BA Chapter 78: Different Ideas


Raytheon thought,

‘So what? No matter how precious she is, Ingrid was only a princess of a small kingdom.’

However, she dares to threaten her own life. It was an arrogant act that anyone could never tolerate.

‘Who do you think you are?’

How high is her worth that she dares to threaten him, the emperor of the empire, using her life?

“Don’t come near!”

Even if she pulled a stunt this way, it was not easy for him to die. Ingrid was exhausted; she had never been trained in martial arts and had only grown up beautifully. He could stop her hand before it started to stab his neck, or he could just let her die. For Raytheon, as the emperor, he could do whatever he wanted, and he would be saved by his men anytime.

‘Why can’t I move?’

He could’ve ordered the duke to pin her down as the duke was ready and only waited for the emperor’s command. But he couldn’t bring himself to give his signal. He felt like the easiest thing in the world was difficult now.


He managed to speak, but the only thing he could do was call her name.

Hearing Raytheon’s voice calling her name, she tightened her hand, holding the dagger, and looked at him with disgust.

He couldn’t hurt Ingrid, who said all her love for him was a lie.

Because his love for her wasn’t a lie.

The moment he realized that his mind went blank. He had a hard time controlling his body as he started getting dizzy. His chest tightened, making him difficult to breathe. But he endured it and thought if he made a mistake, Ingrid would die.

“Your Majesty.”

The duke called Raytheon in a whisper, but Raytheon didn’t answer him. He only raised his hand as if telling him to stay still.

“Don’t act foolish.”

He squeezed his voice, but Ingrid smirked.

“Then let me go.”

He didn’t want to let her go, but he didn’t wish Ingrid to die or get hurt. In the meantime, Raytheon was in a tight spot and finally concluded. There was only one answer for the person he loved.

“Step back.”

The duke looked at Raytheon, confused, and then stepped back. Raytheon also stepped back, and Ingrid ran to Cain.

“Are you okay?”


As they looked at each other, his heart sank. She felt sick and nauseous.

‘What kind of emotion is this?’

“Let’s run away.”

“I’m injured. You can go alone.”

The princess of the ruined kingdom and her knight. On the surface, it was a good picture.

“I can’t go alone.”

Ingrid spoke determinedly and tried to support Cain. Cain refused to walk, but he couldn’t win over Ingrid. He struggled out of his seat and began to walk out with Ingrid.

“Let go all of them.”

Ingrid returned to her usual way of speaking as if her heart had calmed down. She spoke just the way Raytheon had always known. But contrary to what it seems, the only thing that fills her words is hate.

Raytheon ordered the duke.

“Stop all of them.”

The duke bowed and immediately told the knight and soldiers to retreat. Raytheon saw Ingrid walk away. He wanted to catch her badly but resisted because Ingrid still had the dagger on her neck.

The duke picked up a small stone and hit it in his palm as he looked at Raytheon again. It was not difficult for him to understand what he meant after spending years together, but Raytheon shook his head. Gradually, Ingrid disappeared from his sight.

“Shall I chase her?”

The duke asked.

“Bring her back safely.”

The Duke began gathering the knights and soldiers at Raytheon’s words again.

‘Bring her safely.’

At first, he brought her to him to protect his pride, but when did his feeling become so deep? Raytheon, it was funny, and he burst out laughing. Suddenly, he thought of a person who might be useful in his current situation.

“Sir Legion.”


“Did you find Ingrid’s sister? Luana, was it? I heard she ran with Ingrid.”

The duke’s answer was later than usual.

“I found her.”

“Where is she now?”

“She is at the Marquis Livre’s mansion.”

“Marquis Livre… Marquis Livre. Yeah, I remember him. He was the man who betrayed the kingdom.”

He remembered him. He was somehow a disgusting man who reminded him of a snake. But, he still had his use just by giving him power, and he immediately agreed to spy on the kingdom. But what he needed right now was not the marquis.

“Bring Luana.”

“Do you mean Luana?”

“Yes. Bring her right now.”

The duke’s expression hardened, but Raytheon, paying attention to other things, could not read his emotions. Even if he had read it, he wouldn’t have cared.

“Ingrid was kind to her sister.”

He wasn’t sure if it was because Luana was the only sister who survived, but Ingrid always welcomed her whenever she came. She often referred Luana as her precious little sister whenever she spoke.

“So bring her here.”

“……I’ll follow your orders.”

His answer was slower than usual. Only then did he remember that the duke cared about Luana quite a bit, but it didn’t matter. All he needed right now was someone to bring Ingrid back. Besides, the duke was a loyal person. Raytheon trusted him.


After hearing the emperor’s orders, Legion went straight to the Marquis Livre’s mansion. He ordered someone else to catch Ingrid. He was somewhat puzzled by how the emperor acted, but the emperor agreed to go in person because he didn’t know what would happen.

It wasn’t that far away in the first place, so it didn’t take long for him to get to the Marquis’ mansion. 

The problem was after he arrived.

“Luana! Where is Luana?”

“She’s in the kitchen.”

Hearing those words, Legion quickly ran to the kitchen. There, Luana was baking sweets with a peaceful expression.


Luana, making a mountain of sweets, widened her eyes in surprise. He said it would take some time, but he was already back. Luana thought her cooking was on time.

“Luana, can you transform now?”


‘Transform? Why do you mean?’

Luana tilted her head due to her curiosity. She then realized what he meant and nodded her head.

“There is still some powder left, so it is possible. But why?”

“Change your appearance and run away.”

“Run away?”

‘Why run away?’ Luana looked at Legion, puzzled.

“We failed to catch Ingrid and now, the emperor is looking for you.”

That was enough explanation for Luana to grasp the situation.

The emperor, who failed to capture Ingrid, seemed to call Luana to use her as bait. Perhaps he calculated that Ingrid wouldn’t be ab;e to run away if he held Luana in his hands.

‘I really hate him.’

When she read the novel, it was just okay. But now, things happened in reality; she hated him so much. The emperor was indeed the worst male lead. He destroyed Ingrid’s kingdom and killed her relatives. He had done many terrible things and said it was all out of love. It was an act that couldn’t be done with shame.

“So, run away.”

Luana, lost in her thoughts for a moment, looks up to meet Legion’s eyes. He even understood why the emperor was looking for her. The problem lies elsewhere.

Why did Legion tell her to run away? Of course, she knew it was because Legion had a feeling toward her, but was he able to bear all the consequences if she ran away?

“What about Legion if I run away?”

So, Luana asked.

“I’m fine.”

Despite the urgency, Legion raised the corners of his lips and smiled. When his cold-looking face smiled, he looked different. It was like watching a garden transitioning from winter to spring. She almost fell for that smile, but Luana managed to get back to her senses.

“You can’t be all right.”

The opponent was the emperor of the empire with the highest power in this world. And Legion was the knight under his command. She didn’t know what would happen to Legion when the emperor later learned about Luana’s escape.

“I can cover you.”

“Would he believe that?”

“I can make him believe it.”

Legion tried not to lose a word. She asked because she was worried about him. Luana stared at him while pouting her lips. Even if they were in a tight situation, Legion kept smiling at her.

“It’s okay.”

Then he carefully took Luana’s hand.

“I’m fine.”

Something broke in her heart. Luana held her tears and held Legion’s hand tightly. She wanted to say something but felt like her tears would burst at any moment.

‘Fine? What do you mean fine?!’

Luana didn’t want to run away. Legion suddenly moved as if it had read her mind. Legion lifted her, hugged her, and walked outside. The knight who guards the front was already left.

Legion ran out of the empty hallway. After leaving the mansion, he put down Luana.

Luana tried to protest belatedly, but Legion didn’t give her enough time. He rummaged through his arm, took his small pocket, and handed it to Luana.

“This is some money for the time being. Leave now.”

Luana took a deep breath and cried.

“I don’t want to!”

“You would be safe if you leave.”

“But I don’t want to leave!”

“It’s dangerous to hire only mercenaries, so if possible, join the merchants in the way and leave from there. If you pay them a certain amount of money, they will let you go with them.”

“Excuse me, can’t you hear me saying I don’t want to leave?”

“Take care of yourself as much as possible.”

She was full of rage, but Legion didn’t stop talking.

‘Watch out of this, watch out of that…’

He gently pushed Luana’s back.

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