BOL Chapter 7


Replace Your Life (7) Spare Tire Number 3

M577 used to mock Tong Ling for taking her home if she couldn’t finish her mission but now it knows how naive he is.

He huddled up like a hamster, looked at the data on the device that detected the plot node and the bright offset of 0 seemed to laugh at him loudly.

It’s not that the machine is broken, it’s that Tong Ling is the one who is a bug!!

Tong Ling and Ye Huan discussed the details together again and made a plan in order to deal with Shen Man’s investigation. Then Tong Ling perfected the surrogate contract sentence by sentence and when she roughly drew up the terms of the contract on her mobile phone, she said, “I’ll print out the contract, go home by the way and cook dinner for you.”

Tong Ling did not hesitate before leaving. She forgot to put back the cell phone that Ye Huan brought along,”You can contact me or Ye Xu if you have anything. He has hired a nurse for you and he can take care of everything I can’t take care of.”

Ye Huan was reluctant to let her go. After Tong Ling left and in the short time they spent together in the hospital, he seemed to love her even more.

No woman could move his mind like her but he knew he couldn’t get tired of her. Even if he didn’t like his girlfriend mentioning Ye Xu, he didn’t say anything.

Jealous men are ugly. Ye Huan will no longer let himself offend Tong Ling.

So Ye Huan just watched Tong Ling leave quietly and whispered: “I’ll wait for you.”

M577: [………..]

He deeply suspects that he has watched a fake plot and is it still the domineering male protagonist in front of the female protagonist?

Tong Ling didn’t meet Ye Xu when she left the hospital but the nurse Ye Xu left behind gave her a word.

The nurse: “Mr. Ye said that he went back to the company first because of work reasons. If Miss Yu needs him, he will be happy to come to you – as long as you want.”

Tong Ling said in her heart that Ye Xu has emotional intelligence, and this kind of retreat in a way is not embarrassing and using this method is really easy to soften one’s heart. Of course, she needs him and he will cooperate in future plots.

Tong Ling printed out the double copy of the stand-in contract and then went home through Yu Ling’s memory. Since she came to this world, she has met the male protagonist and male supporting role and now she is going to meet the family members who are closest to Yu Yurou, hoping that the response of the couple will not disappoint her.

Yu Ling and Yu Yurou are college students studying in the local university. Yu Yurou has been living on campus because of her rich social life. Only Yu Ling will go home to live. But home is just a simple residence for Yu Ling and there is no warmth at all.

When Tong Ling came home, Yu’s father and Yu’s mother happened to come back from work. At first glance, they were shocked, then asked, “Rourou? Why are you back? Didn’t you go abroad?”

Yu’s mother came to Tong Ling in a few steps, with a loving smile on her face: “You…..It’s been a long time since this girl came back. Did you lie to me when you said you went abroad before?”

“Don’t let the child stand at the door, go in and talk.” Father Yu also looked caring and put Yu Yurou’s slippers in front of Tong Ling when he entered the door. In front of Tong Ling, “You don’t say a word when you come back and so we didn’t buy any food at home. I’ll go to the supermarket with your mother later and tell us what you want to eat.”

Tong Ling enjoyed the service of the couple and said, “Mom and dad, don’t be too busy. I’ll take you to a restaurant for a meal.”

“Isn’t it a waste to go to a restaurant?” Yu’s mother was about to object, when Tong Ling’s eyes swept away, she immediately changed her tone,” Yorou, if you want to eat, your parents will accompany you!”

Tong Ling looked at the couple and just wanted to sneer. In Yu Ling’s memory, she had never seen the couple look so kind to her, all she had was endless indifference.

They were clearly two sisters who looked alike but they were treated very differently, as if Yu Ling was not their biological daughter. The only person in the family who shows kindness to Yu Ling is Yu Yurou but Yu Yurou’s kindness comes at a price.

“Mom, I asked Xiao Ling to go abroad for me.” Tong Ling said according to Yu Yurou’s behavior: “I thought about it, it’s too easy for things to change after going abroad for a few years. My relationship with Ye Huan is developing well. What if he changes his mind after I go abroad? I simply gave Xiao Ling the quota to go abroad and then I will go and get the certificate back when I graduate.”

Yu’s mother was very happy to hear it and didn’t seem to think that there was anything wrong with Yu Yurou’s approach.

“Haha, okay, Mom didn’t want you to leave in the first place. It’s so hard to go to such a far place. Even if you want to be an exchange  student, then let Yu Ling do the work. Anyway, her grades are yours.”

Tong Ling deliberately put on an embarrassed expression, “I just think it’s not good for me to do this, will Xiaoling blame me?”

“How could she blame you, her favorite person is you! When Mother Yu mentioned Yu Ling, there was still uncontrollable disgust in her expression,”You are so kind, always thinking about this and that for her, that’s what she should do!”

“Okay, okay, It’s not easy for the child to go home once and you always talks about these things.” Yu’s father then said, “How long is Rourou going to stay this time, will you stay at home?”

“I’ll be staying at home in the future.” Tong Ling took Yu’s mother’s arm, said affectionately and tiredly: “Mom, I will accompany you more in the future, are you not happy?”

Yu’s mother was coaxed by Tong Ling to nod her head.

“But I want you to do me a favor here.” Tong Ling stated her purpose, “Although I stayed, you also know that Ye Huan’s mother has a lot of opinions on me and her son being together. Sending me abroad this time is her idea, since I let Xiaoling go for me, so I have to use Xiaoling’s identity when I stay in the country.”

“Ye Huan will definitely try his best to protect me and if you see any unfamiliar calls, don’t answer it! Don’t say I’m back when someone asks you when you go out, so as not to cause any suspicion.”

Yu’s mother and Yu’s father immediately raised their hands to show themselves. They will never answer calls from strangers and they will never say anything outside.

“It’s too hard for you to fall in love!” Yu’s mother couldn’t help but complain with a few words, “When did you suffer such grievances! Is that Ye Huan worth your efforts?”

“It’s definitely worth it, in short, don’t ask. Now, I will marry him in the future and lead you to live a good life together!” Tong Ling said with a smile.

“So you still know to love me!” Yu’s mother smiled even more cheerfully.

The Yu family is a well-off family, which is different from the wealthy family, but life is by no means poor but the two sisters’ rooms are not at the same standard of living. Sister Yu Yurou’s room is a spacious princess room with a large floor-to-ceiling mirror and dresser, as well as beautiful clothes hanging all over the wardrobe. While Yu Ling’s room is small and remote, with no decorations. Except for the desk and bed, there are only two cabinets left for her to put clothes. If she hadn’t seen the comparison with her own eyes, Tong Ling would have thought that the memory she received was exaggerated…….

“What kind of life did this cannon fodder female partner live? No wonder she ran away after she woke up!” After Tong Ling finished speaking. She fell on Yu Yurou’s big bed, “Yu Yurou is living the life of a human being.”

M577: [Is this the reason why you robbed the heroine’s status?]

Tong Ling asked back: “This reason is not enough?”

M577: […………]

This is really not a problem!

“I just don’t understand why the conditions for the female supporting roles are set so hard.” Tong Ling frowned: “Is it to arouse the female supporting role’s jealousy, to go to the end of the story for the female supporting role to die after troubling the heroine?”

M577: [Maybe………]

“The plot arrangement in this small world is too unreasonable.” Tong Ling complained: “Normal people would run away in such a situation, who would stay as a stand-in? You have to request your lord god and get some benefits for the cannon fodder, otherwise more cannon fodder will run away in the future.”

M577 actually agrees with Tong Ling’s point of view but as an ordinary small system, it does not have the ability to negotiate with the lord god, he can only reluctantly hold respect: [Not all cannon fodders have this condition, this is an example…..]

Tong Ling: “Then why did Yu Ling get this kind of treatment? Her own mother looked at her like an enemy. “

Neither Yu Ling’s memory nor the plot of the small world told Tong Ling the answer.

As a system, m577 had more information and explained to her immediately: [Because Yu’s mother had a difficult labor when Yu Ling was born, the production situation was so dangerous at that time that she almost didn’t get off the operating table. Later, although it was fine, her psychological shadow was relatively large and she even hated this child. In order to appease Yu’s mother’s mood, Yu’s father also ignored Yu Ling. 】

Tong Ling’s eyes widened: “This is it? This is it?”

M577: [Maybe this is the life of being cannon fodder……..]

Tong Ling doesn’t care what life the cannon fodder leads, her life is to get what she wants. There’s nothing she can’t get her hands on!

Tong Ling rested at home for a while, put on Yu Yurou’s mask, used the skin care products she didn’t take away and gave her face a beautiful spa. Then she put on a delicate makeup and took Yu’s father and Yu’s mother out for dinner.

Yu Yurou’s account number is in her hands and there is a lot of balance in the payment software, so Tong Ling doesn’t feel bad about using the money.

Tong Ling chose a high-end restaurant. After the family finished the meal happily, she packed a few meals and planned to take them to the hospital. As a result, as soon as she left the restaurant, she ran into a man, an acquaintance of Yu Yurou.

It was a rather handsome man, wearing a tall suit with two buttons unbuttoned on his shirt, revealing his sexy collarbone. Tall and had a pair of long legs that are very eye-catching, Tong Ling thought she had seen a model on the runway when he came in front of her, with such a dashing and arrogant posture that most people couldn’t pose.

Tong Ling also looked at the watch on the man’s wrist. Just by looking at the style, she knew it was worth a lot. The man’s dress has all kinds of things like sapphire cufflinks, hand-made cowhide belt…..The man in this luxurious suit is shining, not to mention the man is very charming when he smiles.

This handsome appearance made Tong Ling recognize the identity of a man at once – It’s Yu Yurou’s number 3 spare tire, Lu Yue.

Lu Yue also saw Tong Ling at a glance. He was one of the people who knew the truth about Yu Yurou going abroad. It stands to reason that he should be surprised to see Yu Yurou suddenly but he did not show any doubts. He greeted Tong Ling with his gesture: “What a coincidence, Yurou, it seems that I have a good luck today to meet you here.” 

As he got closer, Tong Ling could smell the faint juniper berries and sweet oranges on the man’s body. The aroma of the man, which complements the man’s own temperament, is both intoxicating and looks like a person with a complicated story…..

Tong Ling remembered Yu Yurou’s chat records of Lu Yue and how they faced each other. Ye Xu or Song Xingyi were different, as soon as she met this man, Yu Yurou felt a little helpless. The rhythm of all chats is in the hands of the other party but Yu Yurou herself did not notice this.

If it wasn’t for Tong Ling’s recovery of the chat history and turning over the records from beginning to end, there would be no problem with just looking at a record.

Yu Yurou maintains ambiguous contact with so many people, only chatting with Lu Yue is the most relaxed and happy. Ye Xu felt too cold, Song Xingyi was too naive and clingy and Lu Yue had just the right sense of humor and talkativeness. He never kept the conversation off the table or made people feel embarrassed and he’s always been good at pleasing people.

At some point, Yu Yurou’s affection for Lu Yue was even higher than her boyfriend. After all, Ye Huan is a very egoistic person, unlike Lu Yue who can always take into account her emotions.

The reason why Lu Yuehui is the third spare tire and is behind the others is purely because of Lu Yue’s flower name.

Lu Yue, who can be so pleasing, naturally has many women who like him. Lu Yue is not a person of pure heart and few desires. Besides, he never lacks lovers by his side.

Compared with other florists, Lu Yue is generous and funny. What is rare is that he is handsome and there are countless people who want to be his lover. The women who have been with him are also obsessed with him.

Yu Yurou felt that Lu Yue was special to her but she didn’t have the confidence to keep this man. If you want to choose a marriage partner, this person must be at the end.

But Tong Ling looked deeper than Yu Yurou. She felt that Lu Yue was the only one among men who could see through Yu Yurou’s nature.

Lu Yue knew what kind of person Yu Yurou was but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he maintained a subtle attitude and observed Yu Yurou’s actions. At some moments, it was deliberately mixed in, causing several Shura Fields in the subsequent plot.

After all, this is not a safe tool man.

            (End of this chapter)

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