BOL Chapter 14


Replace Your Life (14) President, your fiancée is awesome! ….

“You mean… Let me arrange Yu Rou as an intern in my company?” When Lu Yue heard Ye Huan’s words on the phone, he almost thought that Ye Huan knew what he was thinking about Yu Yurou.

Lu Yue only mentioned the internship to Yu Yurou privately. He thought that one day, Yu Yurou would come to him with behind her boyfriend’s back, but he never thought that this opportunity would be Ye Yurou’s boyfriend, Ye Huan personally brought it…..

“You know how much Yurou has paid to stay by my side. She is now using Yu Ling’s identity. In order to prevent her identity from being exposed, I need your help.” Ye Huan said, while thinking of Yu Yurou, his tone softened: “You can issue an internship certificate for Yu Ling’s identity and arrange a position for her casually. For the sake of our friendship for many years, you know this is not a trivial matter, will you help me with this?”

Lu Yue replied, “Even if I don’t look at your face, I will help just because of Yurou’s face.”

Ye Huan: “Anyway, you just have to help me take care of her and don’t let her suffer any grievances in your company.”

“Aren’t you afraid that your girlfriend will be hooked up by me?” Lu Yue asked half-jokingly.

Ye Huan snorted lightly: “Your words reminded me, I will remember to keep Yurou away from you.”

“It seems that you trust your girlfriend more than me…” Lu Yue’s expression said subtly.

Ye Huan smiled: “I also believe in you. As for Yurou, I can’t think of anyone other than looking for you.” 

As soon as these words fell, Lu Yue’s expression became more subtle.

It’s a pity that Ye Huan couldn’t see Lu Yue’s expression across the phone and naturally he couldn’t hear the hidden meaning of Lu Yue’s words. After a few casual chats, the two ended the call.

Lu Yue didn’t think Ye Huan would suddenly think of arranging an internship for Yu Yurou and it was very likely that this was Yu Yurou’s idea.

Thinking of Ye Huan who was being tricked by Yu Yurou, Lu Yue couldn’t help but think about what he was to Yu Yurou.

Is it a recreational toy, or a special prey?

In any case, there is no doubt that he was attracted to that woman.

The day Tong Ling decided to come to the company, Lu Yue was about to entertain his distinguished guest as agreed, but he received a phone call halfway through. There was a little problem with the contract plan he was implementing and the foreign partner had to discuss it with him face to face for the solution. For the company’s reputation, Lu Yue had to go abroad for a meeting and had no choice but to entrust his personal secretary Xu Zhao to entertain Tong Ling.

“Assign her to a lighter position, don’t put too much work on her, by the way, tell her that I will apologize to her in person when I come back.” After leaving these words, Lu Yue left in a hurry, completely unaware of his secretary’s brainstorming on such content.

 In the past, there were many women who came to the company to look for Lu Yue, but none of them could be taken seriously by Lu Yue and even kept him as a private secretary just to take care of each other. Xu Zhao couldn’t help but wonder about the identity of that woman.

 The first time Xu Zhao saw Tong Ling, he felt that this woman was different from the women Lu Yue had been with. The reason is probably that the other party didn’t feel lost at all after hearing that Lu Yue was on a business trip, but expressed her gratitude to him first.

“Excuse me, Secretary Xu to pick me up. If you have any work to do, you can ignore me.” The woman had a gentle smile on her beautiful face. You can feel her sincerity and kindness.

Her words were by no means polite, as she said it because she really thought so.

Xu Zhao has no doubt that he has developed a favorable impression of such a considerate, gentle and beautiful woman. At the same time, he was convinced that this woman and Lu Yue were by no means an ordinary relationship. Such a woman could not be easily neglected. She was elegant and solemn and a lover’s status would only be an insult to her.

“Miss Yu Ling, my job is to serve you on behalf of President Lu.” She didn’t know if he was influenced by the her aura, Xu Zhao straightened his back unconsciously and didn’t dare to slack off. Just like the first job interview, he introduced the company to Tong Ling with the most professional attitude.

The Lu family also has a family business, but Lu Yue’s company is entirely Lu Yue’s personal effort. From establishment to development, the company is entirely managed by Lu Yue. Because Lu Yue is very interested in electronic products, the company’s main business is software development. While listening to Secretary Xu’s introduction, Tong Ling followed Secretary Xu around each department.

Xu Zhao didn’t know why he gave such a detailed introduction. His mouth was dry and he didn’t recover until Tong Ling stopped and asked nervously, “Miss Yu Ling, which department do you think is suitable for you??”

Remembering that Lu Yue said that he wanted to arrange an easy job for the other party, Xu Zhao hurriedly said: ” If Mr. Lu still needs help…”

Before Xu Zhao finished speaking, he was caught by Tong Ling’s eyes and he instantly felt that no position is worthy of her, even if he is the assistant to the president.

 “Secretary Xu, please inform the supervisors of each department that there will be a meeting in the conference room in half an hour.” Tong Ling looked at the time, “The meeting will not last long, so I will briefly understand the situation and by the way, I will make a comment on the future development of the company.”

“Okay.” When Tong Ling went to the conference room, Xu Zhao suddenly sobered up. He thought about why he didn’t feel right, because from the beginning, she didn’t look like a recruited employee but like a leader who inspected!

Miss Yu Ling is taken seriously by Lu Yue and after entering the company, she still investigates the company’s business conditions. This woman….

Xu Zhao patted his head, his eyes full of surprises when he discovered the truth, “This must be President Lu’s fiancee, the future Mrs. Lu. The wife of the president of the Lu group!!!” 

To organize a meeting, that must be President Lu’s request, to make his fiancee gain a firm foothold in the company? Xu Zhao didn’t dare to hesitate any longer and immediately conveyed the news of the meeting.

After the meeting. Xu Zhao has no doubts about the identity of Tong Ling. Although Tong Ling did not introduce her relationship with Lu Yue on the surface, Tong Ling’s name for Lu Yue and the familiarity in her words all showed their unusual relationship.

In addition, Tong Ling and Lu Yue have the same behaviour and their performance at the meeting was very appreciated by the heads of various departments.

Which of the company’s high-level personnel is not a human being? They looked at each other and their hearts were quite satisfied .

“Ms. Yu’s suggestions are all feasible and her ability is no worse than that of President Lu.”

“Yes, she is so good at such a young age and the future generations are formidable.”

 “With President Lu and Miss Yu here, the company’s development prospects are limitless.”


With the approval of Tong Ling by the supervisors, the news of the arrival of a young female boss with outstanding abilities spread quickly. Xu Zhao deliberately arranged Tong Ling into the general manager’s office, which indirectly acknowledged that she was the leader with the highest status except Lu Yue.

The employees of the company started to gossip and guessed the true identity of the new boss one by one. When they heard that this was the woman Mr. Lu asked Secretary Xu to receive, they all agreed that this is the serious proprietress of their company, the legendary lady, president’s wealthy fiancee!

M577: [????]

M577: [Host, why do I think something is wrong??]

Tong Ling sat on the leather boss chair and smiled with satisfaction at the spacious office and mahogany desk: “What’s wrong? It’s much more comfortable here than sitting outside.”

M577 collapsed after listening to the discussions outside: [Nothing is right!! How did you become Lu Yue’s fiancee!]


Lu Yue was busy for a few days on a business trip and when he finally came back from abroad after talking about the project, he went straight to the company without wasting a single minute. 

In his spare time abroad, Lu Yue asked Xu Zhao about Yu Yurou. Xu Zhao was full of praise for Yu Yurou and the warm tone made Lu Yue fully suspect that his secretary was fascinated by that woman. 

With Yu Yurou’s method, this is nothing unusual, even Lu Yue himself fell into this pit and it is normal for other men to be attracted to her.

Thinking about it this way, Lu Yue felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He asked that woman to come to the company to make time to spend more time with each other, not to make wedding dresses for others! Although Lu Yue knew very well that Yu Yurou didn’t like Xu Zhao at all, but… rushing to the company after getting off the plane has already shown his attitude.

 He did care about that woman and even if she was trying to test his mood by seducing his secretary, he had to admit that she succeeded.

 Lu Yue walked into the company with a bit of a sour mood and then was greeted……

“Mr. Lu, you’re back! Miss Yu is still in the general manager’s office, you can see it when you go in.”

“Miss Yu is really good. A very capable person, Mr. Lu, your vision is impeccable.”

“President, your fiancée is awesome!”

Lu Yue was confused, “Fiancée?”

A technical department supervisor who had a good relationship with Lu Yue winked at Lu Yue and said: “Okay, Mr. Lu, you still want to hide it from us?”

Another senior company shareholder smiled and said, “Lu Yue, you should take it easy, I’m very optimistic about that little girl Yu Ling, having such a virtuous inner helper will be of great help to your career.” 

A virtuous inner helper? What kind of helper? It’s only been a few days, why does Lu Yue feel that everyone in the company is full of nonsense?

 With question marks all over his head, Lu Yue called his secretary Xu Zhao into the office, “What are they talking about like fiancee?”

“Of course it’s Miss Yu.” The secretary became tense immediately, “Mr. Lu, could it be… that Miss Yu is not your fiancée?”

Lu Yue asked back, “When did I say she was my fiancée?”

“Then she is—” Xu Zhao’s With a blank head, Yu Ling is not Lu Yue’s fiancee, so who is he courting these days?

“Tell me everything that happened these days!”


After Lu Yue heard Xu Zhao’s remarks, after a moment of silence, he burst into laughter.

“Mr. Lu?” Xu Zhao stood aside tremblingly, “This… What if everyone misunderstood? It’s all my fault for not finding out the facts. I…I’m going to clarify this rumor now!”

 “Wait.” Lu Yue stopped laughing and his expression was full of interest: “Does Miss Yu know about this rumor?”

“We didn’t talk about it in front of her, but everyone was discussing it in private. She might have heard something. “……” Xu Zhao said uncertainty.

How could Lu Yue not know that the rumors were the result of that woman’s deliberate letting go, so that everyone in the company could believe in her identity and she had organized several company meetings… It’s so interesting just to think about it.

“She doesn’t care, so I don’t need to clarify.” Lu Yue, who had never established a formal relationship with a woman, was actually happy to see such a development.

Lu Yue chewed the word “fiancee” in his mouth several times and walked towards Tong Ling’s office with great interest.

 “Fiancee… This status is really good.”

                (End of this chapter)

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