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CDEBILU Chapter 15


Chapter 15: Advent of the Goddess Part 1

Translator: MadHatter Editor: MadHatter

What I commenced with was very simple.

First, I gathered information from those who had become my subjects. Having been a slave in the human world for so long, I was not familiar with the common knowledge of the other world, so I decided to learn and fill in the gaps that existed between our views.

After all, I was at the top of my position. I will not follow the customs of the lower ranks. Everyone will obey me. That must happen sooner or later. For that reason, I had to study.

Without grasping the other side’s details and understanding what can be forgiven, what can be sympathized with, what cannot be forgiven, and what would be beyond irredeemable, I could not do anything. There were way too many of the adversaries who were joined by their comrades on the opposing side. If they come at me with numbers, I can’t prevail. Therefore, I will analyze and interpret their numbers, find a weak point, and strike at it. For a while, I simply listened to what everyone had to say and endeavored to absorb everything as my own wisdom.

The way the other side was, my idealized version of the other side, their idealized version of me, and the way I was. By working and adjusting myself to the other side, I can eventually bring the other party into alignment with the way I want them to be. Isn’t that at the heart of all successful communication? It’s similar to adjusting your attire while using a broken mirror.

…Elias was the only person I was unable to approach in the manner I want.

I categorized and organized the information I gathered. What I had now, what I didn’t need now but had to keep, and what I didn’t need. It was a simple prioritization.

After that, I added information about the time from when to when, and so on, and counted backward.

Uh-huh. It reminded anyone of a board game or a puzzle, didn’t it? For pieces, you need to think about size, shape, and orientation. If it were a piece, I would consider its trajectory and role, and guide it appropriately to bring it closer to the ideal. Calculations frequently contain errors, therefore each time they are corrected. All it would take was to repeat the process.

This type of activity was merely work, a tedious passing of time.

They will be further examined in depth after being classified.

The ones I had in my hands now were of the highest significance. If the pieces were not enough by the due date, they must be secured until it was sufficient. I would sort out the things to do and not to do in order to secure victory.

What if I can’t do it? Acceptability or non-acceptability will not be a dimension of choice. It will only come down to aptitude, which was preposterous. Those who can’t perform will not be assigned the work.

The cost of continuing in service and the anticipated return will then be calculated for the individual who will still be employed. The rebels were not a cohesive mass, and in actuality, they were probably less than a tenth the size of the Queen’s army. After all, we were demi-humans of the filthy fighting race. Many of us were trying to play off one man against another by responding to both sides in a proper manner…

Well, in other words, I could not afford the cost at all. 

I could not sustain forever what I could not expect to recover the cost of.

But the individuals I retained were also the people I may need, so when it came to choosing which ones to keep and which ones to throw out, we had quite a deal of difficulty, even if it was conceivable. Initially, I mostly kept silent and let the expert individuals handle it; however, the conversation grew tiresome and heated, so I intervened and told them to make their decisions in accordance with my own words.

There can be nothing more fruitless than a council in times of emergency. If we were in agreement, we would be more united, wouldn’t we? But typically, they would drag each other down in such a circumstance and nothing would be resolved.

I wondered if there were any complaints after such a forceful action by me. As I expected, one of the most powerful generals made fun of me, stating that a decorative girl should just sit back and be pampered.

So, I looked him in the eye, smiled, and addressed him as followed.

Very well. Even though it’s a disgraceful allegation for me to make, I feel you couldn’t reach a resolution until I interrupted you in the first place.

–I was so amused that he turned red at this point. I continued laughing.

Despite the fact that I am a little girl, I am your leader and am in command of you. I’ll have to pay for your head when the time comes. So, if my remarks hurt you severely, you are free to boil, burn, or murder me; alternatively, you can rape me, have a kid, and then rule as the new king; or you can do anything you like. I am already prepared to do so.

However, please do me a favor. If my incapacity is not genuine, won’t you atone for your sin of doubting me, the chief of all of you, insulting me, and lowering the spirits of the populace?

As a result? Needless to say. I never take a gamble I don’t have a chance to win.

Furthermore, even if I lose and a man crawls up to me in the middle of the night, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to play along and then stage an accident.

The strength of their reproductive organs would be insignificant even if they were physically strong and had extensive training. There was no way I couldn’t bite them off. My fangs were sharp.

To me, he was also someone to be kept in service. He wasn’t so useless that I would kill him immediately, but I didn’t want to have him around forever, and I would get rid of him if I had the chance. So it was about right that he lunged at me from the other side.

He was the first person to challenge me, though, and he did it in a fair and honest manner without making fun of or undermining me in any way. As a sign of respect, I personally decapitated him with a single blow to his head. Since I was a member of the royal family, I was quite powerful even though I look like this.

Now back to the classification. Soldiers that were here now, units that will be here later, and finally, people that I didn’t want.

I supposed that the reason I frequently received criticism for being overbearing was because of the way I handled unwanted people.

But, you see, if I threw something away because I didn’t need it, and then the other party picked it up and put it to good use, I would be in a great deal of trouble. I, therefore, made it impossible for the opposing side to ever reproduce it. There was nothing wrong with that, right?

Most people get me wrong, but I neither relish nor appreciate killing. I took action because I believed it would be better in that manner. In the end, it made little difference whether it was a person or an object. Everyone tried to elevate a topic above its adequate importance the moment someone brought up human life.

…Die if you die, fools. I didn’t care about any of you. You must prove your worth if you wish to live.

Anyone that fulfilled its obligations and won its rights, I have duly acknowledged.

Why should individuals who neglect their obligations and those who possess rights but abuse them be regarded as my subjects? These were basically human pigs. They were the flesh of the living dead. Wouldn’t it be more fitting to bury them after they’ve been pushed down, covered with oil, and burned?

As I mentioned earlier, I could not afford to take care of something I didn’t want, especially at that time. Besides, the demi-human race was not designed so well that they would follow a former moron princess solely on the basis of the legitimacy of her bloodline. Everybody constantly underestimated me and shot me condescending looks as if to say, “One day I’ll put her to her knees beneath my arm.” similar to the first person I decapitated.

It was necessary to convince them, even more vehemently and solidly, that I was a powerful lunatic. That I was not someone to be crossed. The beast will be obedient once they have learned that. It is in the beast’s nature to act in this way.

And while I may have been merciless with what I didn’t need, I was willing to invest in what I did need.

Because resources were finite, and if all I did was reduce them, I was bound to run out of them someday.

I had to continually make sure that what was required would be effective while reducing what was extraneous. If people knew they were going to die, they wouldn’t be motivated to work, and if I wasn’t cautious, they might get desperate and commit any act. Let them live or let them die. The light of hope must not be too strong or too weak. Even the wise men of old have said that moderation was the optimal solution to order and that it was essential.

After deciding that this was necessary, I would squeeze every last drop of blood from them, all the way to the marrow of their bones.

In this way, I have been able to strengthen my allies first.

The Queen’s army outnumbered us to begin with, and if we were to confront them in a serious battle, we would be defeated in a heartbeat.

The numerical disparity, however, was not always a drawback. Having a large number of soldiers was also a burden for the Queen’s side. They had to pay for their meals and wages, didn’t they? The queen did not like the concept of humble people like us because she was born into a privileged family. With such a mindset at the top, there was no way the rations would reach the bottom of the pyramid. Skirmishes between the insiders occurred often every day because of the level of corruption, which was so high due to bribery and other forms of corruption. Absurdity reigned in there.

While the Queen’s army was at each other’s throats, we started by winning the people over to our side. After all, the commander of the troops on my side was the legitimate heir, unlike the corrupt hag who was occupying the kingdom without authority. Moreover, I was young and beautiful, and if you ask me, I had a past of unfortunate tears. Seizing the opportunity of the queen’s army’s unfair collection of taxes, I would sneak in and offer words of encouragement in a feline voice, personally tear off pieces of bread and hand them over, and heal the sick and injured. I didn’t just deliver supplies; alongside my guys, I also helped reconstruct the destroyed communities and impart useful knowledge.

Our elite, who had been chosen and remained with me, were excellent guerilla fighters, but unlike the mercenary forces, they were fine warriors who could refrain from assaults and usurpations. That was effective for establishing a reputation as well. After all, the Queen’s army was said to be full of a bunch of fools who could run their hands, feet, and mouths, hahaha…

No matter what the circumstances were, weren’t they a bit too much?

It was something of an impressionist’s trick there, as you can see.

The people soon started to sing, first whispering and then joining hands in a high-pitched chant, while I was doing this and allowing the opposite side to glare at each other as I acted properly.

O Bastito, O gracious cat! O Goddess of Victory and Blessing! Our Savior who descended from the heavens! Guide us, your children! Please avenge and exterminate the wicked! — And the list goes on.

You people really like that kind of story, don’t you? I questioned, nevertheless, if they have mistaken me.

Merciful? Yes, I did not punish individuals arbitrarily like a true Queen.

Victory? Of course not. I didn’t fight a war I can’t win.

Blessing? Well, if you deprive someone of their wealth, you will be richer.

Savior? This world mattered not to me. All I wanted was a position commensurate with a man, and a box in which to lock him up perfectly. If I can get that, I’ll seize the throne and the peace of the world in my leisure time.


Milord, Elias.

Everything I have done is all for you.

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