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HDOVAML Chapter 15


<Episode 15>

The time it took to get to the grand residence was much longer than expected.

This was because we headed to the residence of the saints, not his main house located in the southern part of the empire.

‘Your stepmother and stepsister have also moved in there and are waiting. You’ll be able to meet each other soon.’

Indeed, it was usual that the centre of the empire and the south were a very far distance away.

I lay down inside the carriage and looked up at the ceiling in boredom, thinking.

Roberick, as I expected, annoys me a lot.

He talks to me at every opportunity, sees if anything is missing or if I want something.

What I want most is for you to disappear from my eyes.

Still, the fact that he was a famous Grand Duke and had many obligations to do every time he stepped into a city meant that I could be alone for a few hours and brought me relief.

[Edith, aren’t you hot?]

“Huh? No, it’s fine.”

As Nyad advised, I did not maintain the summoning of the Spirit Kings – instead, I kept lower-level and middle-level spirits with me. After my two attributes were revealed at the same time, I was praised for being born with great talent, but is it because my body is still that of a child?

As the summoning of the Spirit King continued, my head got dizzy and my body felt like it had an enormous weight on it. For that reason, I decided to maintain the summoning of spirits to a degree that doesn’t strain my body.

[If you’re thirsty, please let me know.]

Udine, the middle level water spirit replied.

Ilipia, the Spirit King of life, did not have explicit subordinate spirits under her command, so I inevitably ended up summoning the spirits of water, under the power of Nyad. 

Udine was a spirit with a very similar appearance to a human woman, except for her flippers in the place of her ears, bluish-coloured skin, and the transparent water crystals floating in the air beside her, like beads of glass.

[Nerade and the others have a very similar appearance to Nyad. the upper body is human-like, and the lower-body is that of a fish. But unlike Ms. Nyad, we can never change our fins to two human legs. Also, the crown of the Spirit King hanging on her head is by no means a weight that lowly beings like us can bear.]

Every time she told a story about Nyad, Udine’s eyes shined with both envy and strong loyalty. All spirits seem to be blindly loyal to their king.

“Do you happen to know about other Spirits? The Spirit King of Wisdom, or something like that.”

To gather information about Mariette’s main attribute, the spirit king of wisdom, I have to ask questions.

[Uh…let’s see, he’s a man of such great wisdom and nobleness that someone like me can’t even begin to imagine…]

Udine answered with caution, her words expressing heavy enough awe that is visible with first glance.

[I know not much about him.]

“It’s okay, I’d like to know anything at all, so if you please.”

Somehow Nyad seemed to be reluctant to talk about Lore, and Ilipia only laughed, saying I would understand and know more as I grow up.

However, it is difficult to ask Roberik about the Spirit King of Wisdom.

He must know that Mariette’s main attribute was wisdom.

There’s no good in showing interest in my mother for no reason.

Udine, who seemed to be agonizing over my question for a moment, spoke in a quiet voice.

[First of all, he was close with the king of fire, the king of wind, and the king of earth…and oh, he was very close with the king of life.]


I opened my eyes wide to the unexpected story.


Udine nodded.

[Yes. It doesn’t mean that he had a bad relationship with other spirits, but he was especially close to the people I just mentioned.]

The Spirit King of Wisdom was the spirit that blessed Roberick, and the Spirit King of Fire is worshipped by the Rothian Empire.

I don’t know the spirit king of earth, but the king of life…


Well, if you’re close enough for Udine to know, then you must know a lot about Lore.

And yet you didn’t tell me anything?

[..well, I don’t know much other than that. There were not any spirits except for his equals, the spirit kings that did not fear him. He was extremely strict, valued moderation, and was ruthlessly rational. Sometimes it was as if he had insight into the future.]

Insight into the future.

I wonder why,

These words were particularly catchy.

[There’s nothing else to be told, I’m afraid.]

“No, it was helpful enough. Thank you.”

I’ll have to start with Ilipia.

I’ll insist and cling persistently even if she doesn’t give me an answer.


Roberick’s voice came from outside the carriage.

Are you back already? I sighed and rose from my seat.

“This is the Grand Mansion of Haelian.”

Roberick, who held my hand tightly, asked in a friendly voice.

“Do you like it?”


I stared up at the stone mansion, which was not very extravagant but overwhelming in appearance.

This was the residence of the Grand Duke of Haelian.

To be exact, it was a residence in the capital, not the main house, but this was still very large, and magnificent enough that I couldn’t imagine how great the main house would be.

“The stairs are a little high, do you need me to carry you?”

“…that’s all right.”

I rejected Roberick’s offer and climbed the stairs eagerly.

The main gate of the far-flung Grand Mansion opened.

The sight that revealed itself out of it-

“We greet you, your grace.”

Hundreds of employees bowed in modesty, and welcomed the return of the Grand Duke.

“I’ve sent a letter in advance, so you probably know already.”

An impeccably smooth and noble voice rang throughout the spacious hall.

“This is the second grand princess of the duchy of Haelian, Edith Ronen Haelian.”

Roberick declared my identity to his people.

“…We greet Grand Princess Edith Ronen Haelian.”

The workers greeted me in unison.

Hundreds of voices, a little cringe-worthy, echoed repeatedly in the spacious hall.

Then the silence fell.

…that’s not a very favourable response, afterall.

I didn’t try to reveal since their master, Archduke Haelian, was right in front of us, but I could clearly sense that the gazes that the servants cast at me were uncomfortable and unwelcoming.

It’s not a lot different than I’d expected.


While the strange silence followed after that first meeting, a feeble voice called from above the high stairs.


Roberick raised his face with a bright expression.


I turned to the place where Roberick’s eyes were directed.


A very beautiful woman, whose emaciated complexion rather accentuated her pitifulness, stopped on the stairs and looked down at me.

The elegantly pink hair was fixed in a bun with white pearls, and her large eyes wet with tears were directed at me as if staring at an unreal sight.

The female protagonist of the original novel,

Chastia Frum.

“I’m sorry for bringing the child out of the blue, but I’m sure you’ll understand, Chastia.”

Roberick spoke in a desperate tone and clenched my hand.


For a moment, the woman bit her lips and looked at Roberick with displeasure.

He spoke to Chastia with a sad expression on his face.

“The child has done no wrong.”


…it was such a trashy line that I was left speechless.

“…Yes, no fault lies with the child. But I-”

Chastia said, clutching at her hem with her fine hands.

“I can’t treat her as my own child. Do not expect that from me.”

I don’t want that, either.

“…Yes, I won’t force you.”

Roberick immediately answered and smiled with relief.

Chastia gave me one more look.

Her persistent, emotional gaze was uncomfortable and stuffy.


But I looked her in the eye.

I shouldn’t avoid it first.

I’ve come here to fight.


At that moment, feathery steps rang like falling water.


A little girl jumped into Roberick’s arms.

Black hair fluttered before my eyes.


A kid who would call Roberick father…there was only one child.


Allea Frum.

No, should I now refer to her as Allea Seraphi or Haelian?

“I’ve missed you. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Daddy come back day and night.” 

The daughter of Chastia’s ex-husband.

“…yes, I’m sorry I’m late. Did you get my letter?”

Roberick hugged Allea affectionately and whispered.

Allea looked up at me.

I met Allea’s face at a short distance and raised my eyebrows silently.

Clear, big eyes that seemed to contain melted rose petals stared at me.

The eyes, which seemed to contain no emotions, felt strange.

Allea, who had been looking at me for a while with a face I could not read, turned her head and asked.

“That’s my sister, isn’t it?”

“Yes, her name is Edith Ronen Haelian. You have to be friendly with each other. Take care of your sister a lot. From now on, you guys are sisters, no matter what anyone may say..”

Ha! I wanted to scoff at that.

What do you mean sisters? It would not be enough to just describe the relationship as enemies.

“Yes! Hello, Edith. My name is Allea, very nice to meet you!”

But Allea held out her hand to me with a broad smile.

“Call me sister from now on.”

I looked down at the white and soft hands that popped in front of me.

Suddenly, I wondered what kind of expression Roberick was making.

When I raised my head and looked up at him, Roberik was looking down at Allea and me with a pleased look.


When I didn’t join hands with her for some time, Allea tilted her head and called out my name.

Oh, that’s right.

“Nice to meet you, Allea.”

I smiled and held Allea’s hand.


“Well, that’s…”

After staring at Alea’s hand for a long time without saying a word, I was surprised to hear what they said when I finally held her extended hand.

“Edith. Allea is your older sister…”

Even Roberick opened his mouth with an embarrassed look.

“I heard it’s common for sisters to call each other by their first name in a noble family. There’s not much of an age difference, but I think we’ll get along faster if we call each other by our names comfortably.”

I smiled and shook her hands a couple of times.

Allea looked at me with her big eyes getting even bigger.

I let go of Allea’s hand, leaned my head back, and looked up at Roberick.

“Why? Can’t I do that?”

Roberick, who was looking down at me with an embarrassed look on his face, shouted urgently as I lowered my imaginary dog ears down pitifully.

“Oh, no. If you want to get close quickly, you’d better get rid of useless hierarchies. Allea, Edith is a much more brilliant child than her peers. You must get used to it.”

“…Yes, I’m fine, too. Father.”

Allea, who seemed to hesitate for a moment, smiled gently as she looked up at Roberick, who put his hand on my shoulder.

I could just call her sister as I was told.

But why should I?

I walked into this disgusting place myself with the intention of winning the Grand Duchy of Haelian. We do not share a drop of blood, and yet if I were to call Allea, who was named Grand princess before me, sister-

It would be nothing short of a sign that I recognize that I may be kicked out of the line of succession.

I’m not a fool.

To be clear, there is no need to keep such courtesy with Allea, who is not Haelian’s blood.

“Let’s get along well in the future, Allea.”

I don’t intend to join a family game that’s not interesting.

I came in as his daughter only to take the title of Grand Duke Haelian.

Translator’s note;

Chastia’s surname has been changed to Frum from Fryum. Mainly because I most likely translated it wrong before and secondly because Fryum sounds like a south indian snack – also I’m pretty sure the author meant Frum because it means Piousness and has biblical meanings and Chastia is said to be like a saint. 

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      1. I think the unworthy part is her just trying to reinforce herself as the only true heir rather than her blood being actually unworthy. She is still a reincarnator, blood being any kind of representative of a persons qualities is completely meaningless to her. It’s her lineage is what she wants to use to claim the throne, and her opponent has to have some. But yeah, if she has already decided that the child in front of her is her enemy.

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