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CDEBILU Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Kitten Game Part 1

Translator: MadHatter Editor: MadHatter

Kitty Edition

Hey God. Why can’t a beast be in love with another person? How come there is a language we can use to speak with one another and a body we can be in contact with if our world is divided? Why do we look similar to one another if our relationship is one of predator and prey?

Such a world is wrong, isn’t it? I know these facts. Neither love, justice, nor trust. By themselves, they are of no value. After all, the world is a place of the oppressed and the oppressor. Those in positions of power triumph, and those without power lose.

Milord. My beloved. My one and only world.

If the world cannot be conquered by you, I will obliterate all of it.

I would restrict and tame you for the rest of your life, much like a human cherishing a beast.

Your spewing curses will be sealed by my lips, and I will embrace all of your desires.

My love for you encompasses the sky, swallows the stars, and arcs the sun; it is deeper than the sea and higher than the mountains, but even that is not enough.

Perhaps this is the lust of a malevolent beast.

But you see? I merely love you with the utmost devotion.

This is not a penance, regardless of whether God exists or a powerless puppet incapable of inflicting divine punishment. So please be silent and listen to my murmurings. I am in a wonderful mood today. Today is the anniversary of the day I locked my beloved one in a cage after all.

At the moment, I am still waiting for an opportunity. Because there is only one chance for catharsis, right? It is not too late nor too soon either. Hmm. I will spare no effort in the performance.

Come on, ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it! Please listen and laugh!

I was once a freak show tiger! The worst, wicked, tyrannical female cat in history! A zealot who has vowed absolute love to Milord, my one and only master, Elias! That’s me, Bastito!

Kitty, Kitty? My beloved, that name is nothing but a lie. Since you like it so much, I will go along with it. I am Kitty. For you, I am an adorable little kitten. But when I can’t stand it any longer, I’ll bare my fangs. Let me teach you the terror of predators.

My ignorant Lord. You are a lovable one. You have no clue how many times in my dreams I have violated, defiled, and degraded you. But I’ll make sure you eventually realize it. All of you belong to me. As I wish for it.

In light of what I have stated, I can only conclude that I am a villain without justification, yet I don’t feel the least bit guilty about what I’ve done or who I am.

I am only a lunatic in love. I am, always have been, and always will be.

Even so, I have no desire to avoid being sent to hell. What’s the big deal about a little bit of anguish and suffering? If I may be with you, the searing heat becomes a mild flame, the piercing wind becomes a cool breeze, and the thousand swords become the fabric that caresses my body. The environment is not an issue. With me, I can transform them as much as I want.

I, Bastito, am now like a god. I have nothing to fear. As long as I have my beloved in my hands, I am more versatile than anyone else.

However, the past is not something I want to be reminded of. Not so much because they are unpleasant memories, but rather because I am not interested in them. It bores me to death. If Milord insists on telling the story, I will weave a tale in detail… but what was my past again?

Right, let me start by recalling my upbringing.

My mother, yes, my mother. She was one of the many mistresses of the previous king. But she was favored excessively. Despite her lowly status, she was favored by the king, and she was an incompetent who was pestered and tormented to death. That was my mother. Well, even though she may have been an irredeemable loser, shouldn’t I commend her for having given birth to me and for imparting such beautiful features to me?

As for my father? He may have been a brilliant person, but I can’t help but feel that, as a politician, he fell short of the mark. After all, even the queen, his wife, gave up on him and had him poisoned. Couldn’t he have been a little more dexterous and at least feigned to love that old hag?

My grandparents? Who knows? I don’t remember them. They must have passed away somewhere on their own. Even if they were there, it will neither do any good nor harm to me, and I don’t want anything from them.

Do you understand? When I was very young, my parents were made to perish by a fit of appalling jealousy and conspiracy. Oh, what a poor kitten I was! Who in the world could have saved this unfortunate princess? I was bound to incur the Queen’s wrath. It is no wonder that my disposition is warped – and that I have no way of escaping.

And do I need a path of escape and sympathy? There is no need. Despite having it everything and hailing from a wealthy background, I am still who I am.

I was not passionate about anything. Nothing sparked my desire, really. Until I met him, I didn’t know what emotions were. When I watched people talking earnestly and observing what they were doing to each other, I understood what it was like, but my heart had never been moved by it.

Was I a desolate person? Probably so. But now I understand. What do I hope for and what do I despair of?

Elias. I love you. You awakened me. You are responsible for it. You are mine no matter how broken you are.

Let’s continue.

We were all supposed to be slaughtered, yet we were simply sold to humans. I had no tendency to communicate seriously with anyone or with anything in this world. That was why I acted like a moron with my infantile nature. The queen probably judged that I was not a threat to her and attempted to take revenge in her own unique way.

Being bound to a human and serving for a human would be a humiliation and inexcusable for the blood of a proud beast king. With my appearance, I would have been almost a slave for sexual abuse. I recall the look on her face as she laughed hysterically, saying that it was a fate befitting a thieving cat whore.

Ah, how comical. Isn’t it true, that old hag, that her husband was not fond of her because of that vulgar laugh of hers? Abandoning women? To prove your value, why not work like a man? Hahahaha, what kind of nonsense was she spouting!?

A true empress is a woman who can accomplish both, isn’t she? That was why small fry smeared with inferiority are so half-hearted and obnoxious.

But you, Milord, I will forgive you even if you are obsequious. That is what makes you so cute.

For me, being sold into slavery was not all bad. I was relieved to not be left in the dull royal castle and was spared dealing with the queen’s mood swings. Although I was not inquisitive about all things, I did want to at least choose how I would die.

Besides, I guess I was somewhat intrigued. The demi-human had already let me down. So I reasoned that someone who would be human must be able to give me a different experience. Most of my masters were worthless and foolish enough to be on the wrong side of something.

Listen, God. To begin with, demi-human is full of impulses and cannot settle down without devouring each other. We are a race of warriors from the very core. We cannot sleep peacefully unless engage in a bloody feud. Because of this, we often contend with each other, resulting in the fact that we are not able to expand our population despite our high athletic ability. We are a hunting tribe, or rather, a pillaging tribe. This is a characteristic that should be regarded with contempt as savage.

Humans understand our demi-human nature and therefore believe that they can regulate us. Indeed, humans are able to subjugate the beasts. Wisdom triumphs over power! That statement is excellent.

It is an entertaining misconception, though.

Although all demi-humans lack the ability to control their own desires, they are nevertheless inferior beings with unique styles. We do not release such talented individuals out of the country.

What does that mean? It means that the demi-humans that humans have been buying and selling on the market are all those who have been judged as unwanted by the demi-human nation. They are too weak, deficient in strength, very dimwitted, wounded or ill, or still experiencing the consequences of such diseases or injuries. Only those who have been judged as not being a viable resource even if they continue to live in the demi-human country are handed over to the human population. It is not much different from disposing of leftover food.

They are therefore given dolls of flesh that have been purged of their fangs, claws, and poison. Otherwise, they would be major sinners who have committed horrendous acts in the demi-human country and would not be able to survive in their home countries. The latter, incidentally, are often as docile as any other slave beast since, if they behave flamboyantly, their whereabouts and intents will be quickly learned and assassins would be dispatched to them.

You humans can play any way you like as a matter of course, mostly because we don’t take it seriously.

Can’t a beast enslave a human being? No, it’s not that we can’t. We don’t. There is a distinct class among us, but humans are outside of that class.

Would you feel the desire to lust after and impregnate a pig? It’s the same thing with that. Why do we not invade human society and stay in our internal struggle indefinitely? Because we don’t feel it is worthwhile to fight with you.

Well, it is far more likely that a human and a demi-human will intermingle with each other than a human will intermingle with a pig. After all, reproduction is possible, and in many cases, the appearance of the human and demi-human are very similar.

However, I can only say that I lack a viewpoint in this area, even though I am a member of this race. Of course, I have taken great advantage of this.

Did you get a sense of the difference in enthusiasm between humans and demi-humans?

I suppose that the confined nature of the demi-human civilization is in part responsible for my warped perspective on the differences being able to endure for hundreds of years.

But none of those things actually matters. You were talking about the masters before me, weren’t you? Let me continue.

I don’t really want to be reminded of the humans I knew before I met you since they are likewise insignificant garbage.

The first one was clearly a pedophile. It was simple to control him, but he lacked the patience to put up with a little teasing. I had a fair amount of fun with him as long as I put up with his odor and the fact that he would strike me when he was aroused. I was able to practice how to manipulate a man with him.

Before long, I grew tired of the monotonous moves, so I seduced some random guy and had him killed. I was struck every night, so as long as I acted a little out of control and wept bitterly, I quickly got my way.

After all, I am a beauty of the country.

The next aristocrat had only status and not so much wealth. Even his position, which was just one among several, was far from the best. He was an awkward, sincere man who fell in love with me at first sight, and in spite of his poverty, he devoted himself to me.

But I soon grew weary of him. Because his kindness was all that he had to offer me. Perhaps if he had at least shown me a glimpse of an artistic side, like whispering love to me in a different language every day, I would have been willing to be a little more patient with him, but all he could do was work. Working diligently and being exploited diligently, I was the only one who could soothe myself on a daily basis. I can’t even touch him, and he was content with just looking at me. Ah, I was so fed up with being an ornament that I felt like I would die of boredom!

So I made the decision to make him vanish. The blood seal truly occurred. Even the treacherous scheme was actual. The man was entirely blameless. The man was completely innocent. I had set him up. He was a clumsy person, so he foolishly made excuses for not committing anything, and died with the hope that he would be believed. Ahaha. He really was a fool, wasn’t he?

But even though he was a dull individual who gave me nothing, he obviously cared about me, so I at least continued to play the poor cat till the very end out of sympathy. I didn’t really care about him, I mean. What good would it do to reveal the truth?

How can a person who was without fault be treated so callously?

Nothing could be more worthless than to say that he did nothing. That goes equally true whether you are dead or alive. Am I wrong?

Even if it is through an acquaintance, you get angry and cry over a stranger. People really are incorrigible.

The third one cherished me and lavished me with his fortune and wealth, but what can I say? It was not to my liking, so what could be done? I would have been prepared to make concessions to him if he had better taste. Please try being decorated with gold, silver, and treasures you don’t need and don’t suit you and be made a spectacle every day. You will get fed up with it. In the first place, I didn’t like the loan shark business itself. Squeezing poor people who originally don’t have much out of them, and then taking advantage of the privileged class, is filthy and unappealing, right?

On top of that, I do sympathize with the way he uses any means to get what he wants, but he likewise seemed to be a half-hearted person.

Mercy toward a child? How foolish he was. One day, children will mature into grownups. You should put an end to them without leaving any unfinished business.

It was retribution. I only let them eliminate the enemies of their parents. I was rather considerate, wasn’t I? I didn’t care if the perpetrator died from whiplash afterward. That was no longer my concern.

The fourth one was an elderly and elegant lady. I think I have finally learned from her what a refined woman should be. I was grateful to her for teaching me what a woman should be like. She treated me like her own daughter, which made me feel like a princess and totally awoke my girlish inclinations. I was content. In a purely objective sense, yes.

But I was conscious of it. There won’t be a prince who comes to get you at your convenience in reality. You can’t trust anyone to save the weak.

Right, so it occurred to me.

I should then track him down and pursue him. Even though I am totally immersed in being a harmless kitten, my true identity is that of a tiger. If it’s something I want, I’ll do all in my power to get it. That is the way the demi-human principle is.

I made things simple for the grandmother because of this. She was a wonderful woman, but I wouldn’t ever find a prince because I was just a pet, right? Although she made me feel at ease, I didn’t want to participate in her chosen breeding program or have her choose who I should be with.

Although I may resemble the princesses in the story, I am distinctly different from them. I always had power, unlike the helpless women; I just didn’t utilize it. Why shouldn’t I try to harness it? What would be the harm in making others miserable?

But you see, I have always been a quiet kitten, so I understood that such things should not be spoken or acted out.

I was always observing other people’s faces and doing whatever they wanted me to do. I excelled at it, you know? That was how I lived all my life. It was boring, and yet there was nothing more entertaining.

Hmm. However, when I reflect on what happened after that, I think it was fortuitous that I had gone through a few masters before. For me, almost all the pieces were in place. I could have been presented to that one as a perfect kitten.

Milord, my life, my beloved. Oh, how I would love to rip out your heart, devour all of your internal organs, and merge with you, Elias.

From the first moment I met you, I fell in love with you at first sight. When our eyes aligned from inside the cage, I was convinced.

Ah, my prince has come for me.

No?―It must be made to welcome me. What I wish for must be attained. For the world revolves around me and you.

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