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HDOVAML Chapter 1


<Episode 1> 

1. Daughter of the Devil 

The villain of ‘Rhapsody of Prime’. 

Young lady of the duchy, Mariette Eidine Bastevan. 

She was born the only daughter of the Duke of Bastevan. 

Light lavender hair, fierce golden eyes. An intelligent appearance. Mariette was an outstanding beauty that everyone who saw admired. 

Except for Chastia, who – with her heroine privileges – was unrealistically tragically beautiful. 

The male protagonist Roberick was born the only son of Grand Duke Healian. 

The previous emperor was jealous of Roberick’s father and charged him with treason, which resulted in him losing his parents and even his title, becoming the son of a sinner. 

It was the Duke of Bastevan, who was a close friend of the previous Grand Duke, who took in the orphan that no one would accept despite his status as the only heir of such a noble family in fear of the mad emperor. 

Yes, the father of the wicked woman. 

Because of these circumstances, Maritte and Roberick grew up together from childhood. The two maintained a closer relationship than friends and a farther relationship than siblings. 

Mariette, to be exact, saw Roberick as a reason, not a friend. 

Roberick considered Mariette as the daughter of a precious friend and benefactor and was closer to her than anyone else. The father of the wicked woman, the Duke of Bastevan, noticed his daughter’s heart and cared for her with all his heart. 

It was all because Duke Bastevan named Roberick his successor that he was able to become the first knight of the Imperial family and a hero revered in the empire despite being the son of a sinner. 

Thus, Roberick was indebted to the Duke and Duchess of Bastevan. 


‘I’m sorry, Mariette…’ 

It seems that love was more important than grace to Roberick. 

‘I love her. She won’t be able to live without me. It’s the same for me…I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Let’s break up.’ 

Roberick betrayed his benefactor and friend to choose Chastia.  

Mariette was furious at his betrayal. How much her father and her had devoted themselves to Roberick! And what came in return? Betrayal and ridicule of the world. 

The noble Duke of Bastevan’s family was suddenly given the shameful stigma of being a dog chasing a chicken. The nobles laughed at Mariette behind her back, saying that she had lost her fiance to the widow of a commoner, unable to win a single man’s heart. 

Mariette, who was lofty and proud, decided to take revenge. 

She did everything in her power to obstruct Roberick and Chastia’s smooth path. She spread malicious rumors about Chastia to the people and used her social connections to explicitly reject Chastia. 

Many times, she put Chastia and her daughter’s lives in danger, or she used the power of the Duke of Bastevan to threaten Roberick’s position. 

But like in all stories, Mariette was eventually defeated. 

Roberick defended his power and honor. 

And proudly married Chastia. 

Mariette had to be kicked off the stage called ‘Happy Ending’ with her father. It was a very bitter ending. In fact, I much rather preferred Mariette – who was independent and intelligent – instead of Chastia, who couldn’t do anything on her own without Roberick. Even if she used that intelligence for evil deeds. 

Yeah, I did. 

“Where did you learn of this? Even if you knew, you shouldn’t have come! Is there a shred of conscience left in you, huh?!” 

That doesn’t mean I wanted to be born as the daughter of a villainess! 

No, how did Mariette have a baby with Roberick anyway? I looked at the situation, speechless and out of my wits. 

At that moment, my grandfather lifted a bigger stone over the fainted Roberick. 

It seemed clear he was trying to send the male lead to the skies. 

No, wait! I understand how you feel, but this is too much! 

I reached out my hands in a hurry. 


Then, a man’s loud voice rang out. 

A man in a knight’s garb with colorful gold embroidery on a white base intervened between grandfather and the fainted Roberick. 

“No matter your past greivances, no more disrespect can be tolerated.” 

Light green hair, finely braided to one side, shook in front of my eyes. The man who blocked my grandfather turned his head and looked down at me coldly. 

If you’re a knight under Roberick, light green-haired, handsome young man with red eyes… 

There was not only one male lead in the original. I covered my mouth with my hands and fell in thought. Roberick’s most loyal subordinate, son of the Count of Haldewart. 

Perion Mikhail Haldewart. 

In the original story, he agonized between his love for Chastia and his loyalty to Roberick. 

He was a pretty pitiful character, who eventually remained in the role of watching from behind without confessing his feelings to Chastia. 


“This is Grand Duke Haelian. You, who have been deprived of your title, must not dare to touch him.” 

I frowned at the words Perion uttered. 

“And no matter how young the child is, she is presumed to be his grace’s daughter. However, you have no power to gain. If you don’t want to be punished for insulting the aristocracy, stop being rude.” 

I guess I wasn’t the only one who was offended. 

Grandfather gritted his teeth and expressed displeasure at Perion’s rude remarks. 

“Power? Haldewart’s become rotten, too. Are you saying that I raised my granddaughter to eat away at his power, which isn’t even as good as that of a beast?” 

“Of course not. Didn’t you get along very well with your daughter who was blinded by power?” 

Perion replied with arrogance. 

Grandfather shook his fist at the remark that insulted his dead child so casually. 

“You’re insulting my dead daughter now! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” 

Perion continued, regardless. 

“Please look at where you stand, and.” 

Perion turned and looked down at me. 

Eyes filled with hostility and disgust swept me from head to toe. 

I frowned. 

“…the appearance is quite similar to his grace, but her mother’s nature couldn’t have not been inherited.” 

It was like he was looking down at a bug. 

“I hope this child will not be recognized as the grand princess. There’s already a little camellia blooming in Haelian.” 

Little Camellia. 

It was an expression referring to the Grand Princess of Haillian. 

He must mean Chastia’s daughter, Allea. 

“Don’t talk nonsense! Do you think I’ll let my granddaughter die too? Even if I die, I will not give her to you. Let’s go, Edith! You don’t have to remember a thing he said!” 

Grandpa answered to Perion’s sarcasm with a clear tone and grabbed my hand. 


The door closed violently. 

My grandfather kneeled down and looked at me. 

Unlike the way he yelled in front of Perion, the eyes that looked at me now were gentle. 


“…Grandpa, what’s going on?” 

Still, I had to ask questions. How on earth did this ridiculous situation happen? 

“…I’m sorry to have deceived you so far. I couldn’t help it. Before your mother died, she asked me to hide the story about your father until you reached a certain point of age.” 

My grandfather always said; 

My mother was smarter than any great man, and she was fearless in everything, and loved me more than anyone else. 

However, it was difficult to believe my grandfather’s words since I find out my mother was Mariette, the villainess. She was a villain. 

No matter how intelligent and bold you are, the fact that you committed evil deeds does not disappear. 

“The man who was knocked out by grandpa…is he really my father?” 

And how do she have me with Roberick? 

Did Roberick say he loved Chastia, but didn’t completely cut off his relationship with Mariette? 

The male lead was stretching his legs between both the villainess and the female lead? 

“…Yes, he is your father. Your mother made it clear. I couldn’t believe it, so I went to the temple of fire and had them do a paternity test, but they confirmed it too. Your father is that damn Roberick Arne Haelian!” 

I opened my mouth wide. 

I’ve never imagined a situation like this, so I don’t know what to do. 

Turns out, I’m the hidden daughter of a male lead and the villainess in a novel? 

…what? this crazy setting, it’s one I won’t read even if you give it to me. 

“But, Edith,” 

My grandfather held my hands tightly and said. 

“Knowing this fact will not change anything. You don’t understand it very well since you’re young, but your father already has a wife and children. And your mother was that child too…no, you wouldn’t want to follow your father.” 

Of course I don’t mean to follow. 

Why would I go to the Grand duke’s house where the heroine and her daughter are holding out unless I’m crazy? Even Perion, a sub-male lead, shows all kinds of hostility toward a seven-year-old child. 

Would the duke’s employees be any less than that? 

No, it can’t be. 

The label of the daughter of the wicked woman was sure to follow me to the end and torment me. 

‘Don’t you want to be the main character of a beautiful and touching story in which they survive in the outpour of hostility and hatred and eventually win dazzling honor and love?’ 

Yeah, not at all. 

My goal is to live the life of a small citizen whose every day passes by peacefully. 

“So let’s forget about today. This grandfather lives only to see you grow up and meet good and sincere people and live happily. And your father won’t do any good for that future.” 

My grandfather was right. 

I’ve lived well without a father, it doesn’t matter now. 

“I’ll do as grandpa says.” 

“Good job, my granddaughter.” 

My grandfather hugged me. I closed my eyes in his warm arms. 

Even if the male lead suddenly comes in saying that he is my father, my daily life will not change. 




…why is the male lead at the front door of my house at noon? 

Whether or not he looked like he saw something he wouldn’t usually see, Roberick smiled happily. 

Ugh, I shuddered and closed the door again. 

this is pretty interesting, actually. i’m liking this a lot. Her Grandpa is the best ~

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    The MC’s father really is a scum, MC’s family did so much for him but in the end he just betrayed them just because he’s in love not that just that he even stripped them of their title and throwed them to the country side I understand that MC’s mother did horrible thing’s to OGFL but if you don’t really love her you didn’t have to get her pregnant!!!😡😡😡 and throw her to the countryside!!!

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