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70MUMP chapter 7


Chapter 7 Do You Like Him?

Translate by Phiphihi | Edited by Sefyna

Qin Yueyue’s entire body froze, and she lowered her head after a weak glance at the male protagonist. Lin Donghe clenched his fist and turned his head to the side.

It was difficult to say that these two had no relationship.
Su Su was obviously on the side, but she cast another glance in the direction of the kitchen; Lin Chuan might have burned himself, and he hadn’t come over in a long time.

Lin Chuan’s three brothers ran over to watch the fun, but the person who had just been burned shouted, “Go inside and do your homework and read books. What are you doing here?”

The tone of the voice was stern. So the three boys at the door walked away as if they were listening to their brother’s words.

“Auntie, this should have been decided by your family; after all, my parents are not here; however, I am taking the college entrance exam this year; could the marriage take place next year?”

“Brother Chuanzi, you understand the importance of knowledge the most, so I plan to get married after college,” Qin Yueyue said, looking at Lin Chuan, who was in the room.

“Three years. Chuanzi will be close to thirty in three years, and we are still waiting to hold our grandson. Don’t think we old people don’t know what kind of business this is,” Mother Lin scowled in disapproval.

Lin Chuan scowled as well; it had been difficult for him to take this time off, and if she had mentioned taking the college entrance exam earlier, he might not have returned.


“After you get married, you can still go to college, and then I can take care of your child, so why not? Chuanzi, you can’t listen to her this time. You have to listen to me.” Mother Lin has a strong character, and she said nothing wrong.

However, Qin Yueyue glanced at Lin Chuan and said, “Brother Chuanzi, you also know the importance of going to university, so…”

Qin Yueyue, on the other hand, looked at Lin Chuan and said, “Brother Chuanzi, you also understand the importance of going to university, so…”

“I support you going to university, but I have a rare vacation this time, and I don’t think it will interfere with our marriage,” Lin Chuan explained calmly.

“Yes, but I…”

“Did you pass the exam yet?” Mother Lin said dejectedly on the side without hesitation.

“Second aunt, everyone is looking forward to the people who take the college entrance examination this year to pass the entrance examination. How can you say that?” Lin Donghe finally felt sorry for Qin Yueyue. She was young, but she was mature and motivated.

The village’s old peasants would not understand her. She will undoubtedly suffer a loss if she marries into their family in the future, especially since the second aunt was stubborn.

“Comrade Su Su, you are also a university student; isn’t it easy to become distracted at this university by getting married?”

Qin Yueyue inexplicably brought the war to Su Su, a member of the audience.

Su’ xueba’¹ Su smiled slightly: “No, university is very easy.”

Although she wanted to separate the couple, she had to follow Mother Lin first because she was a thigh² that no one dared to mess with.

Qin Yueyue’s eyes widened as she wondered where the university’s adage that it was simple came from.

“Look, everyone, Xiao Su said so, and that’s how things are set. I’ll buy the house in the back right away, and you can proceed with the marriage as soon as you’re ready.”

“Big brother is getting married, he is going to marry a bride,” the boys who were listening to the sound in the adjacent room exclaimed.

“Shut up.” Lin Chuan reprimanded nervously and then went to set the fire again.

In fact, it is common for people in their twenties to want to marry, but they are unaware that their daughter-in-law does not want to live with him.
I recall the beginning of the story taking place one night before their marriage. Someone handed the little daughter-in-law a handkerchief while crying in the woods because she was forced to marry.
The heroine then nestled into the Hero’s arms and vented her frustrations. But the Hero refused to take her away for various reasons and eventually watched her marry someone else with sadness.

Su Su thought: It would be preferable if he took on the male supporting character to observe the scene. As long as he saw that scene, the male supporting character would not marry the heroine, saving him from a sea of misery. That’s it.

Su Su listened to them talk about their marriage for a while, but her stomach grumbled, so she went to the restroom outside. When she returned, she noticed someone smoking under the tree. It was Lin Chuan.
There was a marriage discussion; what kind of cigarette did he smoke there? So she walked over to him and looked at him, unsure whether he was happy or rejected the marriage.

“That… Comrade Lin Chuan, aren’t you happy that you are getting married?”

“Little girls shouldn’t care about these things. Go back inside.”

“…” Who is the little girl? I have finished college!

Looking at the pitiful appearance of this male supporting character and his cowardly appearance when discussing marriage, he deserves to be bullied by others. Su Su snorted and entered the house without much thought.

And Lin Chuan kept smoking. He was aware that his fiancee despised him and that she desired to change her life through the college entrance examination. He must, however, keep his promise because he nodded his head and agreed to the marriage.

After stepping on the cigarette, he went into the house and continued to listen to their marriage discussion.

He was responsible for taking Qin Yueyue back when it was late, but he was a little embarrassed because the other party appeared to be very unhappy.

Su Su jumped out at this time and said, “I’ll go too. I didn’t have time to see what the village is like today.”

As she walked, she said, “This village is quite big. Qin Yueyue, how old are you this year?”

“I’m twenty-two already.” Qin Yueyue said.

“Then you should get married. Let’s talk about it. How did you and Comrade Lin Chuan meet? How did you decide on your relationship?”

Women like to gossip, so asking that shouldn’t be a problem, right?
Of course, when she asked these two sentences, she also intended for Lin Chuan to listen to her response. The heroine didn’t want to marry you at all, and you’d die sooner or have to be a ‘father’ when you’re wearing a green hat.

“We’ve been engaged since childhood, so we don’t have any experience with love,” Qin Yueyue complained.

Look at her grievances to see how dissatisfied she was with the engagement.

“What? What era is this that there’s something like an arranged marriage?” Su Su exclaimed, then cast a glance behind her at Lin Chuan. He put his hands in his pockets, didn’t look sideways, didn’t even flinch.
So calm.

“Well,” Qin Yueyue was silent, but everyone could see her resistance.

“Then, do you really like Comrade Lin Chuan?” Su Su could probably only ask such a bold question because she is not from this era and has long been accustomed to modern ways of doing things.

But this startled Qin Yueyue for a moment. She raised her head and looked at Su Su, opened her mouth, covered her face and fled.

Running away?

Su Su shook her head. Did I say something wrong?

1. xueba mean school tyrant or student tyrant, that’s a smart person in academic.

2. thigh usually used to define the most powerful or authorized person that can be relied to make your life easier. Usually used like this, ‘Great God still the most powerful, I really want to hug his thigh’ mean ‘Great God still the most powerful, I really want to rely on him


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