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CDCN Chapter 11.1


Chapter 11.1

Hearing Yu Beizhou’s voice, Zong Luo was not at all surprised. Through the cuff, he tightened the Kui patterned ancient jade pendant hidden in his hand.

Although he does not know the original plot, after all, Gongsun You was one of the male supporting roles. Since he’d already appeared, how could Yu Beizhou, who had the halo of “thousands of people’s adoration” above his head, not be there. 

That was just his guess.

Zong Luo sighed in his heart. Not out of jealousy, but out of habit.

In the last life, he and Yu Beizhou had been head to head since the time he tore his facade back in the Ghost Valley.

The protagonist of “Can Drink a Cup of Nothing” was the most popular growth-type protagonist in the online literature circle before he transmigrated inside the book. Although the early starting point was not as high as Zong Luo, the upgrade was still fast. By the time Zong Luo, who had returned from the Wei Kingdom as a proton, could gain a firm foothold in the capital, Yu Beizhou had been able to accept the summons of Emperor Yuan and wandered in front of Zong Luo every day.

When Yu Beizhou officially entered the capital, it was like fish in a water.

Surrounding him were countless male supporting roles like concubines who were all loyal to him. Everyone regarded Zong Luo as a thorn in the eye. Zong Luo and Yu Beizhou fought secretly for an enumerable number of times, but was stopped in the end. What happened to Yu Beizhou, Zong Luo was the first to take the blame and was transferred to guard the borders. Although it was the order of Emperor Yuan, they still did not lose their efforts in tripping each other. 

At the beginning, how ignorant and arrogant he was of planning to turn against several male supporting roles. After a long time of bumping into walls more often, he eventually got used to it. What a painful realization at the end. 

Who made Yu Beizhou the protagonist of “Can Drink a Cup of Nothing”, the whole world revolves around him, and Zong Lou was nothing more than a mere cannon fodder.

It’s good that the cannon fodder survived, yet still wanting to fight against the protagonist. Isn’t it courting death?

This feeling of powerlessness was comparable to that student Zong Luo met when he was reviewing his final project which was still the same no matter how much he tried to change it.

It’s just that after a lifetime of experience inside the book, he got used to it. Anyway, since the goal had been achieved, he’s too lazy to do useless work again.

He was not at all worried about what the other princes were thinking. As long as his brain was not kicked by a donkey, it would be impossible to hold him in the eyes of the public and ask him to the end when he made his own goal. 

However, just when Zong Luo made up his mind to find an excuse to leave, there was a sudden noise at the entrance of Lanting Water Pavilion.

Looking over to the entrance at a distance, a servant swept away the curtain of a carriage, and what walked out was a man in a blue-robed with refined eyebrows and a bearing that can only be described as all beyond mundane things.

At this point in time, many dignitaries have already entered the arena one after another. The day of the Baijia Banquet was not only for the students, but was also for the nobles.

The custom of keeping menkes in the aristocratic circles of foreign countries was prevalent. The more powerful the nobles were, the more menkes were under the family, which became a symbol of wealth and status of an aristocratic family.

For example, King Fengyue of the State of Wei and King Wu’an of the State of Yu, all have three thousand menkes, and it was no more than taking the words from somebody else’s mouth to gain face.

(t/n Menke- disciples that served under an aristocratic family)

Menkes were also divided into different categories.

There were full-time assassins or well-trained dead men, literati who guide the children of aristocratic families to study, swordsmen and samurai who specialize in protecting the safety of their masters, and advisers who specialize in making plans. In addition to this, there were even jugglers who specialized in acrobatic juggling on the street, a stable groom for driving the carriage and a skilled cook.

(t/n deadmen- a warrior that is willing to die)

Usually, most of the menkes defected to the aristocratic family. However, those who had real talents and practical learning were mostly proud, especially the students who could pass the screening of the hundred schools of thought. Overall, the quality was much higher than that of ordinary menkes, and it was naturally worthy of being treated with courtesy.

“His Excellency the Prime Minister is here…” 

“It is said that Prime Minister Pei is busy solving various problems every day. How come he has time today?”

Signed up for the Six Arts, and won three titles, from a commoner to the Prime Minister, he really ascended to the sky in one step. Pei Qianxue, the Prime Minister of the Great Yuan Dynasty, was simply the object of envy and admiration of the students of the hundred schools of thought.

“Have you forgotten? The team leader of the Legalist School in this year’s competition is the proud student of Prime Minister Pei.” 

Speaking of this, it suddenly dawned on everyone.

Since Emperor Yuan took the throne after eliminating the civil strife, he had paid homage to Pei Qianxue, who was a Legalist. As soon as Pei Qianxue took office, he immediately began to recompile the Yuan Law Reform. 

Since the political reform, it was natural to take down some group of people. At that time, several old nobles united to resist, and this new Prime Minister was bound to get killed. As a result, Pei Qianxue turned around, did not know where the old nobles got their accusations of him from and went directly to the accounts. 

Emperor Yuan didn’t say a word, and dealt directly with the newly compiled strict laws without mercy.

Now even those with no eyesight can see that Pei Qianxue was a person of the Emperor Yuan. This battle established Emperor Yuan’s reputation as a tyrant, and also made known Pei Qianxue’s inhumanity. Since then, no one dared to underestimate this commoner Prime Minister. 

Although on the surface he looked as unattainable as the snow lotus in the sky, and was indifferent to mundane things. But the officials who had gone through the original reforms still had lingering fears when they saw his face. 

Because no matter what, when these people saw him, they would have to call out Prime Minister Pei respectfully while their teeth ached.

Only Zong Luo, who was standing, couldn’t help but sigh deeply. 

What a good day today was. After only half a day, he had basically encountered almost all the male supporting roles in “Can Drink a Cup of Nothing”.

That’s right, Pei Qianxue, Prime Minister of the Great Yuan, was one of the important male supporting roles.

The comment section clearly stated that Pei Qianxue was the first person who knew that the protagonist was suffering from a serious illness but did not feel disgusted, and had a different position in Yu Beizhou’s heart.

Zong Luo: “…..” 

Alas, this bloody plot. It’s no wonder that in the comment area, there was called “Pei Yueguang”, and its limelight was almost catching up to the Fourth Prince. 

Although Zong Luo had complicated feelings for Emperor Yuan, he still had confidence in his cheap father.

As long as Emperor Yuan was alive, Yu Beizhou would definitely not be able to make any waves. 

No matter how ambitious you are, if you want to change the dynasty, you will have to wait a hundred years after Emperor Yuan.

But combined with the secret letter Zong Luo received when he was guarding the frontier in his previous life, plus the chronic ailment of Emperor Yuan that was deteriorating his health. Even if Emperor Yuan woke up to rectify the rebellion, his body would not last long.

Therefore Zong Luo gave Pei Qianxue the black pot without any guilt. In the original book, if Yu Beizhou wanted to become emperor, he would definitely not be able to avoid encountering him. Since the author dared to write it this way in the copy, Pei Qianxue must have acquiesced.

The most embarrassing thing was that Pei Qianxue used to be Zong Luo’s best friend.

He was the first friend he made after returning to Great Yuan in his last life. He thought that he had successfully subverted the male supporting character, but he didn’t expect for Pei Qianxue to still end up on Yu Beizhou’s side, which also directly led to Zong Luo’s defeat in his previous life.

Anyway, Zong Luo didn’t really want to see Pei Qianxue.

Just when Zong Luo was silent and was about to find a way to turn around and leave, the other male supporting role, Gongsun You, asked Yu Beizhou coldly. “Who are you? I’m talking to this white-clothed brother, what does it matter to you whether I’m deserving or not? There must be something wrong with your brain.”

The onlookers all gasped.

The King of Beining had a beautiful face, and his red attire was known throughout the Great Wilderness. For a time, the custom of wearing red clothes became popular among the children of aristocratic families, but after a few times of wearing clothes of crimson color, the owner found it ridiculous, therefore the people stopped wearing it.

Besides, even if he really hadn’t heard the rumors, does he really not recognize him? Even the princes around the King of Beining always recognize him and they always recognize the four-clawed python robes on him.

It’s really a first seeing someone rush up bravely, does he still want his future?

Yu Beizhou sneered. “Who am I? You also don’t deserve to know.”

Although his expression was still casual, the obvious displeasure was palpable.

Seeing him say this, the princes who were eager to flatter him naturally followed suit, with the intent of directly accusing Gongsun You of being disrespectful. As long as these few opened their mouths, even without saying anything else, their identities alone could crush all the nobles present.

None of the onlookers dared to speak, not even a hint. They only felt sorry that this madman was robbed of the limelight by the young man in white, but when he tried to do it again, it really offended everyone. 

Zong Luo didn’t want to stay any longer.

He went straight to Gongsun You and said, “the Six arts competitions, it’s just a matter of luck. If we meet, then it’s fate. Otherwise, you don’t have to force it. As for others…..No need to be so troublesome, I am staying in the Confucian residence temporarily. Brother can always come to me to discuss swords in your spare time.”

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