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70MUMP chapter 8


Chapter 8 Sending Ticket
Translate by Phiphihi
Edited by Sefyna

Su Su looked back and carefully glanced at Lin Chuan and saw his cold and condescending attitude: “Comrade Su Su, please correct your attitude.”

“What’s wrong?” Su Su was taken aback. He’s never been so angry before.

“How can you, a little girl, always talk about these things? You must do something about your etiquette,” Lin Chuan frowned, reminding the little girl in front of him not to say such things. It will be the girl who suffers.

“Why? Did I say something wrong? I’m asking if you’ve ever been in a relationship and have feelings. What’s the matter? If you don’t have feelings, why get married in such a confusing way and still have to live together for many years? How will you live?” Su Su stared at him, expressing her dissatisfaction.

Lin Chuan opened his mouth and said, “It’s over.”

“Hey, you…” What do you mean everything is over? What an indifferent man. But seeing that he turned around and left, she could only keep up silently.

The village has no street lights, and the road is not easy to walk on. The little girl, used to walking on asphalt roads, ignored this.

She suddenly grabbed forward with an ahhh then subconsciously hugged something to keep her balanced. Her arms were wrapped around Lin Chuan’s waist. Her face even touched ‘it’ slightly.

Really, so embarrassing.

The man in front of her stiffened, and then a giant hand lifted her.

“That, sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Walk carefully.”

Su Su really could only walk carefully, but she was afraid that she would fall again, so she whispered: “That Lin Chuan, can I hold on to your clothes? I’m afraid of falling.”

“…” Lin Chuan said nothing.

Su Su, from the twenty-first century, realized he would disagree and secretly yelled, “You deserved to be dumped,” as a short stick was stretched into her hand.

“Hold it.”

“…” She was unable to complain.

She quietly took the short stick and returned to the Lin house. “Auntie, my hand got a splinter. It hurts,” she complained to Lin’s mother.

“How did it get a splinter? Let me see,” Mother Lin took Su Su’s little hand and saw a black thorn in it. She took Su Su close to the oil lamp and pulled it out for her.

“It’s not Comrade Lin Chuan’s fault. I couldn’t see the road clearly, so I grabbed his clothes and wanted him to lead the way. As a result, he gave me a small stick that he picked up from the roadside.” Su Su thought that the Lin Mother would avenge her.

However, the rigor of this era was beyond her imagination. Mother Lin said with a smile: “Chuanzi joined the army when he was in his teens, and the army pays attention to etiquettes, so how could he let you get close to him casually? What should he do if it spreads out and hurts your reputation?”

“Who is not blind in the dark?” What a good vision.

“Always pay attention. In the future, I will tell him to pay attention and not to pick up a stick with thorns.” Mother Lin’s words made Su Su laugh.

On the other side, Lin Chuan felt a headache, and this little girl returned to complain. I’m doing it for her reputation, but she still acts wronged. Next time, I have to check the stick to see if it has thorns. Who would have known that the little girl’s hands were so tender?

Lin Chuan panicked for an unknown reason, took off his clothes, and went to bed, recalling the feeling when the other party hugged his waist. Even though he is about to marry, he does not have a throbbing feeling when he thinks of his fiancée; on the contrary, he felt a little when the little girl hugged him.

Sure enough, you still have to pay attention to proper etiquette.

Unknowingly, his thoughts were wandering around.

He hadn’t felt this throbbing feeling in nearly a year since he met and talked with his fiancée.

What happened to me? No, I must not think about it before getting married.

Su Su, who was angry, returned to her room at night and had to think about how to save Lin Chuan. Even if he acted like a good man, I had the impression that he would see the engagement through to the end; it’s not about love. It’s about keeping a promise and fulfilling responsibilities. I don’t think there aren’t any stupid people in the world; this era is very different from later decades.

She sat on the kang and touched her chin, recalling the plot in the book.

In fact, it belongs to the heroine’s memory. She has been complaining about how Lin Chuan doesn’t know how to care for women. Before getting married, she was asked to tidy up the house, and he didn’t help her with the work. In the end, she was asked to marry with only a hundred dollars for the dowry. Apart from these, there was nothing, just a new quilt.

But Su Su had no idea that Mother and Father Lin were still debating in the master’s bedroom until midnight whether the two chickens raised at home should be sold for these dowry gifts and quilts. A hundred yuan might not be collected if they simply borrowed money from others. Then there’s the problem with cloth tickets. Although Lin Chuan sends tickets home every year, they are only enough to buy a piece of clothing, and the quilt is insufficient, so they must exchange more tickets.

Every family was concerned about having a daughter-in-law, but the Lins had recently paid off their debts, and their savings were nearly depleted. They will have to borrow money for the wedding this time.

“Sigh, after our eldest son marries, our second child will be next, and we can’t give less than this time, so I’m afraid we’ll have to save up for it,” Mother Lin explained.

“Just save it all together because children are all debts.”

“It would be great if I had a daughter, but I raised a daughter for someone else, and she didn’t return even for a day after getting married.”

“Isn’t it too early? Okay, I’ll go to town tomorrow and see if I can trade some food for some cloth tickets.”

“Our family’s food is insufficient, and we must support Chuanzi’s wife in the future.”

“Even if that isn’t enough, we must support her; at the very least, eat less for one meal and tighten our waistband.”

Su Su couldn’t take it anymore; she needed to tighten her waistband for the cloth ticket, and she hadn’t eaten in two days. Furthermore, this family is very nice to her and treats her well. In the dim light, she found her wallet and took out two cloth tickets. She thought she could borrow money, but it seemed like tickets were less expensive than money these days.

“Auntie, uncle, I have something to say. Can I come in?”

“Come in, girl. What are you doing out at night? It’s so cold,” she said after seeing Su Su enter the house in plush pajamas. However, in the winter, the house is bitterly cold.

“Come, use the quilt,” Mother Lin said as she lifted the quilt, and Su Su jumped on the bed without saying anything and jumped into her quilt. In the rural areas of the Northeast, being overly polite is frowned upon, and women must be quick to avoid losses. But, she doesn’t despise Mother Lin.

“Auntie, I heard in the room that you were running low on tickets, and I thought I just had them in my hand and sent them to you,” she said, taking the two tickets and placing them on Mother Lin’s pillow, which she also placed on her lap.

“How can this be? This is yours, we…” said Mother Lin nervously.

“Auntie, your family is in a tight situation now, and I don’t need to worry about clothes; this is the only way, for now, it’s too cold, and I’ll go back to my room,” she got down, and as soon as she opened the door, she hit a wall of flesh.

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