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CDCN Chapter 16.2


Chapter 16.2

The problem arose after the King of Beining returned to the Capital.

After returning, Yu Beizhou stayed behind closed doors, and nobody had seen him. The Fourth Prince’s Mansion handed over several salutations, all of which were like a stone sinking into the sea. Zong Chengsi was so angry that his advisors scolded and bluntly said that the King of Beining had crossed the river and demolished the bridge.

(t/n crossed the river and demolished the bridge-discard one’s helpers after their help is made use of)

Zong Chengsi was also angry in his heart, but there was nothing he could do.

As everyone knew, the Fourth Prince’s mother concubine came from humble background, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was a noble by birth, he might also become a slave. Just because of this matter, from childhood to adulthood, Zong Chengsi had received the cold shoulder and several other Imperial younger brothers even treated him rudely.

In this case, it was necessary to keep a low profile and bide his time, as there were not many resources at hand. However, like this, when Yu Beizhou was given the title King, Zong Chengsi used his few contacts in his hand to help him socialize. He was eager to send some good things to Yu Beizhou on ordinary days.

Over the years, he didn’t say anything else to Yu Beiuzhou, as he really had a deep affection towards him, and didn’t expect anything in return.

However, he didn’t expect to end up with such a result, it’s impossible to say that he was not annoyed.

Fortunately, Zong Chengsi had endured for so many years, and he could still hold back his unwillingness.

Well, it’s good now, what about Yu Beizhou’s indifferent appearance as he swept the snow before his own door. Isn’t there a new one coming? The carriage must have a road in front of the mountain, and the boat will naturally go straight to the bridge.

(t/n There is an old Chinese saying, “Each person sweeps the snow before his own door, and doesn’t care about the frost on other people’s tiles.” You must take care of your own affairs, but should you take care of other people’s affairs also?)

(t/n The carriage must have a road in front of the mountain, and the boat will naturally go straight to the bridge-Work hard without feeling sorry for yourself; there’s a solution to any problem.)

The Fourth Prince tapped the back of his hand and thought. “No matter how much memory can be recovered in the future, if he can win over the Third Imperial Brother, it will definitely be a great help…..No, he must win him over.”

My good Imperial brother who walked in the Imperial City unknowingly. Even if he didn’t take off the white silk, presumably, in time, others would be able to recognize his true identity. 

Regardless of Zong Luo’s reputation among the people, Xuan Cavalry was still his personal soldiers, and its military power was in his hands. 

It was self-evident how important military power was, especially in the environment where Great Yuan advocates martial arts. When the Sixth Prince wanted to break someone’s head, it seemed like he had a relationship with the Weishan Army, because someone would deliver someone to his door to lay prostrate there.

This point cannot be known by the other two imperial brothers.

Before he came, Zong Chengsi was already aware of the hidden nails buried in the Fifth and Sixth Prince’s Mansion, and he must delay the time for the news to be delivered to them. Fortunately, he was lucky, as it happened that he got an elixir, which he directly sent to him.

“Speaking of which, there seems to be no news in the palace recently.”

Zong Chengsi also dared not to put an informer inside the palace. There was only one Ninth Prince who could deliver news to him.

“…I haven’t heard from him for so long, could it be that something happened?” Thinking of this, Zong Chengsi rejected this conjecture again.

Emperor Yuan’s love for this youngest son was obvious to all. But with this sudden loss of contact, he could only find other better backers. Zong Chengxian, Zong Hongjiu– he was still in his teens, and he was not in the same rank at all.

For this Ninth brother, who was favored by his father, Zong Chengsi had already planted a hidden pawn. He knows Zong Hongjiu’s cruel and vicious nature, just like how he knew that Zong Hongjiu did not put all his eggs in one basket, and had close ties with the other two princes.

If Zong Hongjiu was smart, he would certainly know what to say and what not to say. If he’s not smart, then don’t blame him for being a ruthless brother. Thinking of this, Zong Chengsi relaxed.

When he heard the news from the mouth of a Confucian disciple, his first reaction was of disbelief, the second reaction was how beneficial it would be to him if it was true.

There was no doubt that even if he was not favored by the Father Emperor, the Third Imperial Brother was still the most likely candidate to become the Crown Prince. He was Zong Chengsi’s number one enemy, a strong competitor, and an inevitable enemy to the throne.

However, if he’s amnesiac and blind…

The smile on Zong Chengsi’s face became deeper and deeper, and his amorous peach blossom eyes became complacent at this moment.

As known by all, those who were sick cannot inherit the great lineage. Even if the Third brother got on his boat and helped him seize the Crown Prince position, Zong Chengsi would still never give him the other half of the elixir to restore his eyes.

Thinking like this, the scene of drinking tea and talking under the osmanthus tree just flashed in his mind unconsciously.

The swordsman in white had a straight back, a desolate, gentlemanly and distinguished manner, pure and noble, with eyes covered in a three inch white silk, a body that was simple and elegant, and with every move that could be drawn into a painting.

“Strange, why didn’t I find out before?” The Fourth Prince muttered to himself, his face flashing with regret.

The Third brother was born with such a good appearance like the full moon in autumn frost. It almost made people reluctant to look at it. If he could restore his eyes, he might be comparable to the King of Beining.

“…It’s a pity.” Zong Chengsi stretched out his hand and tapped lightly on the carriage’s window.

The carriage drove forward as the autumn wind blew the curtains. Looking at the crimson palace wall in the distance, the Fourth Prince’s face that was half hidden in the shadows, was full of inhuman cruelty.

Who’s to blame, blame them for being born in the Imperial family.

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