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HDOVAML Prologue



Rhapsody of Prime. 

It was an ordinary Rofan novel that wasn’t very special. 

The heroine of the novel, Chastia, was a woman who was suddenly widowed after living under abuse by her husband – the story mixed the setting of spirits with a love that went beyond stations. Having been living a hard life raising her young daughter in torn poverty, she found a knight lying in the forest one day and brought him home to take care of him. 

The Knight was Roberick Arne Healion, the hero of the novel. 

Roberick fell in love with the beautiful, kind-hearted woman who was his lifesaver as if it were inevitable. 

However, Roberick was the first knight of the imperial family, a great spirit messenger revered by the whole world. 

He was also a close aide to the crown prince. 

Although it was formal, he also had a fiancé, so their relationship was in every way one that could not be achieved. 

However, as in any novel, the obstructions in their path to love did not stop them. 

After all types of adversity, Roberick and Chastia eventually achieved a love that overcame their status. 

Roberick’s original fiancée was was expelled to the outskirts of the country side after her family’s title and peerage was confiscated on charges of committing wrongdoings against Chastia, who was now the Grand Duchess of Healion. 

Chastia became Grand Duchess of Healion from a commoner widow, and the daughter she gave birth to with her ex-husband became the princess of Healion. 

Like that, Roberick lived happily with his wife and stepdaughter… 

“But why was I reincarnated here after all this was over?” 

I murmured, picking wild flowers on the side of the road. 

That’s how it was. 

By the time I was born and became aware of the memories of my past life, an article titled ‘The Harmonious life of the Grand Duke of Healion’s family’ had already been published in the imperial newspaper. 

Well, even if I was born early, what qualification would I have to intervene in the original book as a rural commoner? 

My mother died as soon as I was born. So I grew up in the hands of my maternal grandfather. It was a simple rural life, but I really liked this life. 

My grandfather was not rich, noble, or royal like any other grandfather in the novel. 

But he loved me more than anyone else. 

‘Edith, your grandfather is sorry. I wish I could buy you plenty more beautiful clothes, toys, and delicious snacks.’ 

‘No, Grandpa. I love living with my grandfather like this the most!” 

‘…and so do I, my dear.’ 

To be honest, I didn’t care about it, but my grandfather was a little different. 

Isn’t this already enough to exceed the standard of living for ordinary middle-class families? 

“It’s done!” 

I smiled proudly as I looked at the finished flower crown. I’ll give it to my grandfather as a present. 

It was when I arrived close to my house thinking that way. 

A beautiful white horse that I had never seen in my life stood by the willow tree in front of my house. 


I looked carefully at the white horse and let out an exclamation. 

Whose horse is that? 

It looks like a noble’s. 

I looked around. There was only a horse and no one else. 

I was just about to go into the fence because I couldn’t see anything. 


A strange voice suddenly sighed. 

I turned my head. And I opened my eyes wide enough that they’d fall out. 

As soon as I looked at him, a spring breeze blew like a lie, and his brilliant silver hair fluttered in the air. 

The red eyes wrapped in white eyelashes shook shallowly and stared at me endlessly. 

A beautiful young man with delicate beauty like a flower with his slightly head down in the morning dew appeared and was looking at me. 


I opened my mouth wide. 

Wait, that guy looks like a Rofan male lead… 

Why is that…in the middle of the countryside, such a handsome guy appeared? 

He wouldn’t be here to play golf, right? 

It’s Roberick. 

I couldn’t close my mouth and lowered my gaze, and immediately hardened my expression. 

It was because the insignia with two white horses and Camellia flowers, which had been consistently defined in the novel “Rhapsody of Prime,” was proudly hanging from his chest. 


I struggled to open my mouth. 

You…are you really the male lead? 

Why are you suddenly coming out of there? 


His eyelashes were trembling as he spoke. 

“You’re Mariette’s daughter.” 

Just like that. 

Due to the name that came to my ears, I dropped the flower crown I was holding. 

…. Mariette? 

Why is the name of the wicked woman who met a miserable end coming out in the already completed novel? 

…and what? A daughter? 

Mariette’s daughter? 


…I couldn’t understand the nonsense he was spouting. 

The male lead spoke to me again, his eyelids fluttering and his lips dry. 

“And…you’re also my daughter.” 


I opened my mouth wide. 

The mournful eyes filled with tears looked at me. 

He took a step closer to me and whispered. 

“I’m finally meeting you. I didn’t even know I had a child.…. Baby, actually, I’m your father!” 


At that moment, a stone, which suddenly popped out from somewhere, hit the male lead who was talking so sadly on the back of his head, 


The male lead, who was struck on the head, fainted and his face plunged to the dirty ground. 


“Who do you think you’re laying your hands on, you bastard!” 

Ha, grandpa?! 

I was just wondering who was the one who hit the male lead with a stone, and it turns out to be my grandfather! 

“My daughter left after suffering so much because of you, and an ungrateful man like you dares to come visit me without hesitation?” 

My grandfather lashed out with a red face. 


I glanced at the male lead, whose head was still in the ground, and this time Grandfather, more riled up, brought a bigger stone than before. 

This was the moment when the secret of my birth that I had never dreamed of was revealed. 

Hello, this is the translator, Ami. truthfully, I feel like I have a lot of novels in my hand right atm, which is no one’s fault but mine, but I think I’ll put a few on hiatus for now. not this one, ofc. tbh maybe I’m overthinking this, I’ll translate whatever I want to whenever I want to. yeah, that sounds nice. I’ll do that. to end this nonsensical translator note, I hope you enjoyed reading this. let’s all watch this story as it unfolds together.

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12 thoughts on “HDOVAML Prologue”

  1. I wonder… Is the type of novel where we’ll dislike the ML and FL? And yet, the MC will still be taken care of by the ML of the story. Idk if the author would write something about the poor MC who’ll accept being the kid of a father who drove her mother put. But I also want read the story unfold. So standing by for now.

  2. My issue with these novels is that it makes the OG leads of the novel she goes in into the bad guys… like, I understand that the MC of the story always has to be the good guy… but why can’t it be that the OG protagonists actually are the good guys and that after transmigrating, she just deals with the pieces…

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