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HDOVAML Chapter 5


<Episode 5> 

* * * 

[After losing contact for more than 10 years, suddenly appearing out of nowhere to ask to seek asylum here. You’re really amazing, too. I thought the guy I knew disappeared a long time ago because he said he’d get into politics that didn’t suit him.] 

“…that’s true.” 

Siorin laughed hollowly as he read his friend’s letter carried by the spirit of wind. 

To be honest, he felt that he was shameless. 

[I still remember your daughter. She was an unforgettable child. I don’t like to be sentimental, but I would’ve liked to take her as my successor if it weren’t for the princess of the Rothian Empire. But the one you talk about is none other than her daughter, huh? I’m looking forward to meeting her.] 

“There we go again.” 

Siorin clapped his tongue. 

thinking that a strange taste of friendship has begun again 

[Of course, she must be a spirit master, right? Has she been awakened? No, maybe not when I think about it. You must wish you could avoid that. Anyway, write down your granddaughter’s name on the return letter. Well, if I’ve said this much already, you must understand, right? Your request to seek refuge here has been granted. Hurry up and run.] 

The reply was as expected. 

Siorin relaxed and slowly touched the forehead of the sleeping child. 


“……You really look like Mariette.” 

When the child would sleep, Siorin sometimes would forget whether he was in the present or the past which had passed decades ago. 

A time when a small and lovely daughter was all that was left in his arms when he’d lost his partner. 

When night came, the sadness that was forced out during the day flocked to him, and the only place where Siorin, who was unable to sleep, was able to rest was by his sound-asleep daughter’s side. 


Edith was the only family his beloved daughter left behind in this world. 

‘…. Father, even though I’m leaving like this…’ 

“I’ll protect you.” 

The raspy voice that came to his mind again evoked pain that made it feel like Siroin’s heart was being cut in half. 

At the same time, I miss you so much tonight. 

Siroin swore again to his dead daughter. 

“I will protect your child, no matter what.” 

A solid whisper filled the still room and echoed strongly alone. 

* * * 

Last night, Siorin Archaitz Bastevan fled with his granddaughter as planned. 

“Sir Haldewart.” 

Perion, who was looking at the darkened village they’d left behind, glanced down at Suha who’d come to stand at his side. 

“Do you want me to carry out your orders now?” 

Though a little bit of concern lingered in his mouth. 


The answer had already been given. 

With his master’s permission granted, Suha quietly bowed and disappeared into the silence. 


The next second flames roared out as if laughing at the silence.  

Shouting, screams, burning buildings and people’s desperation at not being able to escape. 

“-It can’t be helped.” 

Perion, who stared silently at the tragedy, muttered as if to soothe himself. 

Even though they had great prestige in the past, decades later, they’re just an old man and child escaping on their own. He had to cause an accident of at least this magnitude to prevent Roberick from catching onto the sloppy plan. 

He hoped that Roberick would believe that like others, his only child also died unable to escape the fire. 

Perion closed his eyes. 

His light green hair, shining in the red glow, fluttered behind his back. 

* * * 


Standing in the middle of blackened ashes on all sides, the only man in white opened his mouth. 

A noise that didn’t quite make sense leaked out of his mouth. 

“…I am sorry, sir. Last night’s fire burned down the whole village. Terrible as it is, the former duke of Bastevan’s house was also burned down. There were no survivors except those who were outside of the village at the time, and Suha, who was on surveillance here, was found dead. If you look at this, you can infer that the intention behind this was clearly arson.” 

Perion read the report he’d prepared by Roberick’s side. 


But, Roberick was strange. 

“Your Grace?” 

No answer came back. 

Without giving time for Perion to notice his movements, Roberick stepped forward. 

“Your Grace!” 

Perion was taken aback. 

He followed Roberick in a hurry, but his steps seemed to be aimless. 

What the hell… 

Perion chewed his lips at the thought of a household that suddenly came to mind. 

Is it really such a huge shock to lose that child? 

As his thoughts continued, Roberick’s steps, which he assumed were merely wandering, were most definitely going to somewhere. 

…They were headed to the direction of the house where Siorn Archaitz Bastevan lived. 

* * * 

Without stopping to think of the face that Perion made behind him, Roberick just walked. 

In the back of the whirlwind of his mind, the figure of the child he’d just met and lost kept blooming. 

How long had it been since he’d been reunited with his own blood? 

“Roberick, don’t come out! Above everyone, you have to survive! Promise me you won’t do anything!” 

‘Father, father!’ 

His father was lost in the cruel clutches of the emperor, steeped in madness. 

His mother died in an unexpected accident on the way back to the Grand Residence when she heard the news from her parents. 

Roberick’s heart, which had lost both his parents at the age of 10, was always filled with an unfilled void. 

Siorn and Mariette became his family, but they were not his real flesh and blood. 

There was something that Roberick regretted after he abandoned Mariette and chose Chastia, his true love. 

It was the fact that Chastia was no longer able to have children. 

By choosing Chastia over Mariette, Roberick would never be able to have a family he would share blood with. 

Still, Roberick believed it’d be okay and struggled. 

He held love for Chastia, and he fulfilled his desire by caring for Allea, who while had none of his blood in her, had become his daughter. 

However, the moment he was reunited with his own flesh and blood, the sheer amount of love he felt was simply incomparable to what was directed at Chastia and Allea. 

Roberick fell in love with Edith in that short amount of time. 

But the little child only pushed Roberick away endlessly. 

When the woman who had already sunk to the far side of his memory came to question, Roberick was coldly refused. 

“Not yet…” 

I couldn’t do anything for you. 

As a father, as your family. 

I couldn’t achieve anything that I’d dreamed of. 

“You’re leaving me just like this?” 

Until a week ago, he was still asking whether she’d like to listen to him and open her heart. 

The small house, which he dreamt of going inside in with excitement, had been burned to the ground to the point the original silhouette was incomprehensible. 

Red blood dripped down from Roberick’s fist. 

The huge trees in the forest that were not burned by the fire wailed 

“Your Excellency!” 

Perion’s voice echoed in the distance, but Roberick didn’t pay any attention. 

If any person approached him, a fierce wind swept from Roberick’s side as if his neck and limbs would be cut off immediately. 


[We’re the only ones left for you. Depend on us.] 

[Let’s kill them all, make them all seem like they didn’t exist!] 

The voices of countless spirits disturbed Roberick’s reason. 

“No, sir!” 

Perion, watching the scene from afar, cried eagerly in astonishment. 

Oh My God. I didn’t expect Roberick to lose his mind like this… 

Perion only chewed his lips helplessly at the unexpected situation. 

[Wake up.] 

It was at that moment. 

Unlike the numerous voices stained with pure malice, the beautiful voice with clear reason awakened Roberick’s reason. 


Roberick recited the name like he’d just woken up from a nightmare. 


As if responding to his call, the fierce wind gathered in one spot. 

The small sphere exploded and swirled for a moment. 

As soon as the storm died down, Roberick slowly opened his closed eyes. 

[It’s been a while.] 

The owner of the voice smiled with his eyes slightly bent. 

His long hair, which seemed to contain the sky, was hung in thick braids, and he shook as if swimming in the air behind his body, wearing brilliant gold ornaments. 

Earrings made of white feathers adorned his ears, and fluttered gently like flapping wings whenever the wind blew. 

His eyes, the sharp jewel-like eyes that met Roberick’s eyes, had the same sky color as the hair. 

A slender young man with sharp and cool features looked down at Roberick, rich in the air in a lazy posture. 

It was Ariel, the Spirit of the Wind. 

“Why, you…….” 

Roberick looked up at Ariel, pressing his throbbing forehead. 

At that moment, Roberick finally looked around with a sudden thought. 

He hadn’t noticed it because he’d been out of his mind. 

The remains of the house where Edith lived had already been scattered away by the wind. 

“Oh, no……!” 

Idiot, how could you let go of your mind to this extent…. 

Roberick hated himself and stared at the fallen ashes with a furious and wobbly gaze. 

Even if his control had been swayed by the spirits of the wind in the aftermath of the loss of the blessings of two attributes, it should not be like this. 

“I need the remains…!” 

[Sigh, Roberick.] 

The voice of the Spirit King, who had once blessed him and left, seemed to linger in his ears. 

“No, Ilipia!” 

Roberick roared like a madman. 

“Ariel, help me. My child, I have to find the remains of my child!” 

The Spirit King’s power of life could revive Edith. 

So as long as Ariel could find the remains, he would be able to summon the King and revive Edith. 

Although the Spirit King, who had already left him, would not have answered the call. 

Roberick had gone crazy to the point he didn’t think that far. 

[It’s so pathetic that I can’t let it slide anymore.] 

A voice mixed with pure arsenic stopped Roberick’s actions. 

Roberick raised his head absent-mindedly. 

All the confusion that was flooding in his head stopped. 

Unless it was a hallucination, Ariel seemed to be laughing at Roberick. 


Ariel spoke as if he were red-handed toward Roberick, who recited his name blankly. 

[Your daughter, she’s not dead.] 

His ears seemed to go blank. 


Roberick muttered, not understanding Ariel’s words. 

Ariel, who bowed his upper body and looked at Roberick as if driving a stake into him, said. 

[She ran away from you before this happened. With her maternal grandfather.] 

Translator’s section ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Roberick is a pos no doubt but also this chapter made me almost cry. I can’t question his love for Edith with this right in front of me, the man might be twisted but it seems he does love her a lot. genuinely. what are your thoughts? as always, do leave comments! I love to read them.

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13 thoughts on “HDOVAML Chapter 5”

  1. After losing his family at a young age he’s become obsessed with having a blood relative to the point of all his love for his wife and “child” being incomparable? Did he mistake pity with love or something? I wonder if its why he was abandoned by the spirit king.

    And at the same time, Perion continues to be an idiot. I mean, sure, the guy just lost his last blood relative that he only met a week or so ago, but “was it such a shock to lose that child?” Perion is dumb. The child he “loves” dies in a fire only days after.
    Anyway, they both absolutely deserve being together with that thieving cat. Chastia+Perion+Roberick confirmed OTP I’m thinking ChaPeRob

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  2. Did Perion literally commit arson and burn an entire village because he couldn’t bare the thought of Edith and Roderick reuniting? Perion is so arrogant if anything he’s probably even worse than Marienette the og villainess.

    Roderick only wants to reunite with Edith to fufill his own void within himself that’s been there since childhood and he’s built his grave now he has to lay in it. Maybe if he cares so much, he could sponsor Edith and let her live as she wills and watch from afar. And he’s forcing a relationship between the both of them and it’s not even beneficial to Edith it’s traumatizing. If Roderick really cared for Edith and her mental health he’d leave her alone with someone who genuinely cares about her and never abandoned her

  3. I don’t know if it’s love for edith as a person or a longing for the familial love he had as a child with him projecting that onto his daughter. In one way i feel sorry for him but given the other stuff mentioned, he most likely fucked up royally at some point.

    It’s a steaming hot mess to be sure, and i look forward to it. Perion is a piece of garbage though, unrecycleable trash. He for some reason thinks only the women’s traits could be passed down to the two girl’s, ignoring that Edith’s dad is his own sire, and Allea’s father is unknown. At least he didn’t straight up try to murder Edith and her grampa yet.

  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    Honesty I think less of Roderick now than before we got his thoughts on it. Blood does not beget a family. Just because they are not related by blood does not make his “daughter” less of a daughter and it does not make Edith his daughter either. He deserves neither but at least let his “daughter” to never know about it.

    1. Seriously Perion just burned the whole village? My already low impression is getting lower for him. The same goes for Roberick. That’s why he can easily betrayed his saviors then, bcs they are not *blood related* 🙄🙄 he’s just selfish and self centred

      1. How many died?! Seriously, dude! People with families all died and you’re surprised that a dad might mourn his daughter? Irredeemable. Roderick is a self centered POS as well, but he didn’t wipe out an entire village in one night. White eyed wolf- sure- but possibly redeemable, we’ll see.

    2. KindapitiedMielle

      Yes! I hope that little girl Allea never knows about this. He’s her father to her, he should continue to do be so. She’s your daughter, mate. Edith wants nothing to do with you for the most part.

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      It’s not an error on my part 🙁 its happened three times before, I’m getting sick and tired of it too. Thanks for letting me know

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