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CDCN Chapter 19.2


Chapter 19.2

He suddenly loosened strength in his hand, turned his fingers over, and stuck to Zong Luo’s wrist like a snake, but he didn’t act like a demon anymore.

It just so happened that this time they had already passed the gate of the Great Shaman Temple and had crossed over the enclosure.

As the place of the supreme divinity in the entire Great Yuan, the interior of the Great Shaman Temple was unexpectedly quiet.

Surrounded by tall black and gray buildings full of neat shaman style, there were also incense burners with mysterious and elegant shapes every few steps, with unknown spices burning inside.

In the distance, ethereal chimes sounded in the main ancestral hall, during which was combined with blessings and Buddhist chantings.

Zong Luo couldn’t bear it any longer, turned his palms over, and attacked Yu Beizhou.

The latter lifted himself in the air and cunningly slid away from him to a remote place.

In a flash, the two arrived in a hall.

“Senior martial brother is very angry today, who made the senior brother unhappy?” 

However, Yu Beizhou didn’t fight him, instead he asked questions knowingly, that could make people’s teeth itch, with ease.

Zong Luo simply pulled the white silk, unsheathed Qixing Longyuan, and pointed at him coldly.

 “Let’s fight.”

Originally, he wanted to talk to Yu Beizhou about that secret letter from the Ghost Valley, but now it seems to be just wishful thinking!

There was already an unknown anger in his heart now, and he simply wanted to beat him up first.

But Yu Beizhou was still pretending to be stupid. “This won’t do, words should be said clearly, what if senior brother misunderstands me, what should I do?”

Zong Luo didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and went straight towards him with his sword..

Strange to say, after his rebirth, he had already met Yu Beizhou four times. Except for the one at the Baijia Banquet where everyone was watching, the other three times were full of scuffling.

When reading the novel as a reader, Zong Luo only felt that the protagonist was volatile and very charming. After he transmigrated himself as a cannon fodder, he was forced to confront the protagonist only to find out that this guy was actually a perverted lunatic who would kill his relatives, was very ambitious, and never played cards according to common sense.

After calming down, Zong Luo thought carefully. Based on his knowledge of this sworn enemy, it was unlikely for Yu Beizhou to join forces with the Great Shaman to set up a trap. After all, whether from his perspective inside or outside the book, Yu Beizhou was an extremely conceited and proud person, who disdained doing such a thing.

But if a man could act entirely by reason, he would not be called a man.

As long as Zong Luo thought of his extremely aggrieved death in his previous life, his fury would rise up. 

Now that Yu Beizhou happened to deliver himself to his door, how could there be no reason not to fight first?

Seeing that he didn’t want to communicate, Yu Beizhou only sighed. “Alas, if senior brother really wants to fight, then this junior brother can only accompany him to the end.”

Just when the blade was about to be unsheathed out of its scabbard, it just so happened that footsteps outside the hall were heard.

“What’s the matter…”

“I don’t know, just now I heard a sound coming from the Library Pavilion.”

The two looked at each other and stopped at the same time.

Fortunately, Zong Luo remembered that they were still in the Great Shaman Temple, therefore they fought with restraint just now, and did not sweep away the official documents placed on the shelves around them.

The conversation outside continued.

“Could it be because of the heavy rain just now, that there was a leakage inside?”

“Hurry up and get the lock. The Great Shaman locked the door this morning, it should be still locked inside.”

Amidst the hurried background sound, Zong Luo spoke, “Why the need to be hypocritical?”

Zong Luo’s story of changing his identity with amnesia and blindness was only good for deceiving others, but it was useless to his master who was good at divination.

This morning, the letter sent from the Ghost Valley Master stated that his time was running out, and hoped that the two disciples could decide a winner as soon as possible, and rush to the Ghost Valley at the summer solstice next year to accept his mantle.

Ghost Valley was famous for being sparsely populated. There were originally two senior brothers in this generation, but when Zong Luo entered the valley, these two senior brothers who had just finished their apprenticeships, left and devoted themselves to other countries, and unfortunately died.

In other words, there were only two living descendants of the Ghost Valley Master in the world today, which were Zong Luo and Yu Beizhou.

If one wanted to determine the candidate for the next generation Ghost Valley Master, they could only choose between the two of them.

Unless one voluntarily gave up his qualifications like the Confucian leader, his Martial Uncle, otherwise…..the competition for the next Ghost Valley Master was life or death. Just like cultivating a Gu insect, only the strongest one could survive.

In his previous life, Zong Luo also received a letter from the master. It’s just that he had already gone to the border at that time, and all his hopes were dashed into pieces, therefore he voluntarily gave up his qualifications.

In this life, when others were in the Imperial City, Yu Beizhou was also there. Even if he just wanted to make Yu Beizhou unhappy, Zong Luo couldn’t make the same choice as in his previous life.

Fate is like this.

“Senior martial brother is right.” Yu Beizhou sighed.

Tai’A finally got out of the sheath, flashing a strange red light.

Zong Luo became frightened, and his whole body was screaming of danger. He was about to take a step to the left—

–When, in the next second, just an inch above where his clothes only covered his skin, near where Pei Qianxue touched him, his scattered hairs were unintentionally broken, and fell lightly to the ground, like a silent declaration of war.

The general in red was fascinated by the thin bloodstain on the neck of the swordsman in white. His voice became as sweet as honey.

“Whether it be in the previous life or in this life, we will always fight like this, and we will not stop until we die.”

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