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CDCN Chapter 11.2


Chapter 11.2

Yu Beizhou’s complexion suddenly sank.

After speaking, Zong Luo slightly folded his hands and turned to leave. However, the moment he took a step away, the pitch-black goshawk spread its wings and circled for a while, before rushing down again without warning.


Zong Luo keenly heard the sound of splitting wind, however he had no weapon at hand and had no choice but to stretch out his hand to block it.

However, who would have thought that this ugly goshawk would not attack, but would dodge a few times and circle around him. Because Zong Luo was obviously blindfolded, he couldn’t see it very clearly, not to mention that this bird had wings, and it was extra laborious to fight.

Just when Zong Luo and this goshawk were fighting wits and courage, Yu Beizhou suddenly laughed and said, “It’s rare for this bird to be so close to strangers. It seems that the relationship between this gentleman and this King is really not shallow.”

Then continued seemingly unintentional. “Last time, this King neglected this gentleman. Why didn’t the gentleman come to the palace to look for this King with the jade pendant?”

Hearing this, with a sudden realization, all the students looked at the white-robed young man with envious eyes.

The event of the King of Beining bestowing his pendant at the City gate spread all over the capital of Great Yuan. Everyone lamented which student was so fortunate to get the favor of the King of Beining. Unexpectedly, it was this gentleman in front of them!

If he was normal, their hearts would be more or less unconvinced. Before the fight just now, no one was completely sure that he could defeat Gongsun You’s sword move, as he was a blind man.

It was no wonder that the King of Beining, whose eyes were higher than the top on ordinary days, would treat the other with courtesy, and respected him very highly.

Zong Luo frowned in his heart, not knowing what Yu Beizhou was planning to do this time.

It can’t be that it’s fate. That’s too predestined. Not only did he have a grudge against Yu Beizhou, but he also did not want to deal with the ugly goshawk he raised. At the beginning, Yu Beizhou sent it to spy on him, but it was shot down by Zong Luo with a slingshot, pulled out its tail feathers and threw it to the air back again. How annoying to death it was in the light of the night.

He nodded lightly. “The King of Beining is very kind, this common man doesn’t deserve it.”

“This gentleman, why do you have to be so humble? Do you think that this King’s jade pendant can be simply given to anyone?” Yu Beizhou laughed. “I had just met you at the Baijia Banquet today. Since I have invited this gentleman… wouldn’t want this King to lose face, will you?” 

As if responding, the goshawk fluttered its wings in the air and fell steadily down to his shoulder with the white fur.

The other princes seemed to have something to say, but because of the King of Beining’s reputation, they couldn’t say it directly. Therefore they could only watch helplessly. Staring as if their eyes seemed to penetrate the white silk, and saw the flower in Zong Luo’s face.

Zong Luo didn’t know what Yu Beizhou meant by inviting him to discuss Taoism in public, but since that was the case, it was obviously not realistic to refuse.

He was about to speak when he heard a noise ahead. The surrounding students saluted one after another: “Greetings Prime Minister Pei.”

Pei Qianxue walked over, followed by his eldest Legalist disciple.

Several princes naturally wanted to win over the Prime Minister, but Pei Qianxue was a stubborn person and was only dedicated to doing things for Emperor Yuan, so they also stopped having the idea of winning him over. However, even if they have no more thoughts about it, they still need to show him face, at least to not make the relationship deteriorate.

Facing their greetings, the dignified Prime Minister in blue bowed his head and returned the salute one by one.

Zong Yuanwu was always the most enthusiastic one. “How come Prime Minister Pei is so interested in coming to the Baijia Banquet today?”

“It just happened to be on the way, I came to have a look on how my disciples are doing.” 

Pei Qianxue’s expression was calm. “Several His Royal Highnesses are gathered here, did you find a favorite menke to choose?” 

Although it was clear that it was just a casual talk, Zong Yongliu rolled his eyes and took Pei Qianxue’s words very naturally. “Letting Prime Minister Pei witness something funny, we just got together and watched the extremely exciting sword discussion. Seeing a broken branch defeating a sword, it was like seeing the hunter’s heart. It’s a pity that the King of Beining stepped in first. “

(t/n seeing the hunter’s heart- it is a metaphor for seeing what others are doing is exactly what I liked in the past, I can’t help but be moved and want to try it)

Sure enough, Pei Qianxue was slightly interested when he heard that a broken branch was used to defeat a sword, and looked up.

At that one glance, he immediately stopped and stayed rooted on his spot.

A white-clothed gentleman stood by the river. He was simple and elegant, aloof and detached.

However, after a moment, whether it was intentional or unintentional, Yu Beizhou simply took a step forward and covered Zong Luo’s entire body, directly carrying out the invitation he had just made with Zong Luo in front of everyone’s eyes. The two left only showing their backs and walked towards the Lanting Pavilion.

A few steps away, with just only a glimpse, not much more and was immediately out of sight.

A thousand-year-old fox naturally does not need to play Liaozhai with me.

(t/n means that since they are all the same, no one should lie to anyone.)

In just a split second, Pei Qianxue understood the intention of Zong Yongliu’s intentional words. At the same time, he also remembered the lie Zong Hongjiu had told in the main hall before.

In just a few short thoughts, Pei Qianxue’s heart turned a thousand times. His slightly cold fingertips pinched  the wide cuffs, as he remained silent.

Zong Luo was his good friend. Although they get together less and depart more, it did not reduce their friendship. In retrospect, he found that he almost forgot the real face of the other party, but when he recalled it, the scene in that dream was engraved into his mind, which was unforgettable.

However…his image. It’s too similar.

As long as one had seen Jin Yu face to face, it was difficult to forget this appearance.

It’s not how beautiful and stunning the appearance was, but the kind of temperament he possessed.

Zong Yongliu seemed to inadvertently add fuel to the fire. “It’s a pity that Prime Minister Pei didn’t come earlier, otherwise he could have seen the sword discussion. It’s really a pity.”

They look the same, have the same temperament, are of the same age, and even have the same voice. Could this be just a coincidence?

Even as they saw it, they were inevitably shocked and gaffed, but because they were not sure of his identity, they couldn’t rashly open their mouths. Anyway, when they couldn’t make a conclusion, the more people knew about it, the better.

Zong Yongliu originally had an idea, and wanted to push this student who was suspicious from head to toe to Pei Qianxue. No matter what happened that time, there would always be this person to help. After all, everyone in Great Yuan knew that Prime Minister Pei and the Third Prince had a very close personal relationship.

As a result, he didn’t expect this high ranking Prime Minister to not only not accept his move at all, he even asked indifferently, “Really? It seems that the Sixth Highness needs to forcibly take the other person from the King of Beining.”

His statement was without holes. Everyone knows that Pei Qianxue doesn’t keep menkes, and that this upstart from the Legalist School scoffs at the habits of the aristocratic family.

“In this case, I will not disturb His Highness’s aesthetic moods.”

After speaking, Pei Qianxue nodded, suppressed the surprise in his heart, and left without looking sideways. A few princes were left alone to watch his back.


On the other side, Zong Luo had no choice but to walk into the water pavilion with Yu Beizhou.

The lighted incense was still circling the incense burner with few futons spread on the ground. On one side were various tea sets that Zong Luo brought to make tea not long ago, however, autumn was getting colder, and the hot tea was obviously already cold. 

The students sitting in twos and threes hurriedly got up and hurriedly gave the place to them.

Zong Luo chose a futon at random and sat down, completely treating the King of Beining beside him as air, which was completely different from the gentleness and steadiness he had when talking with various students.

He even started to make tea without haste, showing his attitude of turning a blind eye.

“Senior Martial Brother, I’m in a good mood today.”

After everyone fled and there was no one in the surrounding area, Yu Beizhou looked down from a commanding height with a rich smile. Anyone could see the inexplicably good mood of the King of Beining after watching the discourse.

Only Zong Luo was able to easily discern the ulterior motives behind this smile. 

I don’t know what bad idea is going on in this little pervert’s mind.

The general in red swept his hem casually and sat on the ground opposite Zong Luo’s table, with a very relaxed posture.

A length of cold white wrist protruded from the cuff of the white swordsman’s sleeve, and his steps of brewing tea were flowing smoothly. Yu Beizhou accidentally caught a glimpse and inevitably remembered the feeling when he held this wrist not long ago.

It was cold, much lower than his body temperature.

Obviously, it was nothing unusual, but it instantly neutralized the dry heat like scars attached to the bones, which was even more miraculous than the thousand-year-old cold jade that was an ancient treasure that was presented by a vassal country.

“But my Senior Brother seems to always be like this. He is  elegant and warm to others but so indifferent to me. It really makes me sad.”

Yu Beizhou retracted his gaze, suddenly leaned his upper body closer, and said with a smile. “Let me tell you, there are only two of us in our generation during our stay in the Ghost Valley. If Senior Martial Brother is more warm and cordial to me, maybe I wouldn’t hate Senior Martial Brother so much.”

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