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CDCN Chapter 20.1


Chapter 20.1

Because it had rained the other day, it stood to reason that the next day would be a fine one.

The sky cleared up in the distance, and pieces of golden rays of lights sprinkled among the clouds, scattering on the ground, looking like scales.

Today was the day for the hunting competition.

These days, the weather in the Great Yuan Imperial City was getting colder and colder, it had also rained continuously for days, and seeing such good weather like today was rare. Therefore the residents of the different stations became lively early in the morning. The students who would participate in the hunting were already well dressed with sturdy clothes and were equipped with their luggages, while the students who did not participate had gathered in twos and threes to watch the fun, and headed towards the suburbs in streaming columns.

The place where the hunting competition would be held was the hunting ground in the suburbs of the Capital, with the deep mountain range behind it.

There was also a forest nearby, which was used as a royal hunting ground on ordinary days, and several large armies would occasionally conduct their training here.

In this large area with a vast expanse of people, Zong Luo was the most conspicuous.

Everyone was wearing short hunting suits, those close-fitting shorts, trousers and leather boots with belts, only Zong Luo was dressed in snow-white long robe with pine green linings, looking calm and composed.

As soon as Gu Ziyuan turned his head, he spotted him. “Brother Luo, don’t you want to change into a sturdy outfit?”

“No.” Zong Luo shook his head without explaining too much.

He participated in the hunting competition simply just to make up for the number, which was also equivalent to showing his face in front of the garrison, and not really wanting to win first place.

Seeing him being so casual, he instantly remembered Brother Luo’s unrivaled swordsmanship. Although Gu Ziyuan was worried, he didn’t ask any more questions. After all, Gu Luo was not only older than him, but their relationship was not that close enough for him to concern himself with his matters.

On the other hand, the other students had a lot of discussions in private.

At the banquet, Zong Luo broke a branch to be a makeshift sword and defeated Gongsun You, everyone saw it. Afterwards, they learned that the King of Beining had given him a jade, which made them full of envy. Unexpectedly, later, this individual student with outstanding swordsmanship did not participate in martial arts, but instead competed for the hunting arts.

Now that the hunting competition was about to start, many students were secretly paying attention to him. As it turned out, he didn’t even change a piece of his clothes. He was seen as extremely arrogant, and they immediately criticized him. Hunting art was different from martial arts, while martial arts had its set place, hunting art had the forest as its ground. Being face to face was better than swords, but this art not only required swords, but also horsemanship and archery skills.

Today, the supervisor of hunting art was another old acquaintance, the Commander Duan of the Garrison.

“Be sure that you are all equipped, we’re going to do a final check.” 

The garrison in cold armor walked through the crowd, checked left and right, and confiscated anyone who was wearing non-compliant weapons or carrying dry food.

For the next day and night, the students would only spend their time in the hunting ground. According to the competition system, if one wanted to eat, he could only cook by himself, and was not allowed to bring his own dry food into the site. After the competition, the student who had hunted the most prey would win first place.

When Zong Luo was checked, Duan Junhao happened to take a look.

Seeing the guard stretching out his hand, he suddenly exclaimed, “Stop!”

—With this shout, the surroundings were directly shocked into silence.

Many students who were quite condemning just now gloated over his misfortune.

“Commander Duan is so angry, could it be that the blindfolded man is hiding something terrible?”

(t/n Terrible/Incredible– pinyin is bù dé liǎo, which means very serious, will lead to very serious results or consequences.)

“If it is too serious, I don’t know if he will be disqualified from the competition……”

Just when everyone thought Duan Junhao saw some prohibited items on him, the latter only strode forward and said in a low voice, “Go and check the next one.”

“Yes, Commander.”

Duan Junhao hesitated for a moment, then nodded at Zong Luo, but after realizing that the other party could not see him, he quickly spoke awkwardly, “Young Master Gu, we meet again.”

Zong Luo said with a smile, “Commander Duan.”

“I still have something to do, therefore I won’t chat with Young Master Gu for long. I only wish Young Master Gu the best in the hunting competition.”

Looking at his face, Duan Junhao felt a dull pain in his knees again.

Anyway, even if this was not His Highness the Third Prince, with so many big figures interfering, he still had to give this person some face.

“Then thank you, Commander.”

Zong Luo continued to stand calmly, as if it was just merely a brief interlude.

Soon, the final checking was over.

The next step was to reiterate the rules of hunting competition again.

Each student would be followed by two soldiers to help count the prey, monitor and prevent cheating, but would not provide any help to the students during the competition. In addition, there would be someone with a role similar to a chief examiner, who would conduct fixed-point patrols and if he found something wrong, the student would be taken out of the competition directly and a “one category of any arts that he had signed up- veto” would be implemented.

Unfortunately, the chief examiner this time was Yu Beizhou, plus Zong Yuanwu who had borrowed connections from the army to invigilate the examination.

Moreover, according to Duan Junhao, the King of Beining arrived early, and when he arrived, he did not wait for anyone, but entered the hunting ground enthusiastically, probably because he hadn’t seen blood for a while, and wanted to practice his skills.

The students all showed fear one after another.

After all, who hadn’t heard the name “King of Beining, the God of Carnage? That it could even completely stop children from crying at night.

Zong Luo:”……”

Fortunately, he didn’t intend to compete for first place this time, otherwise he would definitely be pissed off.

Zong Luo had imagined many possible changes in this life, but he never thought that Yu Beizhou would also be reborn.

Is this reasonable?

But thinking about being able to be reborn even if he’s just a mere cannon fodder, it seemed reasonable for the protagonist to be reborn as well.

No wonder Yu Beizhou knew from the beginning that he was not dead.

Putting himself in the shoes of the other person, if he knew that the other defeated the countless enemies using less people in the previous life, and repelled the coalition forces of many countries in a grand and dignified manner, but unexpectedly died in Hangu Pass in this life, moreover, came back just in time, and deliberately made Gongsun You embarrassed at the Baijia Banquet, if it’s impossible to guess that the other was reborn, then it could only be inferred that something was fishy.

But the most important thing was that Zong Luo was the one who took the initiative to attack in this life. He escaped and set up a trap, which made him ignore the dormant Yu Beizhou.

He could only say that if Yu Beizhou was also really reborn, then all his plans would need to be overthrown and restarted to prevent problems before they happen and prepare for the worst.

However, now talking about it, what’s so great about rebirth, if he’s still inside the book.

“Different prey are divided into different scores……”

Zong Luo seemed to be listening, but in fact he was openly distracted.

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