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70MUMP chapter 9


Chapter 9 Call Brother
Translate by Phiphihi


She covered her nose and was about to cry. Lin Chuan’s chest was made of stone, so hard.


Lin Chuan was wearing a vest, standing in the way. He had a good hearing, so he heard when the girl come to deliver cloth tickets to his parents. Thinking that they can’t accept something from a girl who just came to a foreign place, he run over the bed to stop it, but was accidentally made someone to thrown herself into his arms and hugged her.

The Girl’s body was really soft, he was stunned by the bump, and after a while he reached out his hand to pull her up to see if there were any injury. But this girl, like a rabbit, actually got under his arm and ran away while said, “I’m sleeping, it’s really cold.”


“Girl, you should take back the tick…”

However, the door to the back room had already closed.

The three people were speechless while watching the two tickets under the moonlight. Father Lin said, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow morning.”

Lin Chuan nodded, and then went back to the room to sleep.

As soon as he lay down, Lin Hai asked in a daze: “Big brother, what’s the matter?”

“Sleep, Why are you asking so much?”

“Oh.” Lin Hai turned over, just now he was arranged in one bed with his big brother. When he bump into something, he whisper to my elder brother: “Brother, why did yours stand up? Mine can only stand up for a while every morning, how can yours stand up at night?”

Lin Chuan froze, Then he grab his ignorant younger brother’s neckline and said, “If you don’t sleep, I’ll throw you out.”


Lin Hai had no choice but to sleep obediently, but he didn’t really want that thing to stand up at night. How awkward.

Lin Chuan was also frightened by his own directness. It was the first time in so many years that he had been so impulsive, and it was too late to stop. Maybe, at the age to marry a wife?

Well, it must be so. Fortunately, we are getting married in two days.

He has spent time in the military camp since he was a teenager, so he really doesn’t know much about these things, just thinking that there will be no such embarrassment in the future.

Lin Chuan successfully convincing himself and finally fell asleep, and the next day he saw a confused little girl standing at the door washing her face.

He left the door open for a while because he was going to put out cigarettes in the morning, and the sun directly shine on her little face, which was as white as jade, as if surrounding her with a layer of gold.

She looked back at Lin Chuan, waved her hand and said, “Good morning Lin Chuan.”

Lin Chuan’s heart beat faster for no reason, and turned his face to the side without saying a word. But he didn’t know that the Little Girl’s heart was roaring at this moment: Big wood, smelly stone, can’t you give me a smile?

But Mother Lin covered the pot and said, “What’s your call, let’s call brother.”

“Oh, brother Chuan.” You’ve become a brother so soon?

“Yeah.” Lin Chuan agreed this time, but he moved the tables one by one.

There was no work in the team today, and their family was just preparing for the marriage banquet.
Mother Lin took out the two cloth tickets and returned them to Su Su after eating: “Girl, I know you are kind, but we can’t accept your tickets.”

“But it’s useless for me to keep them, just keep it if you need it urgently, and you can just return it to me later.” Su Su really doesn’t care about these things, she was not lack of these things.

“However, these two are too big for our family to buy these cloths.”

Mother Lin really didn’t expect that this girl still has such a large denomination ticket in her hand, let alone getting married, this cloth were enough to be used for a year.

Su Su took it over and saw that it was two ten feet, in fact, it was only a few meters of cloth.

“Then I’ll change a smaller one.”

Su Su took two ten-meter cloth ticket back to the hut, and everyone in the Lin family was thinking, how many tickets does this girl have?

Lin Chuan immediately felt the suspicion of the whole family, and explained for Su Su in a low voice: “She has an income certificate, and she do translate job.”

Nowadays very few people know foreign languages, so you should be able to earn a lot by doing translation.

“Oh, college students are amazing.”
Mother Lin said, “When your daughter-in-law is admitted to college, you have to support her study. By then, we will have a college student who can made money.”

Lin Chuan frowned and didn’t answer, but he felt that his family was really thinking too much. That girl has always disliked the life in the countryside. She will unlikely come back if she was admitted to the university. Even if he applied for her to join the army, it was unlikely she would agree because army was far from the city.

Forget it, let’s talk about it later.

After a while, Su Su brought a cloth ticket of five feet long and a meat ticket, she said, “This is because I am cravings for meat, so it can add a meat dish that day. Don’t refuse, auntie.”

“Girl, how can we pay it back?”

“Slowly pay it back, I’m going to live here for a long time anyway, and I don’t know how to cook, so I can only add burden to aunt and uncle.”

Su Su actually doesn’t support male partner marrying heroine, but she has to be this ‘good person’ first and stabilize her position before she can do anything else.

“That’s fine, you will be the aunt’s daughter from now on.” Lin’s mother grabbed Su Su’s hand.

“Well.” Yes, we are a family.

The family was talking when they heard someone coming from outside. Lin Chuan, who had been silent, suddenly grabbed the two cloth tickets and put them in his pocket, and then said to everyone in a muffled voice: “Wealth is not revealed, Don’t let outsiders know.”

“Oh, oh.” I thought the male supporting role was really dumb and stupid, but the actions and sharp eyes just now didn’t look like he was stupid before. Men were multi-faced.

Su Su inexplicably thinks that his actions just now were very handsome.

At this time, the male protagonist Lin Donghe walked in and said with a smile: “Everyone is here. Comrade Su Su, we are going to hold a small welcome party for you, why don’t you come over?”

“No, don’t bother.” What kind of welcome party did you give me?

“Is there something else?” Lin Chuan asked.

“It’s okay, it’s just that everyone wants to meet college students. It’s because our village doesn’t have it yet.” Lin Donghe said with a smile.

But Susu didn’t think it was funny, but she still picked her lower lip sweetly and said, “Okay, I’ll go put on a coat.”

After that, she went back to the room and picked up the down jacket.
Except for this coat, everything else is a bit exaggerated. Although it is a little dirty, it can’t be seen if not looked closely.

After she came out, male supporting role was also following. Su Su looked back with a very puzzled look.

Lin Chuan turned his head to the side without explaining, just followed silently.

Su Su was also used to his silent, and followed Lin Donghe along the way, chatting and laughing.

Don’t think Hero living in the countryside since he was a child, but he really unusual in dealing with people and things. And you can pick up anything, chatting with him is a pleasure. But too much inquiry.

After a while, even ask how old Su Su was and whether she had any targets.

Lin Chuan in the back frowned, fearing that the little girl would be too sincere and say something that shouldn’t be said. Fortunately, the journey was short, and in a short time, they reached the village brigade.

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