BA Chapter 93: Sujebi and The Witch


TL/N: Refer to Chapter 1, Sujebi is a hand-pulled dough soup, or Korean-style pasta soup, which is a Korean traditional soup consisting of dough flakes roughly torn by hand, with various vegetables.

“How do I do this?”

“You can take a small amount like this and put it inside.”

Luana tore the dough and put it into the pot.

Bubble bubble.

Every time she put the dough, the water bubbled up and down. He watched the dough in the hot broth and followed Luana’s steps. It seemed very easy, but it was quite difficult to do.

When they ran out of dough, Luana looked into the pot silently. Then, this time, she started to add vegetables that took only a short time to cook. The chopped zucchini and the diced green onion went inside the pot.

“You can add more ingredients, but I like it just like this.”

Luana talked to Legion with a big smile. He thought she might be sad by now, but she was Luana, after all.

“It’ll be done in a moment.”

As they watched the boiling pot, the two remained silent. She didn’t know what to say, but the atmosphere was not awkward. She liked this peaceful and quiet moment.

‘Can we do this again next time?’

That was a mystery. At that time, Legion, looking at the boiling pot, talked first.

“Come to think of it, I think you were very special.”

“Me? What are you talking about? Wasn’t I normal?”

Legion smiled quietly at Luana’s rebuttal.

“Usually, people don’t eat cheese jerky before they die.”

“But I made that with my hard work. If I died without eating that, that would be unfair.”

“Yes, because everything you make is delicious. It’s understandable.”

“Right? I’m not strange.”

“Yes, let’s say so.”

In the meantime, the sujebi was boiled. Luana carefully turned off the fire and stirred her pot with the ladle. Then she divided the sujebi into a large bowl.

“Let’s eat.”

Unlike the main building, the annex kitchen had a small dining table, brought in at Luana’s request. It may be said that it is undignified, but there was a time when Luana enjoyed freshly made food here or sat idly. And now she sits at the table to eat sujebi with Legion.

First, Legion took a sip of the soup. The soup with the hint taste of seafood somewhat felt cozy. As he eats the warm soup, he felt his body warming up. Next, he savored the ingredients made by separating flour. The dough, which had become soft at the edges due to boiling in the broth, passed through the throat without even chewing it a few times.

“There are times when it leaves a little hard at the center of the dough, but I like it to be soft after boiling a lot.”

Luana gave him more explanation, but he couldn’t hear it. At this moment, he could only feel sujebi going down his throat.

“It’s delicious.”

“There’s more.”

“That’s fortunate.”

Legion held the spoon and looked at the empty bowl. In a way, the food seemed to be ordinary, but food doesn’t just serve to fulfill one’s stomach; but also it nourishes the body and calms and enriches the mind. Something awakened in him. He suddenly thought about his forgotten memories and emotions.

Legion felt his heart pound again, which had been dead all this time. The feeling that seemed to have disappeared was actually just sunk into the depths.

“Do you want more?”

Luana asked Legion. e quietly nodded his head and savored the food.

One bite, two bites. The more he ate, the more he felt his heart full and swelled. The magic powder that controls the human feeling eventually had parts that could not be moved. When he realized it, joy came to him.

“Is it that delicious?”

Whether she knew it or not, Luana smiled small and gave him a lot of sujebi again.

“Yes, it’s delicious.”

Legion answered with many meanings. He had been fond of Luana for a long time.

‘She has been lovely all this time, how can I lose my feeling?’

His mind has been pointing in one direction for a long time. He was just too late to realize.

‘Why did I just realize that now?’

As soon as he thought so, something hot burst out.

“W- Why are you crying?”

Legion’s eyes flowed down with tears as he ate the sujebi. When Luana saw it, she reached out and wiped his tears in panic.

“I’m not sure, probably because the sujebi is so delicious?”

“It’s not delicious enough that it makes you cry!”


Legion laughed and put down his spoon. He cried, laughed, and was a real mess, but he didn’t feel bad.


“I’m fine.”

“Um, yes.”

Luana looked at him suspiciously but didn’t ask anymore. It also felt like there was a distance between the two. If it were in the past, he wouldn’t have done this; he felt sorry for her. The moment Legion wanted to speak to comfort Luana, she spoke first.

“I actually had a story to tell you.”

Luana began to tell the story of her mother, Elanya, which she had known to herself. The witch loved the king, gave up everything, and talked about her unfortunate end and followed by the story of another witch who resented the unfortunate end.

“Because of my mother, that’s why I think Gerald acted this way.”

After the whole story, Legion could understand Gerald’s hatred. Of course, understanding did not mean that he forgave what he had done to Luana and Legion because that was another story.

“That’s what happened.”

His relationship with the witch has been bittersweet. He kept Luana by his side and thought he was fine now. He guessed it wasn’t; after all, Luana is also a witch.

‘But I think I know now.’

As they talked, Legion had a certain direction in his mind. Even after he stopped loving her, he did not intend to let Luana go because he felt comfortable with her. He thought so, but was that really all? Maybe the emotion hidden deep inside encourages him? He was still pondering.

‘What would this be if it wasn’t love?’

Gerald used the magic powder to control Legion, but he wasn’t perfect either.

“Yes, and there’s one more thing I want to say.”


Luana took a deep breath and said proudly.

“I won’t give up!”

As he tilted his head in wonder and looked at Luana, she continued to speak with sparkling eyes.

“I’ll definitely sure to make it the way it was.”

At those words, the corners of his lips went up. Gerald would have wanted Luana to leave Legion in fear. But Luana did not. She stood strong and shouted that she would return everything to its original state. Her smile was dazzling and beautiful.

“Yes, don’t leave. Always be by my side.”

Legion paused for a moment before continuing.

“And move my heart.”

All of that seemed possible with Luana.


Sarah rubbed her forehead. She seemed anxious the whole time. Gerald made an accident and went disappeared. After all, only the witch could solve his problem, and that witch was Sarah.

“It’s not like I don’t understand Gerald.”

She thought she would be patient in front of the great cause, but it seemed to be an unreasonable request. Sarah prepared well in many ways and went to the duke’s mansion. She seemed to be coming at the wrong time when she found him. Sarah saw them talking in the kitchen and thought she was worried for no reason. At least it didn’t seem like there was much problem.

“Gerald, you lost.”

Sarah looked at the window from the annex kitchen and turned around. She looked for Luana and the Duke first, just in case, and they didn’t seem to have any problem, so it was time to find Gerald.

‘I’m sure he is there.’

A small village in a remote area where Gerald grew up with Elanya. She thought he might be at the old house that remains where no one lives now since the house was filled with Gerald and Elanya’s memories.

Sarah headed there. It took her a short time to fold the space and pass the streets and arrive at the old house. Although it looks very old on the outside, it is stronger than it seems because it has been renovated a lot. Sarah stood at the door of the house and knocked.

Knock knock

There was no answer, but the door opened. She saw Gerald sitting quietly in the simply decorated house. He sat quietly with his eyes closed under the sunlight pouring in through the window.


When she called his name, he slowly opened his eyes.

“Miss Sarah.”

“What are you doing here?”

Gallard smiled faintly. He thought about it a lot but still couldn’t give Luana up. Elanya’s child had to be happier than anyone else. She shouldn’t have walked the same path as her mother. That’s why he didn’t want to be among humans.

“How is Luana doing?”

“She was doing better than I thought.”

“I figured. She is naturally a bright child.”

“Then just leave her alone. To us, she is a child, but from a human point of view, she is an adult who is old enough. She could do well on her own.”

Saying so, Sarah reached out to Gerald.

“So give me the antidote.”

“I only tell the truth, means there’s no antidote.”

“You really don’t have it?”

“There really isn’t.”

‘Oh, my.’

Sarah sighed and rubbed her forehead out of habit.

“Do you have the ingredients to make one?”

“It’ll take half a year to get them.”

“Then you have no other way but to make it yourself?”

“Something like that.”

Things just got more complicated!

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