BA Chapter 82: The Witch and The Human


At Sarah’s words, Gerald twisted his expression and whispered lowly.

“With human?”

After hearing the hate in his voice and expression, Sarah became bitter. She knew why Gerald hated humans. Elanya died because of a human who betrayed her faith. But times were already changing. It was not right to live in hiding for their descendants’ sake and the future. At least, that was what she thought before she was gone.

“You don’t like it?”

“I don’t. That’s a terrible idea. Don’t you know how they are like?”

Meanwhile, Luana was already filling more than half of her big basket. Sarah looked at her and spoke to Gerald. She didn’t want him to understand right away. It took time for anyone to understand what they were rejecting. So he wanted him to listen to this story and think about it now.

“There is no absolute evil in the world. It’s a pity for Elanya, but we have to go further.”

“No, absolute evil exists. And that’s human.”

Sarah was a little surprised. Ah, Gerald has been so deeply hurt all this whole time. But not knowing that she was a little disappointed in herself.


So the moment I talked to Gerald again, Luana shouted.


Finally, the large basket was full of food. It seemed that they needed to continue the talk later. Sarah smiled and approached Luana.


The vacant lot where the Imperial Army was staying early in the morning was covered in fog. And the three of them hid through that fog, where it was difficult to see even an inch ahead.

‘I can’t see!’

Luana walked through the fog with a heavy basket and looked perplexed. Sarah and Gerald were walking calmly, but Luana couldn’t tell what was what, no matter how much she looked at it. Walking like that suddenly lightened the weight of the basket. She looked at it in case she dropped it without realizing it, and Gerald was looking down at Luana right next to me.

“I’ll hold it for you.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Sarah, who looked at the two with a happy look, soon shook her finger in the air.

“Let’s see, it should be around here.”

Sarah, the Witch of Space, seemed to see something Luana couldn’t see. She followed Sarah, and there was a small hut at the end of the road. Two knights are guarding the outside. But when Galard waved his hand, the two quickly closed their eyes and collapsed on the spot.

“Is this the place?”

Luana asked and swallowed her saliva.

“Yes, it’s here.”


Gerald took the basket, and she ran to the hut. Slowly. She hadn’t seen him for a few days but she missed him so much.


When she opened the hut calling Legion’s name, he was lying down sadly on the floor and looked up at Luana.


“Oh my, oh God!”

All sorts of terrifying thoughts ran through her mind. Did something happen in that brief moment? Luana approached with her trembling thin hands and looked to see if Legion had any injuries. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be injured. There seemed to be no injuries, but there was still something she needed to check. Finally, when she rolled up the hem of his wrist, his wrist seemed more skinny than before they parted.

Luana’s voice trembled.

“No way. Meal. They didn’t give you any meal?”

Legion, who had a mournful atmosphere, slowly lowered his eyes. The long fluttering eyelashes looked so sad and beautiful that Luana was briefly taken aback.

‘No, this is not the time!’

There’s a big problem left, but what if Legion gets her? Luana pinched her thigh. She seemed to have come to her senses when she felt the stinging pain.

“The meal.”

“The meal?”

Luana gulped again.

“They provided meal, but it was not delicious.”

Legion proudly confessed. And after hearing her words, Luana covered her mouth in shock.

‘It wasn’t delicious!’

What a pitiful look this is! He is a person who doesn’t have an appetite because of the curse, but how skinny would he have been if they gave him something that was not good? She felt like she was about to cry.

“I- I brought you something to eat!”

Luana got up quickly and tried to get out of the hut. It was to bring the basket that Gerald was holding. But the attempt failed. It was because Legion held Luana’s hand.

“Rather than eating, I want to be with you, Luana.”

“B- but!”


“Uhhh, don’t look at me like that!”

“What kind of look?”

Legion blinked slowly. And Luana went blinded by his action.

Luana thought she had to feed Legion more so he could gain more weight, but she sat down again, probably because it was not polite to decline a request from such a beautiful man. And looking at Luana sat again, Legion had a very satisfied expression. He thought it was worthwhile to practice his facial expression all this time.

Legion slowly pulled Luana’s hand, eventually holding her in his arms. Then, when he buried his nose in the back of her neck, a familiar scent stimulated the tip of his nose. He guessed she was cooking before she came here. He let out a small laugh.

‘It’s very Luana.’

He then became hungry.

He wished he had bitten her nape, which lay defenseless right in front of him.

‘But then you will get scared and run away.’

Knowing that Legion endured and endured. He constantly tried to satisfy his desire just by hugging her. Whether she knew how he felt, Luana also hugged Legion.

“It’s okay. I’m here now.”

The words that she said while patting his back seemed to burst the desire that he had been barely pressing down.


“It’s love.”

Sarah, who was waiting outside the hut, laughed and whispered.


“Well, if that’s not love, what is it?”

“But then shouldn’t the curse be lifted?”

“That’s what you guessed, Gerald. Curses are delicate and terrifying, and no one knows what the law of the curse is. Well, I don’t think it’s a completely wrong guess though. Witches want and desire love. So it’s probably true that love is the main part of the curse. Whether the curse is lifted or not, don’t you think the two will continue to love each other?”

“If only you could trust humans that much.”

Gallard still seemed dissatisfied with humans. However, he was going to get better as he got by. Sarah decided not to rush.

“Oh, come to think of it, while we are here,”


“Let’s hide.”

“Are you talking about the human?”

“Yeah, I think it’s okay here, so shall we go peek over there?”

What’s wrong with the Battlefield Slayer? Sarah lured Gerald gently. Gerald seemed to leave the two alone, but soon he fell for Sarah’s twist. So the two moved to spy on the two who hid together under the fog.


Cain said to Ingrid.

“You’re lucky. It’s foggy.”


The thick fog obscured the two. Plus, they were so lucky that they hadn’t even encountered someone from the Imperial Army until now. Of course, it wasn’t without a problem.

‘I can’t see well because the fog is so thick.’

She had to find where Luana was locked up, but she thought it would be difficult. But she can’t give up quickly and go back. Ingrid and Cain moved as carefully as they could. Then she found a figure over the fog. The figure which was moving slowly seemed to have found them.

“Who is it?”

The figure asked the two who they were. But the voice was very familiar.


Ingrid bit her lips. It was Cain who spoke instead of Ingrid. He disguised himself as an empire soldier in a lower voice than usual.

“We are patrolling nearby. Who is that?”

“Hmm? If you’re on patrol, you’re probably a soldier or a knight. I’m just happen to be here.”

The emperor drew closer and closer to the two of them.

‘Should I run away or will I meet him like this?’

In a moment, countless thoughts flashed through her mind. Ingrid grabbed the dagger she had brought just in case. It wouldn’t be very helpful if there were a fight, but just in case.

The emperor, who had come a little closer, stopped. Then he stood still and began to look this way. He seemed to feel something strange.

‘Should I hit it first?’

While Ingrid was contemplating, the emperor opened his mouth.


Ingrid did not answer. Then he called his name again.

“Ingrid? Isn’t it Ingrid?”

Simultaneously with those words, Cain drew his sword and attacked the emperor. But the fog is too thick. The attack did not go in properly, and a counterattack came from the emperor’s side.

“I’m right, I’m right!”

The emperor’s voice rose with excitement.


Goosebumps ran all over her body. At the same time, Ingrid realized that she hated the terrifying emperor more than she thought. They spent a lot of time together, but all those times were painful. She immediately turned around and ran. It was embarrassing, but it was also an action promised in advance by Cain. If she was in danger, leave Cain alone and run away. She was unwilling but had no choice but to choose this way.

‘How long did I run?’

After coming out to the area where the fog had subsided, Ingrid took a deep breath. She looked around to see if Cain had followed her, but no one was there.

‘What did I do?’

She came to save her sister, but after she met the emperor, she ran away, leaving Cain behind. Everything was different from the plan. As she barely stood up in despair, suddenly she saw someone familiar.

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