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BOL Chapter 17


Replace Your Life (17) The Male Supporting Character, Whose Character Setting Collapsed…

During this period, Tong Ling turned into a master of time management. She practiced during  weekdays, while she and Lu Yue became “good friends” in her career. After work, she would ask Advisor Gu to go shopping.

Tong Ling would call Lu Yue to accompany the guest to carry out her promise to the rich woman who took care of her. At first, it was a three-person date. Later, she would run away in the middle. She tried her best to send Lu Yue to Advisor Gu’s side. 

After several appointments, Lu Yue’s face became increasingly worse and Advisor Gu’s mood was not too good. Before she ran away again, Advisor Gu grabbed her hand.

Advisor Gu pointed her finger at Lu Yue’s face and said, with a look full of resentment, “Look at his face, it looks like I owe him 100 million yuan. If you are so unwilling to accompany me, then don’t come! I’m really fed up!”

Lu Yue looked at Tong Ling and said angrily, “You let  me accompany others to make demands? Advisor Gu, don’t you like me? Yet you can’t accept it like this? Your liking is really superficial!”

Advisor Gu replied angrily, “It’s you who changed your attitude. No woman will like you in the future!”

Lu Yue chuckled, “Don’t worry, you don’t need to like me, I only treat the woman I like well.”

Advisor Gu replied with only one word, “Go away!”

Tong Ling quickly appeased Advisor Gu and frowned unhappily at Lu Yue, “Lu Yue, you are too much, how can you talk to Wei Wei like that?”

Lu Yue’s eyes were cold, ” Weiwei, Weiwei, you only have Weiwei in your eyes, what am I to you?”

Advisor Gu hugged Tong Ling’s arm and sneered, “You still want to compare with me? Although Lingling doesn’t look down on you, she likes me!”

“Like you? An arrogant and authoritative woman like you will shy away anyone who sees  you. Lingling is confused because she is out of her mind!”

“What arrogant and authoritative are you talking about?!”

“What ‘what’? Can’t you even tell it is you?!”

Tong Ling looked at the two people who were in the middle of a heated conversation and quickly made a gesture to drive away Lu Yue, “Let’s go, can’t you let me save some face!”

“Save you some face?” Lu Yue sneered, “You took me to please other women, I think you’re dreaming!”

Tong Ling was not satisfied with Lu Yue’s changes, “Lu Yue, you used to be better than this, now your temper is too bad!”

Lu Yue’s forehead jumped with anger, “I’m ill-tempered? Who am I all because of!”

Tong Ling did not want to argue, so she pulled Advisor Gu out and left Lu Yue behind.

Advisor Gu did not forget to make a provocative expression to Lu Yue before leaving, which made Lu Yue’s face pale again.

M577 felt melancholy, [The likeable playboy, the character design is so broken…]

Tong Ling is also apologetic, “If Lu Yue can be obedient and accompany the rich lady more, I can also develop more business with his lover. But Lu Yue is really disobedient!”

M577 only felt that the host didn’t speak human words: […you, just be a person! 】

The male supporting character was  used as a tool to accompany guests. Is this what people do? No wonder Lu Yue’s personalities have collapsed so much. Now, let alone pleasing women, he has a vicious and mean tongue. Even the Advisor Gu, who is infatuated with him, can be mad at him. The system concluded that it was hopeless.

On weekends, Tong Ling occasionally invites Song Xingyi out to help him with his homework. Unlike Lu Yue, who is irritable and disobedient, Song Xingyi has become progressively well-behaved, which made Tong Ling unable to teach him something new. Song Xingyi is very enthusiastic about learning. If it weren’t for Tong Ling’s strict control of time, she’s afraid Song Xingyi would spend the whole day studying.

To avoid hurting the puppy’s body, Tong Ling usually makes an appointment with Song Xingyi to hang out with him for a long time, which causes the puppy to be clingy as soon as they meet. Fortunately, Song Xingyi’s college entrance examination was just around the corner, and he was busy with exams in the last few days. Even if time was tight, Song Xingyi did not forget to make an agreement with her that he would be rewarded when he got admitted to the college of his choice

How could Tong Ling not agree when, what she likes most is helping others.

After all, Ye Xu was the only person who got along with Tong Ling the least.

But Tong Ling knew that Ye Xu had been following her silently.

The nurse who stayed by Ye Huan’s side was Ye Xu’s person. Whatever transpired in the hospital, the nurse would deliver everything to Ye Xu.

On the surface, Ye Xu didn’t ask anything, but in fact—-

The nurse said: “Miss Yu, Mr. Ye Huan will undergo rehabilitation training next week. Mr.Ye had arranged for a skilled rehabilitation doctor, who will give him a comprehensive diet and nursing care. You don’t have to come to see him every day or prepare meals for him either.”

Tong Ling was surprised, ” I don’t need to bring any meals?”

“Yes, the hospital has a special supply of nutritious meals to help patients recover. It’s very helpful.”

“When is the training time? Do you need me to help?”

“No, the patient can’t concentrate on the training when there are family members. For the patient’s speedy recovery, these things can be left to the doctor.”

Tong Ling was speechless, “…….”

Wonderful! Tong Ling didn’t have much interest in visiting Ye Huan at first, so going to the restaurant every day to pack food and deliver it was her most conscientious performance. With Ye Xu’s arrangement, she doesn’t need to worry about everything, what else can she say, Ye Xu is the best!

“Then it’s difficult for me to meet Ye Huan…” Tong Ling pretended to be disappointed, “I don’t seem to be able to help anything…” 

The nurse comforted, “Ms.Yu cares about Mr. Ye Huan in her heart, I believe Mr. Ye Huan will recover soon.”

Tong Ling nodded and agreed with the nurse’s plan and then changed her visit time to Ye Huan from once a day to once a week.

The nurse remembered the order of her immediate boss and said, “About Miss Yu’s work…”

Tong Ling wondered, “What’s the matter?”

According to the instructions conveyed by the boss, the nurse suggested to Tong Ling, “I wonder if Miss Yu would consider working in Mr. Ye’s company? Mr. Ye was too busy during this time, so he couldn’t come to visit Miss Yu. In fact, Mr.Ye had his own company, which is completely independent from the Ye family. So if Miss Yu goes, Mr. Ye will be very happy.”

Tong Ling was amused. Ye Xu must have known about her internship in Lu Yue’s company, but he didn’t hear the rumour of “Lu Yue’s fiancee”.

Tong Ling didn’t contact Ye Xu during this time, and Ye Xu didn’t say anything, she thought he really didn’t care.

“Why didn’t Ye Xu ask me in person?” Tong Ling made a sullen look, “If I had known that I could go to him, I would not have gone to Lu Yue.”

Tong Ling sighed in front of the nurse, “But the entry procedures have been completed and I have a stable job in the company. It is not good to leave casually, so I can only give up going to Ye Xu.” 

The nurse wanted to persuade her again, “If you want to go, Mr.Ye can solve any of your problems.” 

“Forget it, I don’t really want to trouble Ye Xu…” Tong Ling pursed her lips and whispered, “If this goes on like this, I don’t know how to thank him.”

It’s clear that Tong Ling is anxious to give up, “Ms. Yu, Mr. Ye doesn’t care about any trouble for you.”

“You’re not him, don’t talk nonsense.” Tong Ling glared at the nurse, and walked out of the hospital quickly.

That night, Tong Ling received a call from Ye Xu.

Ye Xu seemed a little tired, and his voice was much drier than usual.

“You don’t want to trouble me so much?” Ye Xu had been waiting for Yu Yurou to find him, but he couldn’t bear it in the end, “You should know that everything I do for you is voluntary, I don’t need you to pay for it. You just need to continue to treat me as your little brother and continue to rely on me.”

Ye Xu’s humble remarks can make a normal person be moved, but Tong Ling is not your average person.

Tong Ling didn’t believe a word of what Ye Xu said. If this man really had no purpose, how could he contact her immediately after knowing through the nurse that she was not going to trouble him like she did in the past?

In the past, Yu Yurou got along with Ye Xu, Yu Yurou was always the one who took the initiative and her evaluation of Ye Xu was that he was indifferent.

Although Ye Xu can meet Yu Yurou’s various requirements, the premise is that Yu Yurou “begs” him first. Ye Xu obtained satisfaction by giving and he hoped that Yu Yurou would be inseparable from him by this means.

Tong Ling didn’t plan to let Ye Xu be satisfied. She wanted Ye Xu to know that she was the one he needed. If she wanted her to find him, he must beg her with sincerity. After all, she was more patient than him.

“I just knew you would say that, but I didn’t want to…” Tong Ling said angrily, “I always feel that I owe you more, how can I enjoy your kindness at ease?”

“In the past, you didn’t worry about these problems.” Ye Xu remembered Yu Yurou.  After the two met, she enjoyed his care with peace of mind, and he couldn’t help but feel that the girl had changed.

She became a lot more greedy and he didn’t know if he was the special one in her heart.

Ye Xu wanted to be someone special, he wanted the other party to remember him and he wanted the other party to never change.

Fortunately, after Yu Yurou stayed in the country, she changed back to what he remembered. She is still so pure and beautiful, he is special in her eyes, the only little brother. She can talk and laugh with him intimately, and act like a spoiled childt. She has both the softness of a woman and the innocence of a child.

She just became the person of his dreams.

He gave her time to get used to it, for many days without a word of contact. He knew about the substitute contract and the fact that she went to Lu Yue’s company for an internship as Yu Ling. She personally cooked for Ye Huan every day and went to take care of Ye Huan. She had done so much and she actually didn’t say anything about her grievance. 

Why didn’t she come to him? Did that kiss scare her? Is she not going to give him a chance?

Ye Xu couldn’t calm down, his heart was in chaos.

“The past is the past, and the present is the present.” Tong Ling had enough and changed the conversation: “Don’t you think it’s strange, you…you kissed me and you want me to pretend that nothing happened? I can’t do it… I always think of that kiss, it’s all your fault! I’m afraid my little brother will disappear, he has changed…”

Ye Xu’s heart was beating wildly, these words meant what he wanted to hear. She has feelings for him and she had also thought of him….

“I won’t change.” Ye Xu’s voice was very gentle, “I will always be your little brother.”

Tong Ling muttered: “I don’t want to owe you.”

“You never owe me.” The corner of Ye Xu’s mouth raised slightly, “I owe you.”

Ye Xu was very satisfied, it turned out that he was not alone in the dream, and she was the same.

“Then we… are still the same as before?” Tong Ling asked.

Ye Xu replied, “It has never changed.”

He said that it had never changed, but Ye Xu’s behaviour had changed. He had changed the way he treats Yu Yurou, no longer passively standing there waiting for Yu Yurou to ask him for help… He understands that if he doesn’t take the initiative, his girl will ignore him, because that kiss changed their relationship.

Ye Xu felt that this was a change for the better.

More than two months passed in a flash, Ye Huan’s body recovered quickly, and he really couldn’t stay in the hospital. He could only see his girlfriend once a week, and when he was confronted with a room full of doctors every day, he knew exactly who did it.

Ye Xu really exposed his ambitions, which not only prevented him from meeting Yu Yurou, but even caused the Ye family’s group to get messed up.

Shen Man didn’t come to him these days, except that Ye Huan had concealed Shen Man’s inquiry and the most important reason was that Ye Xu had caused a lot of trouble for the Ye family.

Ye Xu sold the shares in his hand, and several members of the board of directors were eager to increase their shareholdings. Those members have always been at odds with Shen Man, and the changes in the shareholdings have affected the situation of the board of directors. Everyone in the board of directors is thinking that the competition for equity alone has plunged the company into a puddle of muddy waters.

Not to mention that before Ye Xu left the company, he poached all the important technical members of the company. He had mastered too many operation plans of the company and brought in the people he poached and the huge funds he earned after selling his shares was used to establish  a new company.

That’s basically what it means to fight against the Ye family!

Ye Huan hated the fact that Ye Xu prevented him from meeting with Yu Yurou. He knew how important power was. Whether it was Shen Man or Ye Xu, they made him feel very uncomfortable through power.

Ye Huan’s professionalism was high. As soon as he left the hospital, he rushed to the company and decided to formally participate in the company’s decision-making. He wanted to take over the company’s affairs from Shen Man bit by bit and let those who hindered him disappear. .

Ye Huan was so busy, Tong Ling had a few more days until the invitation letter for the Song family banquet was sent to her, along with the evening dresses from three different people.

A sexy high slit red dress with an open back.

——You must be beautiful in it, be my girlfriend and everything I have will belong to you. (Lu Yue)

A light gauze white fairy dress with broken diamonds.

——My girl, look forward to the way you wear it, you will always be my princess. (Ye Xu)

An elegant high-waisted black dress with off-the-shoulders.

——As the host of the banquet, I solemnly invite you to my banquet, sister, I will wait for you! (Song Xingyi)

The three dresses are beautiful and completely custom-made according to her figure. Tong Ling is a little distressed to choose a dress which will not make those people upset.

[It’s over…..] M577 considered the situation that his host was about to face in the banquet and suddenly had doubts whether the plot could unfold smoothly: [This plot collapsed before it even started…]

The original plot of this banquet was – At the banquet, Ye Huan’s friends were very critical of Yu Ling and said that they only admitted that Yu Yurou was Ye Huan’s girlfriend and Yu Ling, as a substitute, should not try to take Yu Yurou’s position. After seeing Yu Ling, Shen Man also said that Yu Ling is not a plaything that Yu Huancan handle before Yu Yurou. Song Xingyi, who likes Yu Yurou, in order to vent his anger for Yu Yurou and  locked Yu Ling in a small dark room, and she was not allowed to leave the room during the whole dinner.

The substitute stayed in the little black room for one night and was picked up by Ye Huan the day after the banquet ended.

Tong Ling said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I will accept the punishment of the little black house obediently, this is my destiny as a substitute!”

M577 shook and thought of those people whose character settings had collapsed one after the other. Is there still a dark room scene? Are you sure that it will follow its original plot? M577’s system is numb and has given up thinking. 

—–End of this chapter

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