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CDCN Chapter 14.2


Chapter 14.2

At first glance, it looked like he had escaped from the battle of Hangu Pass. But thanks to that dream of “seven stars linked like beads”, no one in the world didn’t knew that the Third Prince died for the country, and that his reputation among the common people reached its peak.

This move of retreating to advance was too high. If he came back from the dead, with the public opinion boiling, he would naturally be the one who would benefit the most. With such a help, even Emperor Yuan, who had always been lukewarm to the Third Prince, may be biased in the matter of seizing the Crown Prince position, and that it would even catch the other princes by surprise.

Ye Linghan originally thought that Zong Luo loved all living beings, that he even ordered for the proton of the enemy country to be taken care of in secret. However, it also never occurred to him that his amnesia was just a pretense. No wonder he suddenly appeared in the Cold Palace and saved the Eighth Prince, everything was premeditated.

Those rhetorics from the outskirts of the country, if told to a fool—actually, in a sense, he was also a fool for believing him.

Thinking so, perhaps blindness was also a pretense. False and true, true and false. He may have never spoken any truth from the beginning.

Sitting on the back of a high horse, he stared at the back of the white-robed swordsman in front of him, almost unable to restrain the urge to rush and to ask questions.

But when the words came to his lips, Ye Linghan paused again, his face turning blue and white for a while.

He and Zong Luo…were not familiar enough to explain each other’s behavior. In the final analysis, except for the so-called unilateral care that he didn’t know and his own unilateral hatred for him, they had no connection at all.

It’s just that…he can’t also imagine the Third Prince of the Yuan Dynasty, who had always been a moonlight, would actually play this trick to fool the world.

What a “clean breeze and a bright moon”, simply a cloud. But was actually also the same as those who unscrupulously played with power.

Very different from what he thought Zong Luo was compared to the Great Yuan.

That being the case, he had been wrong all along. 

An inexplicable anger of betrayal rose from his chest that could hardly be suppressed. Ye Linghan couldn’t explain his current mood, but he felt very disappointed, extremely disappointed.

The Wei Kingdom Proton’s chest heaved up and down. Suddenly, he clenched his fists without saying a word, his nails deeply embedding in his flesh. He clamped the horse’s belly, urging it to set off and run forward without turning his head.


The sound of the hooves sounded rapidly again. Afterwards, the black steed swept past the swordsman like a gust of wind, lifting the hem of his white clothes and his black hair that was tied behind his head, and then fell simultaneously one after the other after.

Hearing the sound of horses’ hooves leaving, Zong Luo was a little surprised. He thought that Ye Linghan would rush up to question him, but he didn’t expect him that came with such a momentum to only mellow down lightly–appearing like there’s no sign of it at the beginning.

At this point in time, there were rumors that Wei Kingdom wanted to re-elect a Crown Prince. This undoubtedly made Ye Linghan so anxious that he wanted to hurry and escape.

The Proton of the Wei Kingdom had been hiding and forbearing, keeping a low profile in the Imperial City of the Great Yuan for many years. Bullied by Zong Hongjiu but only swallowed up his anger, accumulated strength in secret, and even things like accompanying someone to drink wine, he was willing to lower himself just for it.

Under these circumstances, Ye Linghan could use everything. If it wasn’t for the desperate situation, and with Ye Linghan’s personality before his blackening, he wouldn’t have competed in the high-profile Six Arts competition of Baijia Banquet.

In his last life, Ye Linghan was doing everything he could to return to his home country. After having no choice, he was willing to commit himself to others, and even privately held a huge and extremely absurd auction in the Huanchun Building. Later, after the news was leaked, his reputation was discredited, even the Wei Kingdom was ashamed to take back such a prince, and simply abolished him.

Because of this, Ye Linghan turned completely black after realizing that he had no hope of returning to the Wei Kingdom, and decided to definitely take revenge on everyone. After that, he officially joined Yu Beizhou’s ranks and worked under him.

The reason why Xiao Ba was involved in the seizing of the Crown Prince was because he fanned the flames behind his back. He came up with a poisonous plan at that time– to use the death of the Eighth Prince to break off a capable arm of the Fifth Prince, and incidentally made the Ninth Prince fall out of favor, killing two birds with one stone– which was extremely vicious.

One advantage of being reborn inside the book was seeing the nature of these people thoroughly.

In his last life, Zong Luo was only a book transmigrator who had acquired knowledge from reading the comment area, and transmigrated inside without reading a few chapters.

However, this life will be different.

Zong Luo was not a man of great virtue. Since Ye Linghan killed Zong Ruichen in the last life, then he would put this blame on Ye Linghan’s head in this life. The way of Heaven is good for reincarnation, but whoever is forgiven by Heaven”.

(t/n The way of Heaven is good for reincarnation, but whoever is forgiven by Heaven-means that evil will be rewarded, karma is reincarnated, and if you do bad things, you will definitely be punished. People who do bad things get bad ends.)

According to Zong Luo’s understanding of Ye Linghan, after confirming his identity and knowing that he had no real amnesia, this desperate proton will probably make good use of this precious information, and then throw it out at the right time, or go to various forces to win trust and benefits.

If Ye Linghan becomes an informer again, Zong Luo’s backhand could be used. Not only will he let him logically hand over his identity to the public, but he could also pit Ye Linghan in a way that would keep him from dying and peel off his skin. All of this had long been a planned route.

Taking advantage of such wicked people, Zong Luo had no psychological burden about it. In any case, Ye Linghan had already become the “pretext” that was handed over. Next, he just had to wait and see, wait and observe as to how the situation would develop.

The sound of the hooves disappeared completely, and the surroundings became deadly quiet. The white-robed swordsman stood there for a while, then sighed and turned to leave.

Zong Luo had always felt that he was not a very ambitious person.

Otherwise, he would not give up the olive branch handed over by the International Frontier Research, and pursue the bright future of higher education in the eyes of everyone. Instead, he squatted in the research room, guided students, and racked his brains every day to find a way to apply for funding.

Because of this, regarding the Crown Prince, he always had the idea of ​​​​accommodating with circumstances.

Maybe such a mentality didn’t fit this book, but with his modern thinking and lack of sibling relationship, if he really wanted to choose one between his relatives and the throne, he would definitely choose the former without hesitation.

Once a person abandons superfluous hopes can he recognize his position.

Maybe because he had already tasted the feeling of being isolated and helpless in his past life, and that he had enough disappointment. After actually embarking on this road, Zong Luo found that he was also familiar with it.

The core idea of the Ghost Valley was imperceptible insidious scheming, and indisputable victory with no cost. When it comes to the layout, the Ghost Valley disciples can’t find it anywhere, but it’s really just a matter of thinking and not thinking about it.

Thinking about it this way, he really couldn’t be the clear breeze and bright moon in the mouths of those literati.

“Forget it, why am I obsessed with these false names? Once you experience death, nature would naturally become different.”

Zong Luo muttered to himself and shook his head with a smile.

Suppose the experience of this matter was still unchanged, it was estimated that he would be sacrificed to be cremated to produce relics.


Zong Luo did not expect that today’s good show was not over yet.

When he slowly walked back to the Confucian residence, the attendant guarding the door, upon seeing him returned, as if he had finally found the backbone, hurriedly stepped forward to report.

“Young Master, a distinguished guest is here.” 

Zong Luo raised his eyebrows with interest. “Who?”

The attendant said, “This little one doesn’t know….the distinguished guest didn’t say it, and this little one didn’t dare to ask. Just as the Young Master told me a few days ago, I took the person to the table under the osmanthus tree to rest for a while. Several incense sticks have also been used.”

Several incense sticks and still have not left yet, at first glance, the person must have come prepared.

When the released news is received, it only depends on which fish is caught.

Zong Luo quickly went through a few candidates in his mind.

“I see, you go and prepare some tea first.”

The attendant nodded. “Yes.”

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