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HDOVAML Chapter 7


Sylphide flew away, flapping his little wings hard. 

Towards a sanctuary of wisdom that exists in antiquity, excluded from all power and resentment. 

[Beep beep!] 

Round eyes captured the fortress where the owner stayed. 

Now it’s only a little further. 


At that moment, a person came into Sylphide’s view. 

Someone was waving a white collar in the sky and beckoning still. 

It didn’t realize it at first. 


It was ■■■ ■■. 

With the appearance of a young boy, he called to Sylphide with a gentle smile.   

Sylphide obeyed his call. 

He was not his king, but he was also a king. 

“Are you trying to deliver it to your master?” 


Sylphide answered loudly. 

“Give it to me.” 


Why? Sylphide tilted a little. 

This was a letter from Sylphide’s king to his beloved old master. 

The boy said, bending his eyes hidden by the glass beads. 

“I’ll deliver it for you.” 


Sylphide, who had been troubled for a while, obeyed the boy’s words. 

He, who was only a sub-spirit, could not dare disobey his words. 

“Good boy. Now go and rest.” 

[Beep beep.] 

He’ll figure it out on his own. 

Sylphide lay down in the air and its form dispersed. 

The boy, who was left alone, stared at the vast sky. 

“The door to war has opened.” 

The small words did not flow into the darkness, but instead scattered in the air. 

The boy left the castle. 

Contrary to what he said to Sylphide, his steps were toward his library, not the citadel. 

It has already been more than 15 days since I arrived in this city. 

“Why aren’t you coming…?” 

Grandfather looked out the window and sighed deeply.  

The longer I stay, the more anxiety I feel. 

All we have to do is get out of this city. 

I lay in bed and stared up at the ceiling blankly. 

It was a strange time when the boredom and looking forward to ending this silence quickly and the anxiety of not wanting the end to come coexisted. 

“there’s something urgent I have to tell you about.” 

It was shocking news that broke this silence. 

It is going around that Roberick is on his way to the city of Therma. 

“Damn it, he’s coming here in the end Afterall…!” 

My grandfather cried out as if he was sick and tired. 

My feelings were no different. 

Where did he catch our tail? 

“shouldn’t you move inns?” 

Perion’s subordinate said. 

“…what’s the use of moving our residence if we can’t leave the city anyway? Damn it, I can’t even send any letters anymore…” 

What should I do? 

Is there really no way? 

I thought about it, but the inspection outside the border was so strict that it was different from before. 

Entering there was no different from parading your identity and pleading to be taken away. 

“…I should hold my breath as much as I can.” 

My grandfather’s golden eyes shone brightly. 

There was only one good option left to make. 

Waiting for my grandfather’s friend to send someone. 

“…Your Excellency.” 


A happy smile rose in full bloom before his eyes. 

“Shut up.” 

Perion bit the tender flesh in his mouth. 

…please, please don’t get caught. You mustn’t be caught by Roberick. 

“Where did you say you got the report?” 

A friendly voice threw a question at his subordinates.  

“It’s an inn named Terapopo.” 


“Will you be going there right away?” 

Roberick’s voice murmured anxiously. 


And said it clearly. 

“I’ll start with the other Inns.” 

The Knight’s face looked suspicious at his suspicious command. 

“Well, sir, may I ask you why you’d do so?” 

Roberick’s eyes curled like a bow. 



He added as if saying something pleasant. 

“It’s fun.” 


The Knight’s face was stained his desire to ask questions. 

You’ve gone completely crazy. 

Perion stared at the sight and thought. 

When Roberick would let go of his mind in such strong anger, he would be swept away by the urging of the Spirit of the Wind and cause near-disaster disasters. 

After pouring it out like that, he organized all his emotions without regret and acted as usual. 

-People around us often misunderstand like that, but in fact, all his emotions do not get sorted out. 

“I haven’t seen her in a long time, should I prepare a present? Perion, what do you think?” 

He was forced to wear a mask because his sense of mind, which had been turned away by anger, did not return completely. 

In fact, the anger still seething under that smiling face must be crushing his inner self. 

The fact that they would search elsewhere without going straight to the inn where the sightings came in also meant that they wanted to slowly tighten the breathing space for Siorn Bastevan. 

It was like venting the cruel feelings that first stemmed from hatred. 

Perion closed his eyes.  

they must be caught here, endlessly reflecting on what choices they should make. 

“They are searching from other inns sequentially. Choose how you want to do it.” 

In the end, it was just around the corner. 

“…Edith is the most important. It doesn’t matter what happens to me or anyone else.” 

How did we end up in this situation? 

“Where to hide Edith…” 

My grandfather chewed his lips so much they seemed to turn into rags. 

“There were boxes piled up behind the inn.” 

Then, my grandfather muttered as if something had suddenly come to mind. 

My grandfather’s hands lifted me up. 

“Edith, you must listen to this old man.” 

 …what are you planning to do?  


I answered quietly with a complicated mind.  

“Get out of the way.” 

Grandfather nodded toward Perion’s subordinate who was blocking the door. 

“…maybe it’s better to get caught.” 

But he did not back down. 

“What are you talking about?” 

My grandfather eyes’ widened. 

A fierce spirit hung in my grandfather’s golden eyes. 

These times were not often, but when my grandfather was truly angry, I sometimes felt a sense of numbness. 


Even when his hair is so white that you wouldn’t be able to find his original color, and his face and body have deep traces of time, so he was really a haggard old man…and yet. 

“I’ll say it again. Get out of the way.” 

His spirit is not hidden. 

There is no way for me to know because there is no description of my grandfather’s youth in the original, but I wonder what kind of person he was. 

…what a waste of thought in such an urgent situation. 

I chastised myself and clenched my palms to the point of bleeding. 

“…I see.” 

Perion’s man finally backed down. 

Grandfather wrapped my body in a cape as if wrapping a baby and moved busily. 

The night fell behind the inn without a single light, and it was very dark. 

The sound of grass bugs crying was heard from time to time, and dozens of boxes that looked like walls built with shadows were not clearly visible. 

My grandfather, who put me down on the box with a careful touch, opened dozens of boxes one by one and checked the inside. 

It was to find space for me to enter. 


Looking at the figure, I couldn’t stand it and opened my mouth. 

“Don’t say anything.”  

Do you have know already what I’m going to bring up? 

My grandfather stopped me. 

I chewed my lips painfully. 

Far outside, the light bulb that a spirit shone was shining far away, but only a dark shadow stood where I stayed. 

What’s the use of doing this? 

In fact, this escape may have had a decided ending from the beginning. 

I hugged my knees and leaned back like I was burying my head.  

Still, I expected something. I had hope. 

But the ending was like this after all. 


I heard my grandfather take a rough breathless breath. 

I didn’t want my grandfather to suffer. 

Because of me, he gave up all his peace and while I’m happy with the extreme love I feel from my grandfather’s actions, seeing his old body suffer makes it all painful. 

Because the love came from my entanglement with grandfather.  

The guilt deepened when I thought of the original work. 

Duke Bastevan, who walked through life in a lofty manner, not allowing anyone to get involved with him, not caring about anyone’s gaze, and not caring about anyone’s eyes. 

Comparing that arrogant and noble appearance with the present, an unbearable complication arose. 

It would be great if you could regain your original form. 

…for that, if I could make that happen… 


I heard my grandfather’s voice. 

I looked up blankly. 

My grandfather’s face, which clearly showed sweat even in the dark, was looking at me. 

“Listen carefully. No matter what you hear in the future, no matter who calls your name, you should never come out of this box. Not even if…grandpa calls.” 


“Don’t cry, little Quack-Quack. Don’t cry. What are you going to do if the cry leaks out?” 

What will Roberick do with my grandfather? 

Will he harm him despite him being his benefactor?  

No, he won’t. 

Grandpa will be fine, and I……. 

My grandfather’s hand lifted me and carefully put me down in a box large enough to fit a couple of children. 

I hurriedly looked up at my grandfather that held the lid of the box. 

He was smiling. 

“Close your eyes tightly, and think you’re sleeping.” 

However, tears around his eyes were shining dimly in the dark. 

“Grandpa, no, just, just…….” 

I opened my mouth in a hurry. 

 Without listening to what I was saying, he cried out, 

“…I love you, my granddaughter.” 


But my grandfather’s heart remained unchanged, and darkness devoured me greedily. 

I couldn’t stop my grandfather from closing the box. 


In a pitch-black space left alone. 

My voice sank without reaching anyone. 

I don’t know how long I’ve been locked up. 

I blinked blankly, hugging my knees tightly.  

The inside of this chest seemed to be separated from the outside. 


There was no sound. 

“Everything will be fine, it will be…….” 

I closed my eyes and repeated endlessly. 

Only then could I turn my eyes away from the fear that crept up from beneath my feet and waited to devour me.  


Nevertheless, time terribly did not seem to pass. 


There was nothing more appropriate than that to pass time. 

I decided to kill time by recalling the stories my grandfather used to tell instead of lullabies. 

In ancient times, this universe was filled with endless darkness. Then one day, through a mysterious providence that we do not know, the Ilipia of life was born in the darkness, and death followed. 

After that, in the void that was only ever dark, colorful lives were born after life and death. 

After a long time, we came to call them spirits. 

Numerous spirits filled the world, and each of their progenitors, the Spirit Kings, had their own names. 

Ignis the Spirit of Light. 

Oried, the Spirit of the Earth. 

Nyad, the Spirit of Water. 

Ariel, the Spirit of the Wind. 

Phoenix, the Spirit of Fire. 

Dryard the Spirit of the Forest. 

Astrafe, the spirit of electricity.

A Prince of Ice.  

And, the lore of wisdom. 

Don’t you think someone is missing? 

Yes, there was darkness in the universe before them. 

Darkness had a name, too. 




The sound of scratching pierced my ears. 

I opened my closed eyes wide. 


Beyond the slowly opening darkness, a starry night sky filled my vision. 


I’ve been in this position for a long time, so I struggled to lift my head that didn’t move very well. 

“Long time no see.” 

But at the end of my gaze, there were red eyes. 

It wasn’t the brilliant golden eyes I wanted. 

I couldn’t breathe because of the shock that shook my whole body. 

Staring at me like that, the ominous red eyes slowly drew an arc. 


Roberick smiled beautifully as he looked down at me, who sat down with my back to the night sky. 

Terribly beautiful, disgustingly. 

Okay SO Prince of Ice can be translated into Prince of sulfur or…yellow ice. so we decided to stick with ice until we have more information.

bonus: me and lovely consultant’s convo about this.

Okay im done, ty for reading

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