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BTVE Episode 25



6. That night.

It was the third day after Calix’s escape, and the atmosphere was gloomy. Since Taylor wasn’t in a position to be interrogated, he still had to lie in bed, but he didn’t feel bored because he was concentrating on the voices beyond the stairs leading upstairs. Moreover, the content itself was not lacking enough to be boring.

“It seems that the prisoner has been changed.”


“It’s the guy who was being interrogated yesterday. He’s not an original inmate.”

“That’s working well. Then who is in charge of that guy?”

“It’s not me. I’m lucky to resign as a recommendation. Probably got beaten up a few times and stuck. His Highness doesn’t have a good personality.”

Oh, was it like that after all? Taylor could easily tell what was going on.

Glacies had good teamwork. All mistakes were already prepared for prison. If they simply switch prisoners to let them know that they are tampering inside the prison, the story is over. They were demonstrating their ability to run the prison itself in their own hands. So the most he could do was unlock his own cell door.

“They’re still meticulous.”

Taylor looked at the iron bars in front of him. The iron cage, which became electrified when touched, had been in great pain the last time he grasped it, so he threw the unreasonable plan out of his mind. Meanwhile, the conversation continued.

“But isn’t that dangerous?”

“You fool. That’s only for Lady Rosen. It may seem like her own lover has transformed into a great saint, but that’s limited to her alone.”

“You must be mistaken.”

The guild was in good hands. However, they did not seem to have touched the prison guards at all. What this meant was clear. The guild wanted him, but didn’t need him.

What they offered was a test and an uncertain opportunity, not a helping hand. Taylor had to implant in his mind that he was a card that could be discarded again at any time. The feeling of sinking rapidly emphasized that the responsibility for the aftermath of a failure lies solely with oneself.

Taylor looked at the object in front of him with his red eyes, the first time in a while to see reason. The bloodstained sheets that had not been replaced and the pillows that were scattered in a mess came into view.


“It’s not so bad. After all, isn’t it a success if we succeed?

Taylor stood up after silently brooding over the story Kastiel Relod had told him a few days ago.

‘The fault of the prison break must lie in Alcatraz itself.’

‘If only we had moved a little faster.’

The muttering voice was strangely recalled. He looked down at his hands.

A murmuring voice was strangely reminiscent. He looked down at his hand. His hands, which had always trembled constantly due to seizures, poor conditions, and the side effects of the magic tool used to suppress seizures, were now fine as if nothing had happened. He thought of the turning point of change. It was probably the day of Calix’s escape. No, it was definitely that day. Taylor rolled his eyes toward the air.


If the news of the serial prison break was known at any time, the prison manager, Kestiel, and the crown prince would have to endure a lot of criticism. Perhaps their engagement will inevitably be postponed, and perhaps Florencia’s execution may be postponed as Margaret wishes.

Besides, it would be a pity for Kestiel if arrows of criticism were rained down on the knight, but he seemed to be quite happy. Plus, if the ‘ending’ that Kastiel and Margaret talk about is twisted that way.

Perhaps the crown prince would not be able to become emperor because of that incident. Because the Grand Duke was no longer a prisoner.

Taylor was sure. If they can completely break the end of what they call by twisting it, beyond just standing out here. Taylor closed his red eyes and smiled. Under the torchlight, it glowed brightly.

Margaret was not coming back.

Of course, when he looked back on his own memories, Beatrice may not have cared about the prince’s status, but Taylor was sure her lover would have thought differently. He remembers negotiating fiercely with the guild master and imperial support.

“That’s too bad, Beatrice.”

Taylor finished his judgment in a short time. The crown prince may favor Beatrice, but he will not consider happiness without a stop to be complete. The conditions of perfect happiness desired in the ‘ending’ will not be met.

He couldn’t help but sneer.

“The protagonist isn’t any different.”

If the seizure had stopped, there was no reason to waste time in this wretched place. Taylor didn’t want to rot away forever, accepting the fact that he would be isolated. The change that Margaret had brought was even bigger than he had anticipated.

The Assassin of Alcatraz was determined to put things into action that he has been putting off.

Between the escaped Grand Duke and the criticized crown prince, the odds of winning were 50 and 50. Glacies didn’t want to do it anymore, but the situation they created was worth using, so there’s no need to decline.

Taylor took a deep breath and ordered the guard, giggling like a maniac, with only one demand.

“Tell the Glacius master this. If he tries any more nonsense, I’ll never grovel under him again. You have to tell him straight.”

He didn’t know if he was a supporting character or anything else.

‘As long as Mel is with me, I don’t care if I have to leave.’

The jailer glared at him as if he couldn’t understand. Perhaps in the past, the maniac would have been silenced by sticking an iron skewer through the gap between the bars or throwing a stone. However,


However, this time, he couldn’t do that. The killer in front of him was genuine. The fear that came from the difference in fundamental power crept up his ankles.


Margaret Eilish was an unremarkable and frail noblewoman. Regardless of the truth, society only used expressions of that degree to define her. Even with her status and influence, the only additional label that could be attributed to her was “kinder than her sister” at best. She had no presence to speak of within or outside the aristocratic circles, and the only thing unique about her was that she was unremarkable. However, it wasn’t that no one knew that she was different from the rumors. For example, the Crown Prince, Beatrice, Kestiel, Taylor, and some priests could be mentioned.

Although it was only intimacy linked by a precarious condition of bribery, they sometimes evaluated her true nature more intuitively than their superiors. The overall assessment of Margaret Eilish by the prison warden in charge of Florencia and the guards in the basement was the same.

A dangerous woman. A woman who could be more cunning than her sister. Perhaps the coldest person.

Although the ordinary prison guards in Singalore could not even suspect Margaret’s fake illness, they believed in the credibility of their own judgments, as they were the ones who came into contact with her the most.

Jacob, the guard in charge of Taylor, swallowed his saliva as he tried to recall information about the noblewoman who the life-term prisoners were obsessing over. Come to think of it, everyone she had met was…?

“… You.”

Jacob barely moved his lips and threw out the question.

“It’s against the rules, but let me ask you one thing.”

Was Lady Eilish the same kind of person as him? Unlike ordinary noblewomen who refrain from getting directly involved in worldly affairs, Margaret Eilish had no reservations about giving bribes. The memory of her first visit to Alcatraz was still vivid in his mind.

“You can’t go through here.”

She had been resolute back then. As a member of the Cenarion Circle who tended to be impolite and hostile towards the nobility, she was not impressed with the lady in front of her. The girl looked lethargic and bored, and her noble arrogance – similar to her expression when she was dragged to the prison, reminiscent of Florencia – would have likely resulted in her being mocked and told to go away if it weren’t for the fact that she was paying.

Jacob actually had every intention of doing so.

“After all, there’s no point in talking to nobles.”

The warning given with caution was a formal act of considering Taylor’s danger. So, he started thinking ahead about how the girl in front of him would react with embarrassment and blush, and how he would respond to the various insults or pleas she would spit out in her newly found voice.

But that was all.



Margaret left a gesture with no trace of courtesy and waved her hand. The thrown gold coins made a clear sound as they rolled. The colleague who was in charge of basic guidelines for the prison glanced at the scene and climbed the stairs, pretending to ignore it. After that, only two of them were left in the prison. Margaret jokingly asked, looking at him.

“Not enough?”

“… No, thank you.”

Jacob was so nervous that he did not realize there was a pause in his response. Margaret took out two more coins of the same color and threw them away.

A single gold coin was a little less than his monthly salary. He clenched his fist and swallowed his saliva.

Margaret looked satisfied as she watched it and muttered with a smirk.

“Oh, my hands are still shaking.”

The coins continued to fall. He tried to ignore the situation by remaining silent. It was not until Margaret asked in her polite voice, like a sigh.

“Oh, I dropped too many. I need someone to hold them for me. Will you do it?”

The voice that stimulated his greed was sweet like honey.

“Or should I call your colleague…?”

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