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HDOVAML Chapter 2


<Episode 2> 

“Oh, wait!” 

I tried to close the door, but Roberick’s hands were faster. I looked up at Roberick’s handsome face with anxiety. Roberick said in a flustered manner, 

“I learned your name is Edith. I’m sorry, I can’t believe I found out my daughter’s name only now.” 

…Why are you being so desperate? 

I wrinkled my eyebrows slightly. 

A strong hunch suddenly took over me and buzzed like a full-on alarm. It seemed like a warning that if I don’t get rid of this guy right away, my life would be tiresome in many ways. 

Roberick bent his knees to meet my eye level to see what my silence was about. 

His eyes looked full of guilt. 

“I heard Perion broke in yesterday. If there’s anything he said, don’t remember. It’s something you don’t need to care about.” 

‘….her appearance is quite similar to his grace, but her mother’s nature couldn’t have gone uninherited. I truly hope this child will not be recognized as the Grand princess.’ 

How can I forget that? 

Perion uttered something he shouldn’t say in front of a child. Animosity, contempt and disgust were all too vividly present in his gaze. 

I’m glad my soul is not that of a child. If I had been a real child, I would have been traumatized for the rest of my life. 

But it is what it is… there’s nothing to worry about.  

…Let’s send him away quickly. 

I don’t think it will be good for my mental health if we meet face to face again. 

I sighed and opened my mouth. 

“I heard about you from my grandfather, Uncle.” 


Roberick repeated after me in a daze. 

Then what do I call you if not an uncle? 

Don’t tell me you want me to call you father? 

I went on with a firm voice. 

“I know that you’re my father. But that doesn’t mean I’m calling you my father. Go. Before my grandfather comes back.” 

I pulled the doorknob again, ending my sentence. 

“Oh, wait!” 

But it was blocked again by Roberick’s hand. I frowned and looked at Roberick. 

The pure red eyes brimmed with water seemed to be shaking. 

“Can’t you give me just one chance?” 

And it came out. 

That remark I never wanted to hear, that I was extremely reluctant to even imagine. 

Hey, this isn’t a crazy drama. What’s wrong with you, Mr. Male lead? 

“It wasn’t my intention to not know you…if only your mother had told me the truth, I never would’ve left you alone, my own blood, so ignorant of your existence.” 

Roberick struggled to speak with a look filled with agony and helplessness. 

“Edith, just give me one chance, please. One chance for you to be able to consider me your father.” 

It was a desperate plea. 

Why is he so obsessed with me? 

Because I’m his daughter? 

You already have a daughter. Allea in the grand palace. 

Oh, don’t tell me. I thought of something and stiffened. 

Are you doing this because Allea isn’t your real daughter, and I’m really your own daughter who inherited your blood? 


From the time I used to read the original, Roberick wasn’t a very likeable person to me. 

It was the Duke of Bastevan who saved him from his terrible past when he’d lost everything. 

The Duke of Bastevan made sure that Roberick had a peaceful childhood without pain and misery. 

Despite the fatal flaw of being a child of a traitor, he was able to rise to the position of a knight close to the crown prince thanks to the help of the Duke of Bastevan, who even the emperor could not carelessly order around. 

Even if I tried to understand that Roberick couldn’t help it because of love, he still received far too much from Bastevan. 

The grace he’d received was not light enough to betray in the affection he held for a poor widow who had nothing. 

So I didn’t like Roberick. 

I couldn’t like him. 

Even though he was the male lead. 

It was the same for Chastia. 

This is because I could still see the scene where after Mariette was suddenly notified about their breakup because of her fiance’s one-sided wishes, Chastia came to see her with hostility. 

‘…Why are you being so cruel to us? He loves me, Lord Roberick! He really does! Do you know many tears he shed and how much he suffered until he broke up with you, princess? Still, he’d made up his mind about his love for me. So, princess…let him go now. Please.’  

It was a very wishy-washy couple now that I think about it again. If I hadn’t already invested so much time into it, I would have dropped it right there. 



I closed the door without hesitation a second time. 

It was so unfair to not be able to curse at a young age when arguing with someone you don’t understand. 


I looked up at the tightly closed door and exhaled. 

Please, don’t visit me again. 

“….I really was born as Mariette’s daughter…” 

Ugh, I washed my dry face and walked past the door where Roberick obviously still stood. 

Is it just me? 

Roberick was very persistent. It’s as if he was no longer the male lead, but as if he’s finally evolved into a tick. 

* * * 

What happened yesterday, happened the next day too. At 11 am. 

“Edith! I think father was too hasty yesterday. Again….” 



The next day, 2 p.m. 

“Edith! We couldn’t talk about anything yesterday. I brought you some snacks that you might like, like your father…” 



The next day, 3 p.m. 

“Edith! Please, you don’t have to answer, if you could listen just to one word…” 



The next day, 12 p.m. 

“Edith, you seemed to be paying attention to this horse the other day. Why don’t we go riding with father…” 

Boom, boom! The next day, 11 a.m. 

“Edith. Even if you don’t listen to me today, I won’t leave this door. Please don’t close the door.….” 

Boom, boom, boom! 


Even after closing the door, I had to kick it to get rid of my anger. 

You’re back again! 

I bit my lips and stared at the door. 

It’s already been five days since Roberick’s clinginess began. 

The tenacity is becoming increasingly frightening. That crazy guy comes to visit me like a ghost only when my grandfather is away. 

Did you hide a watchman around the house? 

I glared at the door. 

I’m sure he’s still standing outside. 

He must be staring at the house endlessly, like a puppy in the rain. Just like he was peeping through the window yesterday and the day before. 

Today, he took a step further there and even declared that he would not leave at all, whether my grandfather came or not. 

I can’t do it anymore. 

I firmly opened the door that I had closed. 



Through the exposed gap in the door, Roberick looked down at me with a bright smile. 

“Thank God, you’re finally ready to talk to your father!” 

Without a word, I looked up at Roberick’s treacherous face, which showed no sign of reluctance. 

…how can you be so casual? 

Seven years. 

It’s been a long time since he’d banished the proud duke’s young lady to the outskirts of the countryside. His unreserved attitude when dealing with me, the child of that same woman he’d treated so cold heartedly… 

It felt strange somehow. 

“…what the hell are you thinking? Why do you keep coming? I have no intention of going with you,” 

Roberick’s smile broke when I snapped. Roberick looked down at me with wobbly eyes. 

He said hesitantly. 

“…… Edith. Last time…… I asked if you could give me a chance. You really don’t wanna go with your dad? Can you not do it at all?” 

I twisted my face instead of answering. This alone was my answer. 

Roberick said eagerly, biting his lips. 

“Think about it. It’s much better to go with your father than to live in such an old and scarce environment. I will try to make you happier than anyone else by letting you enjoy everything you want to, in an environment incomparably better than here.” 


I felt so depressed that I couldn’t seem to recover well. I clenched my lips. 

And asked. 

“Why did you abandon mother?” 

The most sensitive and shameful words to him. 


There was a stir in the red and brilliant eyes. 

I watched Roberick’s embarrassment closely. I was genuinely curious. 

The child of a woman who once tried to harm his beloved and her child because of her own love. 

So why is Roberick trying to take me so desperately, begging me with heartbreak? 

Mariette was a wicked woman whose track record of conduct was worse than anyone else. 

It is obvious that I, the child of such a woman, will suffer from hostility and contempt around me even if I follow Roberick. No matter how much his head seemed to be like a field of flowers, it is not that he, the son of the infamous grand duke, would not know about this outcome. 

So I wanted to know even more what he was thinking.  

I also don’t know how Roberick thinks of Mariette after a short period of time after the original work. 

I need to know what Roberick thinks of Mariette now so that I can understand his attitude toward me. 

“About your mother…” 

Roberick answered, avoiding my gaze. 

“I don’t think it’s a very important story.” 

“…My mother is not important?” 

What nonsense is this? 

I was dumbfounded and asked back. 


Roberick swept his white bangs and called my name in a sighing tone. 

“I didn’t want to tell you since you’re still young, but it can’t be helped if you want to know. I don’t know what kind of stories about your mother you’ve been growing up with, but… she’s not as good as you think.” 

… what? 

I looked up at Roberick. 

“It was inevitable. She was a constant trouble maker….No, let’s stop talking about this. That’s not a nice thing to say, is it?” 

I clenched my lips. 

Is that it? 

In front of your daughter…is that all you can say about her mother? 

“My mother is already dead. Do you feel sorry for my mother?” 

I asked with disbelief. 



Roberick replied, twisting the beautiful red eyes shallowly. 

“You’re the one I’m sorry for.” 

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