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CDCN Chapter 20.2


Chapter 20.2

At present, Yu Beizhou, Ye Linghan, Zong Chengsi, and Pei Qianxue have all been able to determine his identity, and five or six persons were probably still kept in the dark.

However, none of them chose to reveal it.

Naturally, he need not to say more about Yu Beizhou, as for Zong Chengsi, choosing to hide it to gain more benefits, it was understandable, and Ye Linghan was probably still choosing a suitable time to make a move. Of course, the strangest one among them was Pei Qianxue.

Others didn’t know, but Zong Luo knew very well that Pei Qianxue never meddled in the fight for the Crown Prince position, and the only person he was loyal to was Emperor Yuan. Just like in his previous life, between his best friend and the master before him, however, in the end, he chose the master without hesitation.

Still…….but since this is the hunting competition, why didn’t I see Ye Linghan?

“Why is His Highness the Sixth Prince here? Who is that next to you?”

“Should be a prince too.”

When Zong Luo came back to his senses, Duan Junhao had already paused for a long while.

Sure enough, not far away, the Sixth Prince in brocade clothes was standing there, and beside him was also a carved from jade ten-year-old child that was bossing around.

“Your Highness the Ninth Prince, why are you also here?”

Hearing this, Zong Luo stood behind the horse unobtrusively, trying to reduce his sense of existence. Zong Yongwu and Yu Beizhou acted as referees, and Zong Yongliu, who also aimed to win the crown, was naturally unwilling to be outdone.

Duan Junhao greeted the Sixth Prince first, and when he turned around, he saw Zong Hongjiu following behind.

Everyone knew this little demon king, and it was not known how many times he had angered the Shao Fu. Duan Junhao had also served as Zong Hongjiu’s martial arts instructor for a period of time before taking over as the Commander-in-Chief.

(t/n Shao Fu-The official who counsels the prince)

And he had to say that it was really an inhuman torture.

Zong Hongjiu raised his chin. “Father praised my archery skills a few years ago. This year’s Baijia Banquet, this Prince also came to join in the fun, to see if this Prince can hunt one or two, and go back to make soup for my father.”

Zong Yongliu also echoed from the side. “Such is the case. The Ninth brother was clamoring to come, therefore I, the eldest brother, naturally can’t disappoint him.”

Zong Yongliu had been currying favor with Zong Hongjiu for some time. Although Zong Hongjiu had no family background, he was still favored by Emperor Yuan.

Enough for five or six princes to compete to win him over.

Zong Hongjiu, who originally planned to also cling to these imperial brothers, naturally climbed up the pole.

(t/n Climb up/along the pole- a metaphor, to cater to the master’s will in order to gain reputation and status.)

However, Zong Hongjiu was in a bad mood at present.

When he had eavesdropped on that conversation in the palace before, he thought that if he sincerely admitted his mistake and shed first-class tears, his father would forgive him as usual. Unexpectedly, Emperor Yuan not only restrained his feet, but also ordered him to copy books. Yesterday, as the anniversary of the death of the Third Brother was celebrated, he even drove him to the Imperial Mausoleum, made him kneel in the cold wind for a whole day, and now his body was still aching.

This punishment was indeed a bit severe, but no one in the palace dared to plead with the Ninth Prince. Even he himself did not say any more words.

Because Zong Hongjiu knew that his father was really angry.

Why? Just because of a fake prince?

Zong Hongjiu couldn’t figure it out and thus secretly wrote down this important information in his heart instead, and didn’t make any irresponsible remarks anywhere.

But since he was angry and unhappy at the moment, then others should also be unlucky.

And the first to bear the brunt were Ye Linghan and Zong Ruichen.

Duan Junhao: “Since that’s the case, then I will choose for Your Highness……”

“Wait a minute.’

Zong Hongjiu called him back, “Bring two more hunting gear here.”

Duan Junhao took a look, and sure enough, behind Zong Hongjiu, he saw a young man standing on the spot laughing foolishly. His stature was extremely thin and weak, but he was a little taller than the Ninth Prince.

“Who is this…….?” 

“Commander Duan should have never seen him before, this is the Imperial Eight Brother. He always likes to stay in the palace. But today, he pestered me into going out, therefore I simply brought him here.”

Eventually, Zong Hongjiu gave another look at the servant behind him.

The latter understood immediately, and stepped forward with his head lowered. After careful selection in the stable for a while, he brought out a big yellow snorting horse. 

Duan Junhao had indeed never met the Eighth Prince.

However, he knew that the Eighth Prince was a bit stupid by nature, he could stutter even when he spoke, and it was difficult for him to communicate in daily life, let alone learning in the Imperial College and only lived in the Cold Palace all the year round.

Seeing Zong Hongjiu’s arrogant and domineering appearance, how could it not be more obvious?

Although he didn’t want to get involved in this kind of thing, it was still despicable to bully the weak.

“Your Highness the Ninth Prince, this horse has a violent temper. If it is given to His Highness the Eighth Prince, I’m afraid………it’s not quite suitable.”

Zong Hongjiu asked, “Not suitable? In that case, this horse……”

He turned his head, stared at Zong Ruichen’s face, and said meaningfully, “This is the horse specially chosen by this Brother for the Imperial Brother, does the Imperial Brother like it?”

“Li-like it.” Zong Ruichen still smiled foolishly, as if he didn’t understand the words.

Letting a fool ride a fierce horse, isn’t it harmful?

It was said that the Great Yuan Clan had changed the throne from generation to generation and blood flowed like a river. For the past several generations in a row, there would be the killing of all relatives. It was really shocking to witness with one’s own eyes that one of them in this generation was a fool.

Except for Duan Junhao, everyone else present was bowing their heads and not saying any words, for fear of causing trouble.

“Tsk, good that you like it, let’s go.”

Apparently Zong Hongjiu didn’t care what they thought.

He ordered several attendants to lead the horses, and together with the Sixth Prince, they walked towards the hunting ground in a leisurely stroll, without even looking at the others.

That’s right, even if a fool who was not valued by Emperor Yuan was taken out of the palace, as long as no one was killed, Zong Hongjiu would be fine.

In the farthest place, Ye Linghan watched this scene silently.

On the other hand, Zong Luo’s pupils suddenly shrunk, and his fists were clenched.

No wonder Ye Linghan didn’t follow Zong Hongjiu.

Under normal circumstances, Zong Hongjiu would definitely not be able to only just take Xiao Ba and let Ye Linghan go alone, not to mention that Ye Linghan secretly signed up for the hunting arts.

Retreating ten thousand steps back, no matter how much Zong Hongjiu bullied Zong Ruichen, it was still impossible for Zong Hongjiu to bring people to the hunting ground, let alone force them to ride a fierce horse.

Unless… Zong Hongjiu knew that Zong Ruichen was only pretending to be stupid.

This was the only possibility—Ye Linghan told the secret in order to keep his hunting spot.

This was the same in the previous life, where Ye Linghan sowed discord for Yu Beizhou and intentionally informed him. 

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