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CDCN Chapter 14.1


Chapter 14.1

The huge military camp became terribly silent. The Xuan Cavalry on the martial arts training field stopped their movements involuntarily. Glancing to their side, one could notice that their faces were filled with consternation.

Among them, Mu Yuanlong’s face was the most gloomy.

He shouted angrily, “His Royal Highness personally selected you into the camp and taught you earnestly. Now, with just only a mere slight resemblance–do you admit your mistake? How can you comfort His Highness’ spirit in heaven?”

Because of the generals on both sides, Xuan Cavalry and the Tianji Army were extremely dissatisfied with each other. 

This time, the attack on Nanliang was originally Xuan Cavalry’s mission, but because of their weakened state, as a result, it was robbed by the Tianji Army of Yu Beizhou.

Mu Yuanlong blamed himself and felt guilty, and even prepared to resign when they returned to the Capital after. After considering everything, his commanding ability was limited. 

It’s good to be a deputy general, but he isn’t capable of being the general who could lead the team.

If His Highness was still here…this would never happen.

On the day when the King of Beining returned to the Capital, it was well known that he gave his jade to someone in front of the Great Yuan City Gate. Some good people spread word of mouth and inadvertently revealed some details. For example, the one who won the King of Beining’s good graces was a blind young man who came to Great Yuan with the Confucianists.

It was said that his face was very similar to the Third Prince who passed away a year ago. It had even frightened Duan Junwu, the Commander-in-Chief of the Garrison Guards, and almost confused the real with the fake.

Mu Yuanlong had been paying special attention to the King of Biening. After hearing this news, his face immediately turned black after.

Who in the dynasty did not know the relationship between these two disciples who came from the same school? Now that His Highness was dead, the King of Beining now had completely eliminated this nemesis who was not only unpleasant to the eye, but also robbed him of his brilliance. In the future, he would be the only famous young general of the Yuan Dynasty. It’s expected that he should be very proud, sporting a smile like that of the spring breeze.

The time when Yu Beizhou returned to the dynasty and then gave a jade to a disciple who pretty much resembled the Third Prince–What is his intention? What is his purpose?

Mu Yuanlong was furious, and even sneered at this unnamed disciple.

How clean and precious His Royal Highness was, with a noble and handsome appearance– how could it be imitated by any “similarity”? I’m afraid it’s just a crude imitation.

He had long heard that these students who participated in the Baijia Banquet wanted to become a nobles’ Menke, and many of them even used some disgusting methods to gain attention.

In his heart, Mu Yuanlong directly defined the blind disciple as an opportunist who had taken a crooked path.

As the personal soldiers of the Third Prince, the Xuan Cavalry were loyal and devoted, and naturally, there’s nothing that could be said more.

If it wasn’t for the sake of maintaining his bearing, Mu Yuanlong wouldn’t have let this opportunist off so easily. But what happened, the soldier under his command not only admitted his mistake, but also ran up to him to recklessly report, with a look of believing it was true, which really made him infuriated.

After being scolded like this, Liu Qi also calmed down. Indeed, he had just glanced at the person from a distance, as Zhao Yebai bluntly took the person away. Except for the side profile, he didn’t even get to look at his entire face.

But Liu Qi subconsciously felt that that person was His Highness. He opened his mouth and muttered, “But…”

At this moment, Mu Yuanlong suddenly came back to his senses: “What did you just say, Zhao Yebai took a person away?”

He could ignore the person, but the horse was the one left by His Highness. Nothing mattered the most besides that.

“Yes, a group of students came to the military camp to borrow horses, and it broke free of my hold when it saw them.” Liu Qi wanted to cry without tears. “Lieutenant General, you can’t blame me for admitting the wrong person, even Zhao Yebai did. Also, that person has…..”

Yet he didn’t dare say the four words “Qixing Longyuan”.

Mu Yuanlong became silent. At this moment, no one dared to look at his face.

When Zong Luo was still alive, Mu Yuanlong was the deputy general specialized in handling various affairs. He managed the Xuan Cavalry in a well-organized way, and their military law was strict.  Everyone had a full reverence for him.

Later, after taking over the position of general, General Mu’s character became more and more stern and severe. This was the first time everyone saw Mu Yuanlong’s thunderous rage.

“Form a team, come with me now.” He put on his black armor, grabbed his weapon, and strode out.


On the other end, Zong Luo, who was being kidnapped, sighed helplessly.

—I haven’t seen you for more than a year. Although others couldn’t tell, he could easily discern that Zhao Yebai had lost a lot of weight, and its fur was not at all as smooth as when he was by its side.

He patted the horse’s back and motioned for Zhao Yebai to put him down in the outskirts of the City where no one was present. Seeing that the master finally paid attention to it, the white horse gave a cheerful low cry. 

“No, I can’t take you back now, you are too big.”

Zong Luo touched its beautiful mane, and finally said reluctantly, “Be obedient, find a place where there is no one and put me down.”

Meeting Zhao Yebai today was indeed an unexpected situation. Fortunately, everything is still under control.

But if this Zhao Yebai follows him back, then that would be a big problem.

Now that everyone was guessing whether he was the Third Prince, and for the time being, no one dared to poked Emperor Yuan’s sore spot by reporting to him, under this kind of relative balance of undercurrents from all sides, he could use “returning Zhao Yebai” as a pretext. If it was not handled properly, it may disrupt his plan in advance.

Of course, a pretext should always be handed over for the plan to go forward. It just depends on who delivers it and who’s the pretext in question.

“Obedient Yebai, you go back to the camp by yourself, don’t come to me again during this time.”

Zong Luo got off his horse half-push and half-fell, resisted the desire to take it back with him, turned around and ruthlessly urged Zhao Yebai to leave.

The white horse looked at him for a long time, and when it determined that its master had no intention of changing his mind, it whimpered, turned its head every three steps and left on the same road on its way back.

Looking at this scene, Zong Luo’s fingers under the long sleeves trembled slightly.

He remembered that last year, Zhao Yebai followed him with tears in its eyes and was difficult to drive away.

Him, who had just been reborn at that time, was even more reluctant to give it up, but when he thought about how Zhao Yebai was shot by random arrows in front of the City Gate in his previous life and fell in a pool of blood, he knew he should be cruel.

Same as now.

After Zhao Yebai left, Zong Luo did not leave in a hurry. He stood on the spot, making sure that the other person had a panoramic view of this scene, then turned around, lifted his feet and took a step, waiting for the appearance of a “pretext”.


Sure enough, just as he was about to leave, the hooves behind him finally hurried forward in his direction, it sounded from far to near, falling to the ground like a drum beat.

Ye Linghan hesitated again and again just now, but still hurried to catch up with his horse. However, he didn’t expect to see this scene just now. Those hesitations, unknown worries and complexities a while back turned into a monstrous anger, constantly burning his sanity.

It turns out that this person has no amnesia at all!

Because he hastily urged the horse to move forward just now, the young man in purple clothes still had a faint redness on his face at the moment, and he didn’t know whether he was tired or angry. 

Although he and Yu Beizhou were cousins ​​to each other, with half of the blood of the Yu family and inheriting the well-known appearance of the ancestors. In this “Can Drink A Cup of Nothing”, the protagonist that was adored by tens of thousands of fans, should absolutely be a pick that stood out among the ordinary.

Although Ye Linghan doubted then later confirmed Zong Luo’s identity, he actually believed the hearsay to be true from the start.

Even though a Crown Prince of a country, Ye Linghan didn’t actually have such political sense.

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