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CDCN Chapter 21.2


Chapter 21.2

Leaving that aside, before this, he didn’t know how many times Gongsun You had completely overturned his plan to pit Yu Beizhou. Zong Luo was often stalked behind by him, and they would sneer at each other three times when they saw one another. He really didn’t have a good impression towards this “protagonist with ten thousands of fan” loyal lackey.

Gongsun You frowned. “Yu Beizhou? Are you talking about the King of Beining who has a problem in his head? What does he have to do with me?”

Hearing Gongsun You, who was loyal in his previous life, actually disliked the old master with some brain problems, Zong Luo finally was willing to raise his eyes, and the figure of the other party was vividly reflected in the white silk in front of him.

He calmly said, “If Yu Beizhou hadn’t sent you here, why did you call me Third Highness?”

The maniac commoner man became silent for a while. “This is the reason why I came to find you today.”

At some point, the surrounding forest fell silent.

The guards who were just behind them who were still grabbing their reins, had a dull look in their eyes. They were obviously still sitting on the horse, but they seemed to be deaf to their conversation.

The puppetry of the Yin and Yang School!

Zong Luo had been guarding against this move for a long time. He held the Qixing Longyuan horizontally in front of him to ensure that he could draw his sword out of its sheath immediately.

Gongsun You’s martial arts were mediocre compared to his strategies. At least in the eyes of the Ghost Valley Master’s direct disciple like Zong Luo, whom one alone could beat three.

But after all, Gongsun You was born in the Hermit aristocratic family, and this Hermit family was the superior of the Yin and Yang School, therefore, he would naturally know the latter’s good puppet skills.

From Zong Luo’s perspective, puppetry was a mystical product created from the combination of psychological suggestions and the unique fantasy background of the world in the book. A skilled caster only needed to have physical contact with the target, and those who were weak-willed would easily be under a spell.

(t/n Suggestion is the psychological process by which a person guides their own or another person’s desired thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by presenting stimuli that may elicit them as reflexes instead of relying on conscious effort.)

It was said that during the prehistoric period, real puppetry could completely turn people into puppets of the caster.

It’s just that this had been passed down to the present, and even the puppet arts preserved by the Hermit family could only achieve the effect of a deep psychological suggestion.

Those who could get to the point of seizing the throne were not fools. Even if the Lord was like Zong Yuanwu, who couldn’t support the wall, the disciples under his door and advisors were not just for nothing, and they had to help people up even if they’re forced to do so.

Therefore in the final analysis, Gongsun You was able to handle so many princes with ease in his previous life, partly because of his own resourcefulness, and partly because of the help of puppetry. Although it couldn’t be as magical as in the ancient times, it was definitely enough for a psychological suggestion.

For example now.

Fortunately, under the background of this era, most people rarely engage in physical contact, and even the most intimate friends rarely act like what Pei Qianxue did yesterday for no reason.

“They were only temporarily blocked by me, Your Highness does not need to….be on guard.”

“On guard?” Zong Luo sneered. “If I really was taking precautions, it would have been impossible for you to stand here properly.”

This rhetoric…….was completely different from what Gongsun You got from the previous information.

At least, the amnesia was absolutely non-existent.

Gongsun You slowly raised his hands, expressing that he had no intention of attacking, and at the same time his thoughts were spinning rapidly.

If the information was wrong…but it was also naturally impossible for the Yin and Yang School to obey the orders on the surface but violate them secretly. There was only one possibility, that was—the battle of Hangu Pass was set up by the Third Prince himself from beginning to end, and he accidentally stepped into his game, and even took the blame meant for the King of Beining.

Not far away, the white-clothed swordsman held the sword in one hand and raised his chin slightly. Even though his eyes were wrapped in white silk, it did not detract his cold and murderous aura that emerged from the sea of corpses and blood on the battlefield.

This kind of Zong Luo had completely shed the weakness that he deliberately pretended to be before, and had turned back into the famous Third Prince of Great Yuan who came out of the battlefield and could make any enemy tremble in fear.

If you set up the game yourself, how big is the possibility that you are really blind?

Seeing this scene, Gongsun You only felt that his palms were slightly sweating, and his blood was boiling.

If it was said before, that he simply wanted to test Zong Luo a few more times, and then go to other princes to weigh the pros and cons and make a final choice.

But now, he no longer needed to make a choice. Because the only choice had been put before his eyes.

Today, the world was raging in wars, and the heroes were vying for hegemony. If one wanted to pacify the world, a prince with amnesia, no matter how superb his swordsmanship was, would still have a difficult chance of winning. And this Third Prince of Great Yuan, who was 80% intact–if needed fame, he would get it, if needed public opinion, he would definitely get the will of the common people, the love of all the living beings in the world, the character, the strength, everything, he wasn’t lacking in any. Even if Emperor Yuan no longer attached great importance to him, Gongsun You still had the confidence to support him ascend the throne.

With such a “wise monarch”, why can’t the world be pacified?

Gongsun You trembled all over, stepped on the stirrup suddenly and got off the horse. He controlled his feverish palms, took off his ornament silently, and placed that something on both of his opened palms and reached out his arms above his head .

It was the jade tablet carved with the Tai Chi Eight Diagrams Formation.

Zong Luo remembered this thing. In the previous life, after Yu Beizhou accepted Gongsun You, there was indeed such a thing on his body. It was said that it was a token used by the Hermit family to mobilize the Yin and Yang School, and it was also a proof that they had chosen a “wise monarch” to serve.

As long as he accepted it, he would become the master of the Yin and Yang School.

In a daze, the commoner-clothed advisor who had always been behind Yu Beizhou knelt on one knee and said in a low voice.

“Gongsun You, the seventeenth generation descendant of the Hermit family, is willing to recognize His Highness as the Monarch and assist His Highness in conspiring for the great affairs in the land under the heavens!”

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