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BOL Chapter 15


Replace Your Life (15) This is what friends can do…

Lu Yue stood at the door of the general manager’s office and knocked on the door.

After hearing “please come in”, he took care of his image subconsciously and then pushed open the door and walked in.

Entering the office, Lu Yue was immediately attracted by Tong Ling sitting on the office chair.

Different from the previous image, she was wearing a capable professional attire, her long black straight hair was carefully coiled and only a few hairs were scattered around her fair cheeks. The woman’s sitting posture is extremely graceful and when she raises her head slightly, her white swan neck is revealed.

The moment he saw her, he seemed to see a demure and elegant beauty, even if she didn’t say anything, it made people have the urge to please her.

Lu Yue understood a little why his secretary and everyone in the company were so easily deceived.

Such a woman is indeed not like a small clerk, only the identity of his fiancée is more suitable for her.

Thinking of this, Lu Yue couldn’t help but smile: “It seems that my fiancee is very comfortable here.”

“What fiancee?” Tong Ling pretends not to understand and says with a stern face: “There is no fiancee here. Don’t say anything  nonsense.”

“You took advantage of me and don’t want to be responsible?” Lu Yue glanced at the office and said, “You changed the sofa in the room, built a pantry, put a refrigerator and a TV and even put the game equipment here. An office has been transformed into this, who dares to do this except my fiancee?”

“And the coffee on the table is made for you by my secretary and the cake is made by me. My secretary bought it for you, as long as you want to have fresh fruits and meals at any time…” Lu Yue remembered the recipes Xu Zhao prepared for Tong Ling every day and he, the CEO, was not so picky: “You eat well and use it, who provided this?”

Tong Ling tilted her head: “Secretary Xu provided it, Secretary Xu is really a good man!”

Lu Yue almost laughed angrily: “It’s obviously all from me, Why do you think about other men?”

Tong Ling was not happy to hear Lu Yue’s words: “Mr. Lu, don’t put money on your face, the person who entertained me was Secretary Xu and I got the current treatment because of my own efforts. Results. As for you…”

Tong Ling raised her chin with one hand, curled her lips and said, “Apart from being a background board, what else have you done? When you come back, you don’t even give an apology. The moment you come, you think about taking credit and don’t you have any shame?”

This was the first time Lu Yue was so disgusted by others, his emotions were very complicated for a while.

“I regret not entertaining you in person.” Lu Yue sighed, walked to Tong Ling’s desk and solemnly admitted his mistake: “I’m sorry, I apologize to you for my missed appointment, can you forgive me?”

Lu Yue’s expression was very serious and his attitude of admitting mistakes was impeccable. He was really a man with high emotional intelligence and he knew how to make women soft-hearted for him.

“If I were to entertain you, I would definitely do better than Secretary Xu.” Lu Yue said solemnly, “I hope that the person who takes care of you is me, not another man. I will be jealous if you are being taken care of by another man.”

Lu Yue stared at the woman in front of him with those tender and affectionate peach blossom eyes: “So, look at me more and don’t think about other men, okay?”

After shaking her head, she raised her hand and lightly touched Lu Yue’s cheek, “Are you apologizing, or confessing?”

“If you can accept an apology, that’s an apology and if you can accept a confession, that’s a confession”. Lu Yue bent down, held Tong Ling’s hand and continued to put her hand on his cheek: “No matter what your choice is, I can accept it.”

Tong Ling raised her eyebrows slightly, “Then what if I don’t accept it?”

“That only means that what I did is not good enough. I will try my best to prove to you that I am no worse than other men.” When Lu Yue said these words, strong confidence burst out in his eyes. .

It’s really attractive to hear such a sentence from a high-spirited and handsome man.

Tong Ling put her hand on Lu Yue’s face and lowered it slowly. She stroked the man’s neck and Adam’s apple, then grabbed the man’s tie and pulled Lu Yue to her face with her head lowered.

“Lu Yue, you know, I’m Ye Huan’s girlfriend.” Tong Ling wrapped his tie around her fingers, her eyes wandering on Lu Yue’s face, “Are you trying to grab Ye Huan’s woman?”

“Do you think it is better to be a girlfriend who will not be recognized by the Ye family or to be the future wife of the Lu family?” Lu Yue rested his hands on the desk, letting Tong Ling pull his tie and Tong Ling touched him teasingly just now, which made his eyes heat up.

The distance between the two was only separated by a table and the warm breath blended with each other.

“The Lu family is good, but you… are not obedient enough.” Tong Ling curled the corners of her mouth and counted Ye Huan’s advantages: “Although Ye Huan is quite useless now, he only sees me in his eyes and he will not hide everything from me. He trusts and loves me very much. I don’t need to be recognized by the Ye family. When Ye Huan inherits the assets of the Ye family, I will naturally be the daughter-in-law recognized by the Ye family.”

“You said, I chose someone who can’t be caught. Well, why don’t I choose someone who will wag his tail obediently?” Tong Ling leaned into Lu Yue’s ear and said with a light smile, “Mr. Lu, a smart man like you doesn’t know how to choose?”

Tong Ling made Yu Yurou’s ambition open and honest in front of Lu Yue, without even a trace of cover up. She looked at Lu Yue like a piece of juicy pork that was beautifully packaged but could not be eaten. In the end, she pushed the person with regret. 

Lu Yue had long known what kind of woman Yu Yurou was. When that woman was pretentious in front of several men, he only regarded each other as a distraction. She is more special than other women only because she knows more about business and maintains the feelings of men.

Her ambition was wrapped in a pure smile. While Lu Yue felt hypocritical, he wanted to know how far she could achieve. So he observed her and approached her. At that time, he didn’t think that this woman would have any additional influence on him, after all, he had already seen through her.

What Lu Yue could not have imagined was that since the other party decided to stay in the country, everything had changed.

She brought him enough surprises. He even wanted to establish a relationship with such a woman and make her his fiancee. But in the end, he was rejected mercilessly.

Lu Yue should have been angry and annoyed but when he saw this ambitious woman in front of him, he only felt heartbroken.

He finally realized that this was a woman he had no control over.

The tie that was untied by Tong Ling was loosely tied around Lu Yue’s neck, Lu Yue unbuttoned the neckline in a sullen manner and looked at Tong Ling, whose face remained unchanged and said with a wry smile, whether to accept his fate or melancholy: “I’ve been caught by you.”

“Really?” Tong Ling leaned against the table lazily and said lightly, “I don’t believe it.”

Just as Lu Yue wanted to confess his feelings, he was quickly interrupted by Tong Ling, “I want to say, It’s not because I don’t believe in your feelings, it’s because I don’t believe that a person like you can be at peace.”

Tong Ling glanced at Lu Yue lightly, “Don’t tell me that you are very affectionate and will never change. You all men are the same and I know how false those words are.”

“How long can you keep your interest in me? A month, a year or a decade?”

“Instead of letting our relationship go to a deadlock, let’s keep it as it is and be my best friend. Isn’t it good as a friend, I still like you very much.” Tong Ling said sincerely.

[ Deadlock: A situation, typically one involving opposing parties, in which no progress can be made. ]

 Lu Yue was about to be persuaded but he still struggled: “Everyone in the company believes that you are my fiancee.”

“That’s someone else’s idea, what’s our business?” Tong Ling shrugged, “If it spreads to Ye Huan’s ears in the future, you can help me explain it.”

“Is there someone like you who only thinks about taking advantage and doesn’t pay!” Lu Yue put away his loss and said with a smile, “I’ll help you, what’s in it for me?”

Tong Ling gestured with her hand to Lu Yue to come to her side.

Lu Yue walked up to Tong Ling suspiciously, “Why, what do you think…” 

Before Lu Yue finished asking, a soft kiss landed on his lips.

Tong Ling hooked Lu Yue’s neck with both hands, raised her head and smiled sweetly at Lu Yue: “Is it enough?”

Lu Yue’s breathing suddenly became heavier and carried the woman with a slender waist from the seat to the desk, “This is something that can be done among friends?”

Tong Ling was wearing a professional dress with a skirt length that only reached her thighs. As soon as she touched the cold desktop, she couldn’t help but shiver, “Put me down, it’s a little cold.”

“You can hold me.” Lu Yue swept away the documents on the table with his hands, leaned over and kissed her down, “You can also put your legs on me.”

“Liu—” Lu Yue’s kiss was entangled before she could say the word rogue.

His kiss was gentle and meticulous, full of devotion and gratification. The aroma of juniper on Lu Yue’s body mixed with the hot and humid breath entered Tong Ling’s nose. She touched the man’s hot chest and closed her trembling eyes.

[ T/N: Juniper- It is a coniferous tree and shrubs in the genus Juniperus of the cypress family Cupressaceae. The smell of juniper can be described as a lovely, piney aromatic scent. ]

The taste of this kiss was very good, Lu Yue’s technique was impeccable, Tong Ling wrapped tightly around Lu Yue’s neck while enjoying the kiss happily.

Lu Yue was also immersed in this perfectly matched kiss. The violent beating of his heart made him completely ignore the sounds around him.

It wasn’t until a loud knock on the door sounded that the two of them woke up from this ambiguous atmosphere.


The door was smashed open with force and before Tong Ling, who was lying on the desktop got up, she saw a woman with an enchanting figure and a beautiful face rushing in.

This beautiful woman screamed angrily as soon as she saw the scene inside the door: “Lu Yue! You have been hiding from me just for this woman? Fiancee? Didn’t you say that you will never get married for the rest of your life?! Why is there a fiancee?!”

                (End of this chapter)

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