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CDCN Chapter 17.2


Chapter 17.2

Among the male supporting characters, Zong Chengsi was scheming, insidious and cunning. Gongsun You’s military strategies were excellent, and he was good at making clear plans. Ye Linghan’s heart was proud and aggressive, and if one disagreed with him, he would turn black. However, each of them had its own weaknesses.

There was only Pei Qianxue, an aloof person that seemed to be detached to the world except reaching his own ambitions, but in fact, his heart was like a mirror, discreet and considerate, and extremely transparent.

In the book, Pei Qianxue became the first person to discover Yu Beizhou’s hidden illness based only on some trivial clues, which showed how sharp his mind was.

What’s more, excluding the impression before transmigrating inside the book, Zong Luo actually had such a friendship with Pei Qianxue in the previous life, which was also the source of his complicated feelings.

If he couldn’t even pass Pei Qianxue, what about Emperor Yuan?

The sound of wheels was still creaking, accompanied by the muffled sound of thunder and rain, pattering against the roof of the carriage.

After an unknown amount of time, the sound of the carriage running in the rain finally stopped.

The boy opened the curtain of the carriage, held up an oil-paper umbrella splashed with ink in his hand, and thoughtfully covered the side of the carriage, keeping all the raindrops and the flying splashes from the outside.

“Young Master Gu, we’re here.” 

Zong Luo raised his eyes. “Please wait a moment.” 

A gust of wind blew on the loose white silk covering his eyes just now. He turned sideways and hid in the carriage, stretched out his hand to tie it up again.

Rumble rumble.

Thunders were heard from the sky.

For a moment, he saw a meandering and decadent bright red along with a floating black ghost behind the heavy curtain. The goshawk spread its wings and rushed into the sky, fighting with the thunderstorm.

With just one glance, Zong Luo’s eyes immediately became sharp.

A qualified old enemy could be recognized even when turned into ashes.

What’s more, it was still because of Yu Beizhou’s red dress and white fur, which was extremely self-revealing.

Since his rebirth, this little pervert didn’t seem to be jumping as much as he did in his previous life, instead, he had been silent for a period of time.

However, it would be impossible for Yu Beizhou to be a good man. As the protagonist of “Can You Drink a Cup of Nothing” with thousands of fans, he was born to stir up wind and rain, and wherever he goes, it would be destined to be a bloody storm.

Therefore Zong Luo directly acquiesced that Yu Beizhou was holding back some big moves secretly. Anyway, no one could wrong him if he was really wrong.

Thinking about it too, in this life, he had set up a game and escaped,Yu Beizhou must have probably applauded back then and couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Now that he was back, Yu Beizhou would naturally try his best to stop him, otherwise he wouldn’t say such things at the City Gate that day.

So now the question is, why did Yu Beizhou appear here?

There were shaman temples on each of the four sides of the Great Yuan Imperial City, and the central big shaman temple was located to the east of the center, all of which were set up according to the number of Qimen Dunjia.

(t/n Qimen Dunjia was originally an ancient Chinese art. It is often considered to be used for divination. There is a saying that “Qimen Dunjia” is a traditional and precious cultural heritage summed up by the ancient Chinese people in the struggle against nature, after long-term observation and repeated verification; “Qi Men Dun Jia” is a cultivation technique.)

On weekdays, most of the common people would go to the Quartet Shaman Ancestral Temple to worship. The big shaman temple was personally attended by the Great Yuan’s Greatest Shaman, which was closed to the outside world all year round, and even courtiers were not allowed to set foot in it at will.

Next to the Prime Minister’s Mansion was actually the big shaman temple. Now, this Great Shaman who personally attended the big shaman temple could only be called extremely mysterious. Even Zong Luo, in his previous life, only saw him once during the grand ceremony.

The Shaman Sacrificial Ceremony was the most important ceremony in the Great Yuan, and every monarch would only hold it once when he’s in power. At the grand ceremony, the Great Shaman calculates the future fortune of the country, so as to determine the candidate for the Crown Prince position.

In other words, the result of the Great Shaman’s hexagram would determine the fate of the country.

It was not uncommon in the history of Great Yuan that a Crown Prince would be established first, and then be abolished after the Shaman Sacrificial Ceremony. In the past, there were several emperors who were very fond of their own picked Crown Prince and insisted on going their own way, however, in the end they almost caused the country’s demise.

But it was really strange to say that even with divination, every change of the throne of the clan would still end up in bloodshed, and would unlikely to attain a peaceful end. Take the current Emperor Yuan as an example.

Thus, in the future, no one dared to listen to the Great Shaman’s words again.

The Great Shaman had a detached position in the court, and his prestige was extremely high, no less than the National Teachers of other countries, and even slightly higher. It’s a pity that apart from divination for the fortune of the country, he’s not allowed to interfere in political affairs.

In his previous life, Zong Luo had never heard of rumors about the Great Shaman being too biased. Could it be possible that in this life, Yu Beizhou was actually able to become associated with the shaman?

Among other things, besides attracting lovers, Yu Beizhou was also popular with everyone, men and women, old and young. Even his tyrant father appreciates him very much.

After all, Yu Beizhou was the protagonist who was loved by thousands of people. 

“Okay, let’s go.”

As Zong Luo had already fastened the white silk again, he opened the curtain once more.

If Yu Beizhou and the Great Shaman really got in touch, then the little pervert would have already won at the starting line.

The most important thing was that…. in his previous life, he was inexplicably rejected by Emperor Yuan after the Shaman Sacrificial Ceremony.

If Yu Beizhou really had a connection with the Great Shaman, then his own death in the previous life could hardly be said to have nothing to do with Yu Beizhou.

The small servant rushed forward to meet him, “Young master, be careful, it’s raining heavily, don’t get wet.”

“Thank you.”

Through the slanted umbrella, the sky was divided into two distinct parts. Zong Luo looked at the pouring rain outside, his face was slightly cold, as he remained silent.

Thinking of the secret letter from the Ghost Valley in his pocket, Zong Luo felt an unknown fire in his heart.

Not long ago, Yu Beizhou mentioned the rules of Ghost Valley.

Yes, Ghost Valley did have rules.

Only a few people know that Ghost Valley Master was nothing but a mere title.

Ghost Valley in the past dynasties only accepted a fixed number of apprentices, and eventually one of these apprentices would be selected to accept the teachings of the previous Ghost Valley Master, abandon his own name, and be named Ghost Valley Master instead.

If one wanted to compete for the Ghost Valley Master title, one had to accept the challenge of other disciples, regardless of life or death. But even if they die, they have to compete in an upright manner, using the sword skills they learned in Ghost Valley to kill each other with their own hands.

Rather than such a roundabout, calculating, and low-level methods.

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