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BOL Chapter 16


Replace your life (16) She Really Has The Voice Of A Rich Woman….

Xu Zhao, who couldn’t stop the glamorous woman from slamming the door, stopped in front of the woman with an embarrassed expression, “Miss Gu, please don’t go too far or I can only call the security guard…”

“Security?” The woman called Miss Gu waved her long hair with her hand, her delicate face was full of sullenness and arrogantly shouted: “If you dare to call the security guard, I will tear down this company!”

“Consultant Gu!” Lu Yue’s face changed. He stood in front of the desk and carefully shielded Tong Ling from behind, “What are you doing?!  

No matter how annoyed Lu Yue was in the past, he always maintained his demeanor and thoughtfulness. He has never shown such a cold side in front of others.

The consultant Wei, who was originally angry, became stunned by Lu Yue’s icy attitude: “You…how can you treat me with such an attitude…”

“This is?” Tong Ling asked curiously from behind Lu Yue. 

“She is Miss Gu Wei, the consultant of the Gu family. We have had a business relationship for a long time but I have no relationship with her.” Lu Yue didn’t want to lie in front of Tong Ling and he had nothing to hide about his past. Usually, he wouldn’t break-up with people so ruthlessly, but he didn’t want Tong Ling to misunderstand him.

“There is no other woman by my side now.” Lu Yue thought for a while, and added: “I won’t find another lover in the future.”

“It doesn’t matter if you find a lover or not.” Tong Ling didn’t care. She waved her hand, “There’s no need to explain it to me.”

Lu Yue: “…..”

Although he knew that this woman didn’t care about him, but Lu Yue still felt a little sullen.

“It’s consultant Gu….” Tong Ling pushed Lu Yue away from her and greeted her with a smile on her face, “It’s a pity that you don’t appreciate such a beautiful woman as Miss Gu.” 

Before Lu Yue could understand the meaning of the sentence, a few people present saw Tong Ling pulled consultant Wei’s hands by lowering her head and kissed the back of the woman’s hand.

“Miss Gu, I’m Yu Ling.” Tong Ling’s fair face had a blush, “I wonder if I have the honor to invite Miss Gu to have a cup of tea in the afternoon?”

Consultant Gu felt the soft touch on the back of her hand and looked at the focused eyes of the woman in front of her, and an indescribable sense of absurdity swept her whole body.

Isn’t this woman… Lu Yue’s fiancee? Why was his fiancée kissing her hand and asking her for a date?

Is this because she is out of her mind or is there something wrong with this woman?!!

Not only consultant Wei was shocked by Tong Ling’s operation, but Xu Zhao and Lu Yue were also speechless.

Xu Zhao also glanced at Lu Yue secretly. For some reason, he always felt that there was a little…green on Mr. Lu’s head.

M577 should be the system with the best understanding of the situation. He opened the plot and by reading the description of the character of consultant Wei, he finally sorted out several keywords: She is a Bai Fumei female supporting character and she was counterattacked by the female lead many times.

[T/N: Baifumei- are women with fair complexion, richness and beauty (the term is a literal combination of the three attributes).]

Unlike his host who is a substitute for the female lead, the female supporting character, consultant Gu will not have her role played until the female lead returns to China in the later stage. As a wealthy daughter who is chasing after Lu Yue, consultant Gu has an extremely arrogant and brainless female supporting character image. When she sees that Lu Yue pays attention to the female lead,Yu Yurou… She becomes jealous and goes to trouble the female lead and has ridiculed the female lead many times at the banquet for being out of fashion and in the end, she has always been counterattacked and lost her reputation.

At that time, the female lead had many spare tires to protect her and Ye Huan had already become a strong businessman. Father Gu was afraid that his daughter would cause trouble for him, so he locked his daughter at home and never let her socialize again. So the ending of this female supporting character is not too tragic.

Before meeting the female lead, consultant Gi has identity and financial resources which are enough to make her walk sideways in various places. M577 thinks that the host will hook up with consultant Gu, purely because of a sympathy between female cannon fodder and female supporting character. It’s just a means of hooking up… It’s too unsightly!

“Miss Gu?” Seeing that the consultant Gu didn’t respond, Tong Ling simply threw the bait: “As long as you can accompany me, I can lend you Lu Yue once for a day, if you want to date him or do something else It will be alright.”

Lu Yue: “?” 

The shocked look on Lu Yue’s face has never disappeared: “Lingling, what are you talking about?”

Is his ears broken? Or else why is he having hallucinations?!

Consultant Gu’s hostility towards Tong Ling disappeared instantly after hearing Tong Ling’s words. Is there any fiancée who can use her fiancé as a rental item? It seems that the relationship between the two is not as “loving and harmonious” as other people say.

While the hostility was gone, consultant Gu looked at Tong Ling again and she immediately became much more pleasing to the eye. She then glanced at Lu Yue who was stunned beside her, thinking that she had been scolded by this man just now. How could she be… so happy!

“Are you telling the truth?” Advisor Gu looked a little disbelieving, “Will Lu Yue listen to you?”

“I never tell lies.” Tong Ling took consultant Gu’s arm with a smile, “Weiwei, let’s have afternoon tea?”

“Let’s go!” Consultant Gu responded immediately, no matter what the woman named Yu Ling thought of her. Just being able to separate these two people meant that she was not at a loss for this trip.

“Mr. Lu, I’m going out with Weiwei first. When Weiwei needs you, please remember to free up your time.” After Tong Ling finished speaking, she stared at consultant Gu and walked out of the office without squinting.

After the two women walked away, Xu Zhao asked cautiously, “Mr. Lu….Miss Yu, does she like women….?”

“Impossible!” How could Lu Yue believe that the woman he had kissed in his arms before would like a woman? Her body’s reaction can’t deceive people. If she really likes women, then she won’t touch men at all! But Tong Ling’s overly enthusiastic reaction to consultant Gu…..

Lu Yue thought about it and found only one reason.

“She probably doesn’t want consultant Gu to cause trouble in my company. So she is doing this to solve the problem for me….”

Xu Zhao twitched the corners of his mouth and said with a dry smile: “Ha ha, Mr. Lu, you are right, it must be why Miss Yu is doing this ….”

“The company’s security needs to be strengthened, I hope you can deal with it immediately.” Lu Yue sent Xu Zhao away and when he saw the messy desk, he remembered the woman who sold him. He slammed the table: “Yu Yurou, do you still have the heart?”


After she and Tong Ling came to the cafe to sit down like a pair of ordinary girlfriends, consultant Gu’s interest in Tong Ling also reached its peak.

Consultant Gu has many little sisters around her but no one can speak nicely and sincerely like Tong Ling. If it wasn’t for the way they met at the beginning, she would have fallen in love with each other long ago.

“You and Lu Yue are…” Consultant Gu is not really stupid, she remembers the scene she saw after entering the office. With Lu Yue’s attitude towards Tong Ling’s maintenance and how Tong Ling looked like lying on the desk at that time. It was obvious that the two had done some intimate things. What she didn’t understand was that they were both related to Lu Yue, how could this woman still push Lu Yue out as an item.     

” Fiancée and everything is fake.” Tong Ling stated her identity bluntly: “I’m actually a substitute for Ye Huan’s girlfriend, Yu Yurou.”

The amount of information was frightening, ” But what does this have to do with the eldest son of the Ye family?” 

As soon as the woman started gossiping, her feelings rose.

When consultant Gu finished listening to Tong Ling’s story, the expression on her face changed from surprise to disgust, then to indignation and she looked at Tong Ling with a little more sympathy.

“Why did you meet that kind of scum who asked you to imitate your sister and you agreed?” Consultant Gu couldn’t understand why Tong Ling who can sell Lu Yue, agreed to such an unreasonable request.

“No way, I’m short of money.” Tong Ling said with a sad face: “Ye Huan is a scumbag but the money he gives every month is real.”

“I’m different from my sister, who has been pampered since she was a child and everyones beloved,while… I…I can’t even afford the dress I want…”

“What do you want? I’ll buy it for you!” Consultant Gu has never seen such a poor person, who is willing to be a substitute for money and she, the eldest daughter of the Gu family can’t bear such a thing happened to her.”How much does he pay? Don’t be a substitute for him. Just accompany me from now on and I’ll pay for everything!”

Tong Ling’s eyes were filled with moved tears and she cried while holding the hand of consultant Gu: “Wei Wei, I have never seen such kind and beautiful girl like you…I really like you!”

Advisor Gu’s face turned slightly red, “You will be my friend from now on, so you don’t need to be so polite.”

Tong Ling nodded again and again and that’s why she wanted to hook up with Consultant Gu. She is worthy of being a rich and powerful eldest lady in the plot and she really has the voice of a rich woman, which is making her greedy for money!

In order to make consultant Gu very close to her, Tong Ling explained her relationship with Lu Yue: “Since I became my sister’s substitute, Lu Yue has been attached to me, he is also like Ye Huan and they all like my sisters.”

“The more honest I was with him, the happier he will be, because my sister was Ye Huan’s girlfriend, a woman he would never get so he is treating me like this.”

Tong Ling said and sighed: “Men are so mean, if you don’t like him, then he will never forgets you.”

Consultant Gu thinks what Tong Ling said makes sense and she would have been with Lu Yue at the beginning. They separated because Lu Yue said that she had crossed the line and the more she clings to him, the colder his attitude became.

“Lu Yue is such a considerate man, you don’t even like him?” Consul Wei asked inexplicably.

Before Tong Ling could answer, the consultant Gu replied to herself again: “You are a substitute… alas… how can a substitute like those ruthless men.”

She didnt know what story Consult Gu made up in her mind and the way she looked at Tong Ling became a little more affectionate.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to buy clothes.” Consultant Gu took Tong Ling’s hand and disliked Tong Ling’s professional attire. “Why are you dressed so uglily, Lu Yue doesn’t even want to buy you a piece of cloth? Sure enough, he did’t think of a substitute as a human being!”

M577: […..]

M577 can’t quite understand the brain circuit of the female supporting character.. … 

After shopping, Tong Ling reluctantly said goodbye to consultant Gu with full of luxury shopping bags.

M577 faintly said: [I shouldn’t have expectations for your integrity, host.. It’s okay if you lied to the male lead and male supporting character, but you don’t even let go of the female supporting character, it’s too shameful! 】

Tong Ling hummed softly: “You think I’m here for myself? No, I’m here to complete the plot!”

“Now in order not to make me feel wronged, Ye Huan and the others have kept my identity a secret, if no one knows that I am a substitute, how do I go to the next plot of me being insulted and ridiculed?”

“Consultant Gu.. she can’t hide her secrets and soon her group of friends will know about Ye Huanyang’s substitute and when this story spreads, the following plots are ready to develop and don’t forget that the banquet plot will start after the hospital plot.”

M577 suddenly remembered the plot direction: [Song family banquet?】

“Song Xingyi was admitted to Beijing University, so the Song family will held a big banquet for him and Ye Huan, who lacks a female companion will take me, a substitute to participate…” Tong Ling covered her heart: “I’m working hard on the plot but you are blaming me…Ah, I am feeling so sad.”

M577: […..]

M577 muttered: [Why can’t I believe that you can live through the plot normally…..?]

(End of this chapter)

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