsun You, the guards along the way provided him a lot of information.

Compared with Ye Linghan, Zong Ruichen, whose life was at stake, was of course more important.

Zong Luo kept a calm face along the way, yet wished to just directly fly to him.

In the previous life, Xiao Ba was beaten to death outside Yuanjia Palace for protecting him………Yet who would have thought that in this life, when Zong Luo himself had given him a handle, Ye Linghan still chose to take the same path.

He must not let anything happen.

Thinking of this, he finally saw Zong Ruichen sitting on the ground with a disheveled face not far away.

Not far in front of Xiao Ba, a tall and fierce yellow horse roared, and its eyes were red. It raised its hooves high, and was about to step on him.


Zong Luo jumped off his horse in a fit of rage, and without a care of anything else, stabbed the horse with his sword.

Fortunately, Zong Ruichen was not really stupid, and at the last moment, with no worries whether to be exposed or not, just rolled over.

At such a close distance, if he would be trampled on with the horse’s hooves, he would be half disabled if not dead.

In the next moment, the snow-white sword tip was stained with blood, as it forcibly set off a wave in the air around.


The fierce horse pawed its hooves unwillingly, and at the same time, the blades of grass rolled up in waves as it fell to the ground with a loud crash.

Zong Luo was shocked and angry.

As a general who had been in the army all year round, he could tell at a glance that the horse had been tampered with.

Very violent, but to this extent……it must have been drugged.

This kind of insidious method was extremely disgusting even if it was put on the battlefield.

“Third brother!”

When Zong Ruichen saw him coming, he still kept in mind the previous instructions. He didn’t dare get up from the ground, and continued to play dumb. When Zong Luo called him, he turned around and when he noticed that Zong Hongjiu, who had been following behind him to show off his might just now, just like a cattle driver, was nowhere to be found, only then did he rushed over with a loud cry.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Zong Luo touched Zong Ruichen’s head distressingly.

No matter how much he pretended to be stupid, he was still an eleven-year-old child.

“Third brother, what about them?”

Zong Ruichen adjusted very quickly, and after a moment of panic, he calmed down.

He looked at the blood-stained Qixing Longyuan in Zong Luo’s hand with admiration, then turned worried as he looked up.

“Don’t worry, I have sent someone to send them away.”

Zong Luo was too lazy to care about Gongsun You who had already gone to work.

He had just recognized him as Lord, yet whether he was really sincere or not, the first thing had to be done beautifully.

Zong Ruichen breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good.”

He wiped the dust off his face, and heard Zong Luo ask again, “Xiao Ba, what’s going on?”

Hearing this, Zong Ruichen’s face showed anger.

In addition to being angry, he was also a little annoyed.

“It’s Ye Linghan.”

He clenched his fists, “I listened to what Third Brother said, and I didn’t have any contact with him anymore, but he…”

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