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CDCN Chapter 16.1


Chapter 16.1

Zong Luo thought that if he were to be polite, the Fourth brother would eventually leave. As a result, what he didn’t expect was for Zong Chengsi to sit here peacefully until the sky turned dark.

Even so, he was feeling a little tired after dealing with it all the way.

Fortunately, Zong Chengsi had good observation skills, and after sensing the white-robed swordsman’s tiredness, he said thoughtfully, “Today, I have met Sir…it was like meeting a bosom friend, and we had a good chat, unexpectedly, I forgot the time. I won’t disturb Sir for too long, I’m really sorry.” 

“By the way, this is a little token of my appreciation, please accept it, Sir.”

Before leaving, Zong Chengsi pushed a brocade box.

 “There is a spiritual elixir recipe that I was fortunate to find a few days ago, and I asked a Taoist monk on Beiyang Mountain who practices alchemy to refine the pill. Actually, there’s only half of it left. It is said that if taken, it can treat the unmentionable diseases of the body. It is quite effective, and it may be useful to Sir.”

Inside the brocade box lay a half light-brown medicinal pill. After simply opening it for a moment, he immediately smelled the fragrant scent, which was enough to prove that it was of high quality.

Zong Luo raised his eyebrows, a little surprised.

As they chatted just now, Zong Chengsi was particularly concerned about the condition of his eyes, not about what caused them to be blind, but how to let them recover.

Zong Luo, who had been digging a pit and waiting for him to jump, immediately showed a sad expression, and bluntly said that his blind eyes couldn’t be cured, and displayed an expression of not wanting to talk about it. When all was said and done—

Total blindness and hope for regaining vision were two different things.

In his last life, he had heard of Zong Chengsi’s pill recipe.

In the early years, Emperor Yuan led troops to fight and was left with many unmentionable diseases on his body. After getting older, his body became far less robust than when he was younger. In the end, he felt problems more or less all over his body.

Seizing the Crown Prince position was not a rebellion, and although it was important to hold real power, if that power was too large, it would be beaten back by Emperor Yuan, which was not worth the loss. The princes fought openly and secretly in private, but on the surface they were all filial, and everything was based on trying to figure out the meaning first.

This pill was a gift specially prepared by Zong Chengsi for Emperor Yuan’s birthday next month, and it took a lot of money to find it in the mysterious tomb filled with miasma in the Great Wilderness. Each of the herbs used were extremely rare. Any piece of these herbs grew in cliffs and uncultivated ridges. It took decades to bloom, and decades to bear fruit. Naturally, it would be hard to find a second one in a short amount of time.

After taking the medicinal pill in the previous life, Emperor Yuan felt a lot more comfortable, and the effect was immediate. At that time, the Dragon Emperor’s face showed happiness and greatly praised Zong Chengsi.

On the other hand, Zong Luo, who was still thinking about the history he had learned before transmigrating inside the book, tried his best to persuade Emperor Yuan not to take the medicinal pill of unknown origin, but he was given a cold shoulder instead.

“Can Drink a Cup of Nothing” was mixed with a fantasy background. Pushing it forward for a few thousand years, it was estimated to coincide with the end of the prehistoric period. According to the author’s setting, immortals also existed. Even if the fantasy faded after a thousand years, there were still many independent branches left in the Great Wilderness. Ghost Valley was one of them, along with the Ancient Sorcerer that Great Yuan worshiped.


This elixir was not like the chronic/poisonous/drug Wu Shi San that the ancients tossed around in Zong Luo’s memory. It was a divine elixir with real effect, and its value couldn’t be measured.

(t/n Wu Shi San-believed that they were stalactite , sulfur , and white quartz , amethyst , red stone. Although the formulations of “Five Stone Powders” are different, their medicinal properties are all dry and hot. After taking it, the whole body will heat up, and it will produce a short-term effect that is confusing.)

In the whole continent, the only eligible person to take it was Emperor Yuan.

It’s difficult to even acquire a half of it, but Zong Chengsi actually gave it to him. It seemed that he had spent a lot of money, just to win over this “blind and amnesiac” Third Imperial Brother who had forgotten his past. This display of affection between brothers was really touching.

Half of it was already good for treating blind eyes, and a blind person would definitely see clearly after.

If one still wanted to ask for elixir, then he had to help Zong Chengsi and get on his pirate ship. Actually, it was no different than hanging a carrot in front of a donkey. It was a fair calculation so that Zong Luo wouldn’t refuse.

How did I lose sight of the full picture and the essence of things in the previous life and didn’t see it?

Zong Luo remembered his futile exhortation in his previous life, and his fingers tucked into his wide cuffs trembled slightly, then he smiled. “Thank you for your kindness, Fourth Highness, then I won’t be disrespectful as to decline the gift.”

At this point, anyone could clearly see the gap between the Fifth Prince and the Fourth Prince.

One was empty-handed, with only a waist token, and full of bluff; the other, even if he was sure of his identity, he did not reveal anything, and even sent a gift that the other would surely like. Whatever was the intention behind it, at least he looked like he put a lot of thought into it.

Zong Chengsi laughed. “Sir is like a rare stone and a beautiful jade, bright and upright. If this thing is really effective…Sir, please be sure to inform me, so that I can also invite the Imperial Physician to take a closer look at you, and then formulate the next treatment plan for Sir.” 

They chatted as they walked.

A little servant had already prepared the carriage at the door in advance, Zong Chengsi got inside and bid goodbye but he then suddenly said, “After meeting Sir today, I had come to really admire Sir very much…..I don’t know what kind of graceful look Sir had if the white silk is taken off, it is really something to look forward to.” 

It seemed that the special visit to deliver the medicine was just a sigh in sympathy that the beauty was blindfolded, and a vain attempt to explore the virtuous radiance. No matter how much other people pondered about it, they would only think that the Fourth Prince, who loved beauty the most and being merry, had a new love.

(t/n Merry- commonly known as Huaxin , refers to a person (including men and women) having consensual relationships with more than one person at the same time or successively, including spiritual admiration, verbal intimacy, and behavioral intimacy.)

Zong Luo, who seemed unaware, replied, “Then I will honor His Highness’s auspicious words.”

After the curtain of the carriage was lowered, the smile on the Fourth Prince’s face suddenly became more profound.

Thump, thump, thump.

The black-brown fan bone was gently tapped on the elbow.

“Back to this Prince’s residence.”

Zong Chengsi didn’t think about Zong Luo’s deliberately pretending to have amnesia. After all, the Third Prince did not commit any crimes, and he also made great contributions to saving the country. How hard would he have to be unable to think it through to have the motivation to do something like this? Even he, who had always been shrewd and cautious, would think so, much less other people. 

“The Third Imperial Brother is not only blind, but he has also forgotten everything.”

During their chat just now, Zong Cheng tried every possible way and finally determined that his Third brother didn’t really remember anything.

He had forgotten who he was, forgotten that he was the Third Prince of the Great Yuan, forgotten the personal soldiers under his command, forgotten everything– just like a spring breeze passing through the border, leaving without any trace.

This was a very good news for him.

The battle in the Imperial City for seizing the crown was imminent, and the return of the King of Beining to the dynasty only added another spark to the matter.

In fact, even early on, Zong Chengsi had secretly formed an alliance with the King of Beining, who was still earning military merits step by step, and placed the precious jade on this Young Master’s body from the aristocratic family of Wei.

He originally thought that the matter of conspiring to seize the crown was a sure thing, but he did not expect that after the Battle of Hangu Pass a year ago, the King of Beining would disappear and never returned any of his secret letters.

Yu Beizhou was out all year round, moreover, it’s a serious crime for a prince to privately win over generals. He couldn’t get in touch with him, and there was nothing Zong Chengsi could do.

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