BOL Chapter 4


Replace Your Life (4) I Want to Coax You…

Ye Xu’s work efficiency is very high.

After Tong Ling took the medicine and she couldn’t restrain her sleepiness and took a nap, she found that a new mobile phone with a calling card and a replacement ID for her were placed on the bedside table of her hospital bed.

At this time, it was only two short hours since she finished the request.

“Is this the power of the second male lead who can help the heroine in the plot? I love it.” Tong Ling’s evaluation of the tool man couldn’t help but rise to a new level. Although these are all small things, it saves her from doing the work of false evidence, which is still very worry-free.

[When you were sleeping, he secretly came in to see you…] m577 couldn’t help but report the information, he knew that his host had a problem but now he and Tong Ling are permanently bound, it can be said that one prosperous and the other one… no matter how bad it is for Tong Ling, he must do all the work it needs to do.

 M577: [He stared at you for a long time, tucked the quilt for you, and changed the antipyretic paste for you. Fortunately, you didn’t forget to put on makeup, otherwise he would definitely see the flaw]

Tong Ling smiled clearly: “I’ve always been a professional, even in my sleep, I’m perfect.”

Even the sleeping position and expression, she has deliberately designed, there will never be any embarrassment that damages her image.

M577: […….] Okay

He is the one who thinks too much.

The antipyretics worked very well, Tong Ling was sweating and her body relaxed a lot. As soon as she recovered, she picked up the mobile phone on the bedside table and logged into the accounts of various social software after a little debugging and diligently checked various information in the account.

[You stole Yu Yurou’s account?!】m577 was shocked.

 “Whatever is stolen or not, this will be my account from now on.” Tong Ling said disdainfully.

To be able to say these words so confidently, it is indeed the most shameless human being that m577 has ever seen!

Stealing the identity of the heroine does not count but also detaining the account. This is to break the entire contact network of the heroine who is far abroad!

I have to say, in order to cover up the identity, this is a despicable and practical trick!

M577 really wanted to scold Tong Ling for such a bad behavior but thinking about the male protagonist who was sent to the operating room as soon as he appeared, the anger that m577 just burst out instantly went out – forget it, it’s just a account, at least the heroine herself is still safe.

Unconsciously, M577’s bottom line was quietly lowered…… 

In the information age, it is very convenient to know a person. After Tong Ling checked all Yu Yurou’s social accounts, Yu Yurou had almost no secrets in front of her.

Different from her outward appearance of simplicity, Yu Yurou is a rather cautious woman.

Her contact book is like a large dating platform, storing the contact information of many people.There are seniors who often help her at school, enthusiastic colleagues she meets at work and excellent men she meets at parties……

Her spare tires are quite rich and she often participates in social activities energetically. Being able to recognize a man of Ye Huan’s level is the result of her painstaking efforts.

But it’s not enough to be in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with Ye Huan. Yu Yurou knows that she doesn’t have a good family background. This relationship is like a castle in the air and you can’t grasp it. If she wants to live a better life for herself, she must grab more spare tires.

That’s right, Ye Xu is one of Yu Yurou’s spare tires.

In the contact book, Ye Xu’s name was placed in the important contacts column.

In addition to Ye Xu, Tong Ling saw two other important characters in that column and both of them also had a lot of roles in the plot.

It can also be seen from the chat records that Yu Yurou and these people are quite close.

Tong Ling didn’t think there was anything wrong with Yu Yurou raising the spare tire at all, she only hated that Yu Yurou didn’t have enough spare tires.

Because these people are useful tools for her!

Yu Yurou’s social account is very well managed. The circle of friends is always updated regularly, she often posts pictures, sometimes she posts some landscape photos, sometimes she takes a selfie and from time to time she comes with a few life insights. It seems that the years are very quiet.

However, since Yu Yurou went abroad, the update of her circle of friends has stopped.

Yu Yurou’s last circle of friends before she left posted a picture of blue sky and white clouds but she didn’t say anything. Many people sent messages to ask but Yu Yurou didn’t hide it. She only promised Shen Man not to contact Ye Huan and she still socialized with others as usual.

Fortunately, Yu Yurou has been busy with renting a house and going through the formalities for studying abroad in the past two days. Her busy life has made her unable to spare much time to chat with people for the time being.

Since inheriting the account of the heroine, Tong Ling does not intend to waste the function of the account. She didn’t talk to someone directly and said stupid things like I didn’t go abroad. She just took a picture of the rainy scene outside the window and added a hypocritical text: It’s raining in my world.

Then wait.

A few seconds after it was posted in the circle of friends, there was an additional message in the comment area, which made people wonder if the other party was guarding her account and waiting for her to send a message.

Song Xingyi: [Sister Yurou, what happened to you? Are you in the hospital now?]

Perhaps because he felt that the message was not enough, a phone call came directly.

Tong Ling picked it up and heard a boy with a lowered voice on the other end of the phone, asking eagerly: “what happened, sister Yurou, are you sick abroad? Is there anyone around to take care of you? Really, it would be great if I could get there……”

The young man is very promising if he can get the key points of the pictures she sent so quickly! Some of the facilities in the ward were deliberately taken in her photos. As long as you observe carefully, you will know that she is in the hospital.

Song Xingyi who called her was the second backup for Yu Yurou’s development. Those who can be favored by Yu Yurou naturally have a high status. Song Xingyi is the young master of the Song family. The Song family’s industry has made great achievements in the field of new energy. The development project has even received key support from the state department.

It was an accident that Yu Yurou could meet this young master. Song Xingyi’s academic performance was not very good, so the Song family hired a tutor for him. That tutor happened to be Yu Yurou’s senior and Yu Yurou’s usual network of contacts came in handy soon after. When the senior with excellent grades left the tutoring job due to studying abroad, the senior recommended Yu Yurou to to the Song family.

 Originally, the Song family didn’t want to hire a female teacher, but Yu Yurou looked well-behaved and didn’t look like a conscientious person, so they decided to let Yu Yurou give it a try.

This test took nearly two months and Yu Yurou spent half a day teaching the young master of the Song family for the whole summer vacation.

After two months of getting along, Song Xingyi quickly fell in love with this gentle sister. In order to be admitted to Yu Yurou’s university, his grades improved by leaps and bounds and even the Song family showed that with Yu Yurou’s level of tutoring they are very satisfied.

Yu Yurou is very proud to have such an admirer from an extraordinary family. It’s a pity that she herself doesn’t have much interest in Song Xingyi, because Song Xingyi is only 18 years old, so he is too young and Yu Yurou often thinks that the other party is too naive. If it weren’t for his status as the young master of the Song family, Yu Yurou would not have had the patience to care for him.

Due to Yu Yurou’s early efforts, Tong Ling at this time was able to directly accept the results. She didn’t even look at Song Xingyi, she said softly with a slight nasal voice: “I’m fine, I have a little cold and fever, I have just slept and rested.”

“How come it’s fine, I hear you hoarse voice. It’s over!” Song Xingyi held the phone, his ears were pressed against the receiver, and his face was full of worry, “How come!! you can’t even take care of your own body, you must drink more hot water!”

Hearing “drink more hot water” After saying this, Tong Ling burst out laughing: “Your words are too straight.”

Song Xingyi was puzzled: “I am a straight man, isn’t it good to be straight?”

Tong Ling was completely amused. Now, she can understand why Yu Yurou is not interested in Song Xingyi anymore. Compared with Ye Huan or Ye Xu, Song Xingyi is like a child who has not grown up and is a complete novice in love.

“Very good, I like straight men.” Tong Ling said with a smile.

Song Xingyi’s face turned red all of a sudden, he clenched his phone tightly and muttered with erratic eyes, “What, what did you say……”

He had never heard Yu Yurou say that she liked him and the most common sentence he heard was “I only treat you as my younger brother.” Song Xingyi didn’t want to be a younger brother at all, he was obviously a man too!

“Do you want to hear me say it again?” Tong Ling paused for a while, leaned closer to the microphone and whispered in a slightly hoarse voice: “I like it very much.”

Song Xingyi’s ears are red now and she has always been warm and gentle like before but sister Yurou is a bit different now, how can the sick sister Yurou… how can she be so tempting!

The whisper seemed to be whispered in his ear, Song Xingyi could even feel the woman’s deep breathing, blowing it again and again, his ears were a little itchy and half of his body was numb…

 “Listen . Are you clear?” Tong Ling deliberately said, “I can say it again if you don’t understand.”

“I understand!” Song Xingyi didn’t dare to think about it, he was afraid that he would have a humiliating reaction, so he hurriedly stopped. : “What are you doing today…….”

Tong Ling: “Huh? What’s wrong with me?”

Song Xingyi said angrily, “Are you trying to tease me on purpose?”

Tong Ling of course didn’t admit it, she put it another way, “I just want to coax you.”

 “What are you doing to coax me?” Song Xingyi should be angry, he hates when Yu Yurou treats him as a child the most, but strangely, this time he is not annoyed but hopes Yu Yurou can…..more coax him.

This weird emotion affected his tone, causing Song Xingyi’s words to be soft.

 Song Xingyi couldn’t help covering his face as soon as he heard his unpromising voice. Fortunately, the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t see his appearance, so he kept the last trace of dignity for him.

Tong Ling will take it as soon as she sees it and if she continues to play tricks, the little milk dog will also bite.

“To coax you, I hope you don’t get mad at me.” Tong Ling entered the topic and said.

Song Xingyi immediately said, “How can I be mad at you!”

Tong Ling: “If I lied to you…”

Song Xingyi was taken aback: “What did you lie to me about?”

“Actually, I was lying when I said that I went abroad. “Tong Ling sighed, “I wanted to keep it from you all the time but when I saw that you cared about me so much, I felt I had to tell you the truth.”

Tong Ling seemed to be moved by Song Xingyi, with a sincere tone she said: “I don’t want to deceive you.”

Song Xingyi was both surprised and happy: “You didn’t go abroad?” 

How could he be angry, it was too late for him to be happy when he heard the news! As for the previous deception, Song Xingyi said that he didn’t take it to heart at all.

Song Xingyi: “Just don’t lie to me in the future.”

Tong Ling resolutely agreed. Then, she explained to Song Xingyi the rhetoric of “my sister went abroad instead of her”.

Song Xingyi knew that Yu Yurou had a boyfriend and he didn’t care about that at all. The young people’s feelings are warm, regardless of gains and losses, right or wrong. In his opinion, that Ye Huan is not worthy of his sister Yurou at all. Sister Yurou and that man will only keep her being wronged!

This time too, if it wasn’t for Ye Huan, how could Yu Yurou be sent abroad?

“You have to keep me secret about my stay in China.” Tong Ling said coquettishly, “If Mrs. Shen knew that I didn’t leave, she would definitely come to trouble me.”

Song Xingyi has never seen Yu Yurou like this. Looking weak, a strong desire to protect suddenly rose in his heart, “I won’t let others hurt you!”

Tong Ling smiled lightly, “Xingyi, you are so reliable.”

The admiration from Yu Yurou made Song Xingyi’s heart skip a beat and he was a little too excited to contain himself and immediately asked, “Sister Yurou, where are you? I’ll see you now!”

“No need. You, as a senior high school student, have to study hard, don’t worry about me.” Tong Ling made an excuse at random and ended the call, “I’m here for the doctor, hang up first, Xingyi.”

Song Xingyi listened. With the sound of the phone hanging up, his heart felt empty. The words “I like it very much” and “Xingyi, you are really reliable” seemed to still be echoing in his ears and Song Xingyi began to regret that he didn’t let Yu Yurou coax him a few more words out of face.

Today’s sister Yurou, her voice is so beautiful!

This phone call made Song Xingyi unable to calm down for a long time. Knowing that Yu Yurou couldn’t tell the time to pay attention to him for a while, he cracked and sent Yu Yurou some messages of concern.

After the information was sent, Song Xingyi fell into a new round of waiting.

Tong Ling happily took another hot shower and took care of herself again. Before she could continue to happily swipe her phone, Ye Xu’s knock came from outside the door.

The news that Ye Xu came over was very simple – Ye Huan woke up.

            (End of this chapter)

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