BA Chapter 77: The Kingdom’s Death Squad


As dawn approached, Luana blinked as she started to feel sleepy. Legion gently stroked her back, eventually closing her eyes and falling asleep. It was ridiculous to feel sleepy in this situation, but she was also cute at the same time because she was Luana.

‘She is Luana, after all.’

It made sense if Luana could fall asleep in this situation.

‘Now, what?’

Legion pondered and was sad because she had fallen asleep. He poked her cheek, but she only pouted and didn’t wake up. He could’ve waked her up provocatively, but he did not want to.

Legion got up from his seat and picked up Luana, who had fallen asleep on the floor. Her body felt lighter because of the hardships she went through these several days.

‘I will never miss that moment in the future.’

He stepped out of the kitchen and said those words like an oath. As the sun rose, he could see people wandering, but that was not his concern. Instead, he wanted more people to know about his relationship with Luana.

Legion, who walked regardless of people’s eyes, entered a temporary residence and put Luana down on the bed. Luana snored a little and didn’t wake up. He felt happy seeing Luana sleeping soundly.

Seeing that she was surprised even though he only touched her lips, it was a good thing he put her to sleep without touching her further. He smiled as he thought about Luana, whom he had protected.

‘Yes, no need to rush.’

Even only with kisses, his hunger was satisfied. It might worsen his symptoms, but he didn’t want to touch Luana recklessly. Legion thought it was best to try to approach her as slowly as possible and express his feelings.

Legion covered Luana with a quilt and left the room. He spoke to the knight who was waiting outside of the door.

“Let’s go.”

Unfortunately, it was time for him to part with Luana for a while. He wanted to take her with him, but he couldn’t bear it if she were in danger again, so he had no choice but to leave her in the safest place.

Legion hurried down the road and headed to the place where the kingdom’s death squad was fleeing, and he met an unexpected person at that place he arrived after half a day.

He was someone he didn’t really want to meet.


She heard a harsh breath in her ears. She shook her head at the ringing sound and looked around; a loud cry came from afar.

“I am a member of the kingdom’s death squad! Bring it on!”

It was the voice of the death squad’s members who had gathered a while ago. On the day the empire invaded the kingdom, some remained in hiding because they needed someone to drag time and erase the traces of their escape. Ingrid wanted to shout “no” at any moment, but she couldn’t.

Because she knew why they were sacrificed.

“You must go.”

Cain said so and held out his hand to Ingrid.

“Do not let their sacrifice be in vain.”

She bit her lips at what he said and stepped forward. After that, the escape and pursuit began.

“It looks like there is a great talent on the other side.”

The ranger in charge of erasing the traces said in a perplexed voice. No matter how much they ran away, the empire followed to the end. Because of that, some vomited their anger and offered to leave; in the end, the number of people gradually decreased. 

Her heart broke at the thought of the people dying. Nevertheless, all Ingrid could do was run away with her tired body, but she didn’t stop because this was the only effort she could gave to the people who died to protect her.

“Please survive.”

The sound she had heard several times rang in her ears.

‘I’ll survive.’

She wanted to survive and build the kingdom again. She will commemorate those who have died today and let them know that they are the heroes of the kingdom. To do that, Ingrid forced herself to go on.

“Let’s take a break.”

Cain stopped and ate the hard jerky. Ingrid, who saw that, sat down on the floor, opened a small pocket, and started eating. Suddenly, she remembered the food Luana had made. Not long ago, Luana, who left the hideout with Cain, did not return. She asked Cain for her whereabouts, but he refused to answer. Around that time, the knights and soldiers of the empire arrived, and she had not yet heard about Luana.

‘Just until it’s a little safer…’

She was selfish, but she had no choice but to do that.

Meal time was short. Cain, who quickly handed over the food, stood up again. Ingrid staggered too, barely got up, and started walking.

‘Can I be the queen?’

She began to wonder but shook her head to blow her thoughts away. It wasn’t ‘Can I be?’ but she had to be. She clenched her teeth and looked forward, and then she heard a scream from behind.


There was a commotion ahead.


People started running. But Ingrid had no strength left to run. Cain approached her and turned his back, and Ingrid quickly hopped on his back, and he dashed.

She had a moment of hope, but it was useless. They were already under siege. A familiar figure appeared from behind a large tree in front of her. Ingrid called out his name in a stunned voice.


It was the emperor. A little behind him stood Duke Legion. Cain lowered Ingrid and grabbed his sword. The thought that it might be a good opportunity flashed through his mind. If he only kills the emperor, he will have a chance to escape again. With that in mind, he stepped forward, but it was the Duke who stood in his way.

“Your opponent is me.”

The duke, who said so in an unpleasant voice, drew his sword.


The emperor called Ingrid’s name in a soft voice.

“Come here.”

The emperor held out his hand, contrasted with Ingrid’s hands, which became rough and dirty while running away.

The fugitive and the pursuer.

Their hands showed a significant difference. As he thought about it, he calmed down.

“If you come back now, I will forgive you.”



Ingrid laughed like crazy.

‘Forgive? You said, forgiveness?’

It was very unlike the emperor to say something like ‘forgive’ with his mouth. Of course, that word popped out because he didn’t mean that word.


The emperor called Ingrid again. There was nervousness in that voice, probably because things didn’t go how he wanted to. Ingrid thinks the emperor called her name not out of love but because he just wanted to get his hands on something rare. Who would destroy something precious that they loved so much?

“Don’t call my name!”

Ingrid shouted. Her name came out from the emperor’s lips was terrifying for her.

“Why are you so angry?”

The emperor was puzzled. They didn’t start well the first time, but he did his best for Ingrid. He gave wealth and love that no other woman could have.

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?!”

Ingrid suddenly changed her expression and viciously glared at the emperor.

“My kingdom! My family! My people! You stole all of them!”

“Is that important?”

“It’s important. They were most important to me than anything else.”

“Didn’t I give you other things instead?”

“It was things that I didn’t need.”

At Ingrid’s words, the emperor asked with a puzzled expression.

“Didn’t you say you love me?”

“Did you believe that? Who can love their enemy?!”

The emperor seemed shocked by Ingrid’s words. He seemed to have genuinely believed in love. 

‘How could he do that?’

Ingrid couldn’t understand him.

“Ingrid, I,”

She got tired of seeing the emperor who called her name and approached her. She stepped back and pulled a small dagger she had kept in her arm.

“Don’t come!”

“That’s useless.”

The emperor looked at the dagger, confused. No matter how much Ingrid wielded her dagger, there was only a little chance that the emperor would get hurt. He also learned swordsmanship, and his physical condition was much better than the exhausted Ingrid.

“You will soon find out whether it is useful or not.”

Then she asked in a low voice.

“Raytheon, do you love me?”

“I love you. I love you more than anyone else.”

“Then get out of the way.”

With those words, Ingrid turned her dagger and brought it to her neck.


Cain, who was struggling against the Duke, called Ingrid. Because of that, he lost sight and was in danger, but he didn’t care.

The emperor was silent for a moment.

‘Will he come over?’

She had doubts, but now there was no other way to think. Finally, Cain fell to the floor, and the emperor spoke,

“Such threats are useless.”

Ingrid pulled the dagger diagonally around her neck. The sharp dagger slashed her skin, and blood began to form.

“It’s useless.”

As the emperor said that, he slowly came closer.

“If you come closer, you’ll meet my corpse.”

Ingrid’s gamble worked. The emperor stopped on the spot. His calm expression became distorted. At the same time, something hot was rising inside. The terrible emperor, who had always looked like a monster, looked like a human for the first time. That fact made Ingrid even more distressed.

‘You are a person who should suffer too!’

Why did he make Ingrid a mess like this?

‘How? Why?!’

Ingrid wanted to cry.

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