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CDCN Chapter 18.2


Chapter 18.2

There was only Pei Qianxue.

Although it couldn’t be regarded as even being slightly acquainted, when he met Zong Luo, Pei Qianxue was only a student of the Legalist School, and had not yet participated in the Bajia Banquet. Since Zong Luo wanted to get close to the male supporting character, it would be inconvenient to directly reveal such identities, therefore in the beginning, they actually met as equals.

Later, at the end of the Baijia Banquet, Pei Qianxue saw the noble prince embroidered with gold patterns on a white robe behind Emperor Yuan, and realized that this was the Third Prince of the Great Yuan who had been a hostage in Wei Kingdom for many years and had just returned. 

Pei Qianxue was a down-to-earth and upright official, extremely cold, aloof and uncommon. He threw himself into the Great Yuan in order to realize his ideological ambitions and his sharp edges and corners were hidden under his indifferent appearance. Although he was only a literati, he also had the dream of abandoning his pen and joining the army, fighting with shining spears and armed horses, and killing the enemies.

This happened to fit Zong Luo’s mood at that time.

After transmigrating inside the book, he learned a lot of skills from his master, and he was thinking about making contributions. He wanted to fight the male lead, tore up cannon fodder script and made a new career, so as to realize the dream of world peace as soon as possible. In other words, he was being radical.

Therefore, the two hit it off.

In addition, Zong Luo didn’t intentionally conceal it, afterwards Pei Qianxue successfully became the Prime Minister, which was then counted as a co-worker relationship, and accordingly, it was also logical to continue this friendship.

Later, Zong Luo formed his own soldiers and went out to fight, Pei Qianxue had also made steady progress, and his official career had been smooth. However, the chances of meeting each other had become less, but it didn’t affect their friendship at all. On the contrary, because Pei Qianxue didn’t have anyone close to him in the Imperial Court, he was often understood as one of the Third Prince’s party.

Abducting Pei Qianxue as a friend really encouraged Zong Luo a lot.

However, he didn’t expect that after Yu Beizhou came back, Pei Qianxue would not be able to escape the influence of the protagonist’s halo of having ten thousands of fans. As he got closer and closer to the protagonist, he eventually got to the point where he had nothing to say to Zong Luo anymore.

Until now, Zong Luo still remembered it.

After the Shaman Sacrificial Ceremony, he was inexplicably stripped off of his military power by Emperor Yuan and was placed under house arrest in the Prince’s Mansion.

Even though Zong Luo already had a tacit cold war with Pei Qianxue at that time, Zong Luo still tried to find this well-known confidant of Emperor Yuan, but it was a pity that everything was like stone sinking into the sea.

He knelt in front of Emperor Yuan’s Palace for a day and a night and waited, only for an Imperial Edict to arrive at dawn.

Later, he only heard from Imperial Censor Xue that Emperor Yuan decided to send him to the frontier, it was even said that it was adopted from Prime Minister Pei’s suggestion.

This was why Zong Luo didn’t strive to win over the other male supporting characters later, because it was useless at all.

A close friend will betray, siblings will kill each other, and between a father and son, there is also disgust and hate.

He can only rely on himself.


After walking out of the Yulu, Zong Luo’s expression remained calm.

“Goodbye” to this best friend from the previous life.

He thought he would be more or less sad.

However, it may be that he died too miserably in his previous life, or he had accumulated enough disappointment, hence Zong Luo was not as sad as he imagined, but was rather extraordinarily calm.

Emperor Yuan.

Fortunately, he didn’t want to hide anything. The Fourth Prince knew, and soon the Fifth Prince and Sixth Prince will also too, it’s only a matter of these few days.

Pei Qianxue knew that it would not be too long before he faced Emperor Yuan in person.

The problem was that Zong Luo didn’t know what Pei Qianxue was thinking. Logically speaking, if his identity was confirmed, Pei Qianxue should report to him immediately, and even if Emperor Yuan doesn’t value him any more, the son that unexpectedly came back from the dead, he should still be summoned to be questioned.

Unless Pei Qianxue never told Emperor Yuan about it.

When they were talking just now, Pei Qianxue said that he was a good friend with him before he lost his memory, but he couldn’t say who he was. It looked like he’s not going to hide it from him, so why didn’t he tell Emperor Yuan?

“It just so happens that I want to go out too. Since It’s raining heavily outside, let me give you a ride.”

Behind him, the Prime Minister in Tsing Yi took the umbrella from the small servant’s hand and opened it very naturally.

The small servant only opened his eyes wide in surprise.

Because he was new in the Prime Minister’s mansion, he had never seen the Prime Minister treat others so kindly.

On ordinary days, even if the ones who came were the “Sangong”, they would be delivered to the door at most, and those who were told to wait, would have to wait.

(t/n Sangong- traditionally refers to the three most important ministers who assist the emperor in governing the country.)

Except this Young Master Gu, not only did he personally send a carriage to fetch him, but he also saw him off all the way to the door, which was simply like treating an immortal.

Zong Luo smiled. “Then thank you Ah Xue.”

The rain became hazy, and the side profile of the white-clothed swordsman was like looking at flowers through fog.

He was indeed standing here, under this umbrella.

The corners of Pei Qianxue’s stern mouth also relaxed a little.

Regardless of amnesia or blindness, there would always be a way.

In any case….as long as the person was still there.

He clasped the handle of the umbrella with his slender fingers, and said softly, “You and I don’t need to express thanks to each other.”

Zong Luo paused, then said with a smile. “It seems that Ah Xue and I were indeed very good friends.”

Farther away, under the eaves of the Great Shaman Temple, there was a clear flash of fervent red color.

The rain gradually subsided, and the gray sky began to clear up. The goshawk fighting the thunderstorm seemed exhausted, and stopped on the man’s shoulder, lightly pecking at its own feathers.

Yu Beizhou was standing at the gate of the shaman temple, half of his face in the shadows was like a ferocious ghost face, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

Hearing the sound, he turned his head and swept an indistinguishable glance over at the umbrella held together by the two people, with arms folded over his chest, and an expression that could not discern whether it was of happiness or anger.

“Lord Pei, everything should be first come first served.”

Yu Beizhou still had that lazy look on his face, with a smile on his face, but no matter how one looked at it, the smile was not dangerous.

“Young Master Gu is the person I have my eyes on first, it would be inappropriate to be a cross-cut love.”

(t/n Cross-cut love- idiom, refers to a third party forcibly taking someone else’s lover by all means . Sometimes it is extended to grab other people’s business, opportunities or talents through some inappropriate means of competition.)

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