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CDCN Chapter 10.2


Chapter 10.2

Furthermore, even a layman could see that he really defeated an iron sword with only a branch.

“It’s really amazing, but it’s a pity, his eyes…..I don’t know which disciple this is.”

 Zong Yongliu followed suit, intending to disturb Zong Yuanwu’s good deeds.

“If His Royal Highness is interested, why not take a closer look?”

Yu Beizhou had no intention of responding to the Sixth Prince at all. He looked at the young man in white who was being complimented by everyone on the field and the smile on his face gradually deepened. He lifted his feet and strode over.

The Sixth Prince, who was successively ignored, couldn’t hold the smile on his face. If it weren’t for the fact that there were too many things behind the three characters of the King of Beining, how could he, a dignified prince of Great Yuan, be reduced to the place where he first has to observe the other’s complexion before speaking? 

It was true that the father Emperor was really too powerful and monopolistic. After ascending the throne, he would rather be named a tyrant in the annals of history, reorganizing the dynastic framework. Not only had he inherited the advantages of his own military leadership, but also seized the military power with a sharp knife, tossed the distinguished family that had been rooted in the Great Yuan for a long time and made them suffer terribly.

Being backed by an aristocratic family was Zong Yongliu’s advantage, and it was also his capital to seize the crown.

However, none of the adult princes had a seal. As Emperor Yuan’s trusted follower, Yu Beizhou, who had real power in his hands, could of course give him any favors at will. They couldn’t do anything about the King of Beining, they could only knock down their teeth and swallow them in their stomachs.

Nonetheless, the most important thing was still the military power in Yu Beizhou’s hands. This won’t do, he must win over the King of Beining.

With this in mind, the Sixth Prince gritted his teeth and followed him again.

On the other side, Zong Luo slowly took back the branch without hesitation.

After the competition, the osmanthus flowers blooming on the branch scattered one after another, leaving only a bare pole.

Now, no one dislikes this unremarkable branch, just like no one dares to underestimate this tall, jade-like, blind young man in white clothes. Before the two sides made their moves, they were not optimistic about him. After the competition was over, the shock that they felt was so great.

A branch? It’s really unheard of for a branch to knock down an iron sword. If the branch was to be replaced by a sword, how powerful would it be?

In fact, it can be attributed to his time in the Ghost Valley. It was true that the hermit aristocratic family was rich in classics, but the Ghost Valley, which had been passed down for many years, was not far off. 

Coincidentally, Zong Luo had really read the second page of the fragmented script of the sword sage in the Ghost Valley. Having learned of Gongsun You’s swordsmanship, it can only be said to be a coincidence.

Simultaneously, he was also wondering, could it be possible that Yu Beizhou used this second page fragment to take Gongsun You as his younger brother in the “Can Drink a Cup of Nothing”? Could it be that he also robbed the supporting male lead role? This couldn’t be just coincidental right?

The opposite, Gongsun You, seemed to be frozen, and he didn’t say a word for a long time. Zong Luo was about to speak when he heard a voice behind that couldn’t be more familiar to him.

“The sword discourse just now was really wonderful, dare I ask which school this master is from?”

How could he not be familiar with it? As soon as he heard the voice, he knew that it was his mindless Fifth Imperial Brother. Zong Luo breathed a sigh of relief.

 It seems that several princes came, and Yu Beizhou should be nearby. 

Why is the surrounding suddenly quiet? I think this is also because of the protagonist’s charisma, which makes everyone shut their mouth the moment he appears.

Zong Luo answered, “I am without talent. I am nothing but a loose person and only usually receive the care of the Confucianists. It was just a fluke winning against this brother.”

As soon as the voice came out, the princes felt more and more strange in their hearts.

When he looked at his side face just now, he felt familiar, but it was too far away and there was also a white silk covering his eyes. He couldn’t see it very clearly, therefore he didn’t press on it. But now that he’s closer, the more he looked at him, the more familiar he was in his eyes. Even the voice sounded familiar.

Zong Chengsi seemed to remember something and his face changed instantly. He was about to stretch out his hand to hold Zong Yuanwu, yet Zong Luo unexpectedly had already taken the initiative to turn sideways in front of him.

After seeing the face of the white-robed young master, it was not only Zong Yuanwu, but even Zong Chengsi, who had always been thoughtful, was frightened and took a step back, holding on persevering his dignity.

“Imperial Third Brother?!!”

As soon as these words came out, many onlookers widened their eyes.

Zong Yuanwu was the one who responded the most.

For no other reason than it was because after Zong Luo returned to Great Yuan from Wei State as a hostage, he accidentally learned that he was the only one among his younger imperial brothers who specialized in martial arts, and also took the path of leading troops to fight. Therefore he usually trained with him in ordinary days, but of course, with very little effect.

However, this resulted in Zong Yuanwu feeling comfortable enough to lay down for half a year after his death, but as soon as he saw this face, he automatically recalled the fear of being dominated. 

“Imperial brother, be careful of your words!”

Zong Chengsi was the first to react, and hurriedly reprimanded the other. “The meticulous and full of filial piety, Crown Prince, with a cold demeanor, sacrificed his life for the country, how can you arrange it at will.”

Zong Luo: “……”

Even though he knew that after his death that his cheap father had given him the posthumous title of Crown Prince, as he was standing here and listening to Zong Chengsi say this, he felt that it was too ironic.

It’s funny that he lost his life before he died, but became a Crown Prince after his death.

On the other hand, Zong Yongliu, who was also startled, made full psychological preparations, rushed up, took advantage of the situation and also blamed Zong Yuanwu. 

“Fifth Imperial Brother, if the father hears these words, it would be terrible.”

When he suddenly met the other just now, Zong Yongliu was also choked enough by surprise. But his mind was not as mindless as Zong Yuanwu, and after thinking about it carefully, he figured out the key. 

Last year, when the army did not find anything after the battle at Hangu Pass, and when there was no news from other countries, the death of the Third Prince was already a certainty. Many officials with different ideas were sending out letters to persuade His Majesty to show mercy and make a burial in the Imperial Mausoleum as soon as possible.

Not to mention, there were too many people in the capital who were looking forward to the death of the Third Prince in battle, and the princes were definitely one of them. The top contender for the Crown Prince was now gone, this won’t suffice, he needed to go to the temple to burn a few more high quality incense sticks.

What if the Third Brother hadn’t died?

Zong Yongliu didn’t think about this possibility even for a moment. But after all, the feet were on the Third Prince himself. If he didn’t really die, won’t he come back by himself?

Even with just his unparalleled swordsmanship learned in the Ghost Valley, it would be impossible not to come back.

Zong Yuanwu was still a little frightened. “Ah? Oh, oh… I saw it wrong for a moment, don’t blame this Prince.”

He stood still silently for a while before regaining his senses, then secretly raised his eyes to look at the older young man, trying to find some traces on his face that didn’t look like his Third brother.

However, except for the covered eyes, Zong Yuanwu was disheartened to find that the other parts were exactly the same as the Third brother in his memory, which made his legs weakened at a glance.

Zong Luo smiled in a good-natured manner. “It’s okay. Your Highness is also saddened by the situation and thought of his brother anxiously.”

It’s fine if he doesn’t speak. However, as soon as he speaks, the similarity would return to 100% again. Several princes only fell into a trance, as if they saw the shadow of the stable and mature Imperial brother on him.

Just when Zong Yuanwu refused to be misled by fallacies and was about to inquire a few more words, Gongsun You, who had been standing there for a long time, suddenly opened his mouth.

“Only by fluke?”

He asked a question in return, which was a response to Zong Luo’s previous reply to Zong Yongliu. Although he became a defeated general, Gongsun You’s face did not show annoyance and frustration after being defeated, however his eyes were full of splendor, showing implicit colors.

Although he was good at Ni Shu strategy, his swordsmanship was also not bad, and he could naturally see the way of the sword just now. But determining people’s nature with its sword intent was the most important.

Gongsun You played petty madness until he became a big man, and now he has begun to be cautious about himself. He was shocked to realize that he was just like any common man. Being prejudiced once he saw the blind man, he felt ashamed.

“If you lose, you lose, and I, Gongsun You, is not someone who can’t afford to lose. This bamboo slip with my signature for martial arts, I will break it.”

Saying that, Gongsun You directly picked up the bamboo slip in the tray, snapped it, and threw it into the water.

On the side, there was a good person who looked displeased with what the madman did.

“Young Master Gu won’t be competing for martial arts, what’s the use of you breaking it?”

This time, it was Gongsun You’s turn to be surprised.

“You are excellent in swordsmanship, but you didn’t even choose martial arts?”

Zong Luo smiled bitterly. “I’m blind and can’t see, how can I participate in the martial arts competition?”

Yes, apart from the branch, the most eye-catching thing was this white silk. In that short time, countless students sigh at this.

Gongsun You frowned. “Then what did you compete for? I’ll also compete in that category.”

He bent down to pick up the iron sword on the ground, and said in a cheerful tone, “When will the Tao discourse happen again, for so many years, I have never met such an opponent…”

But before he could even finish speaking, Gongsun You suddenly felt a pain in his tiger’s mouth, and the sword in his hand was dropped again, and it fell to the ground with a loud clang.

(t/n tiger’s mouth-part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger)

Not far away, someone was playing with a wooden bead in his hand, his careless voice suddenly chilled, as he said a message full of meaning. “You are not worthy.”

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