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70MUMP chapter 6


Chapter 6 Getting Married
Translate by Phiphihi
Edited by Sefyna

Su Su had no idea the plot had progressed to the point where they were getting married.
Could the male supporting character come back this time to marry the heroine? It is possible.

It’s just that once the marriage is over, the male supporting character will have a difficult time. First and foremost, he and the heroine only had a banquet and no marriage certificate. In this era, everyone still thought that a certificate was unnecessary, especially in rural areas, where if everyone invites a drink, it is considered to be married, and no certificate is required.
As a result, the heroine could claim that she had never been married, whereas the villagers assumed that the male supporting character would marry for the second time.

He married a little widow later in life.

These details are unimportant; what matters is that the hero and heroine had an affair and became pregnant behind Lin Chuan’s back.

After more than a month, the heroine realized something was wrong, so she used Lin Chuan’s mother’s illness to get him drunk enough to take off his clothes and pretend to sleep for one night. The next day, Lin Chuan returned to the army.

Then she wrote a letter to the male supporting role stating that she was going to college, did not want the child, and even went to the army to discuss the situation with the male supporting role. As a result, the male supporting character not only bore the brunt of the blame but also bore the agony of ‘bereavement.’

To avoid jeopardizing the heroine’s future, he could only reluctantly consent to her aborting the child.
The heroine also blamed him, believing he was deliberately killing his own child. She even told Father and Mother Lin about it in private, causing them almost to cry themselves to death.

When I was reading the book, I thought it was okay for the heroine to defend herself, but I feel bad for the male supporting character now that I am here.
It’s unfair that you have to bear the blame for them even though you haven’t done anything wrong.
No, I am opposed to this marriage. I’m going to ruin it.I

t’s just that, with my current situation, I can’t do anything; it’s a bit of a pain.

Turning to face the hero, he should be very ambiguous with the heroine at this point, and shouldn’t he be opposed to this marriage?

“How can this be done? There’s too much pressure at home, and it’s not fair to the two of them to get married so quickly.” Lin Donghe couldn’t help but clench his fist when he thought of a particular figure; why had she gotten engaged so soon? There would still be some hope if it weren’t for his second uncle’s family, but it’s okay to put it off for now.

Mother Lin frowned; they were aware of it. But the son’s vacation is limited; if he doesn’t marry now, it will be next year or the year after.

He was twenty-five or six years old, and many villagers had their second child at this age.

“There’s nothing I can do about it,” she said as she swept the kang, clearly unhappy.

Su Su is still very good at recognizing situations and reaching out to help Mother Lin; at the very least, she has reserved the place where she lives, which is fine.

“Would you like to ask Comrade Qin’s opinion?” Lin Donghe persisted with an expression of planning for their family.

Mother Lin’s movements were frozen for a brief moment. That little girl was always slick, talked a lot, and didn’t work much. The most important thing is that she did not mention marriage. Mother Lin is concerned that her son will suffer due to her actions in the future.

“If not, I’ll ask for you,” Lin Dong said.

“Hey, does the captain even care about this matter? Since it’s his fiancée, Comrade Lin Chuan should ask himself,” Su Su joked.

Lin Donghe didn’t say anything, but Lin Chuan just coughed and turned around to start the fire without saying anything.

What does this mean?
It is stated in the book that he paid a high price for the heroine, but it is not stated how much he likes her. I remember him going to the hostess to find a match and then not getting married. As a result, people fled.

While Su Su was thinking about it, someone knocked on the door and said, “Auntie, my name is Qin Yueyue.”

Yo, the heroine is here.

Su Su was delighted and looked out silently from the innermost part, wondering what the heroine who drew so many male supporting roles looked like. Her eyes glowed as she waited for the person to enter.

The heroine had a beautiful appearance. But after another look, she felt nothing; the most important thing was that her facial features were indeed delicate, but the loss of skin points was too severe.

Overall, I think she is pretty but not as good as the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Is it because the heroines were all beautiful, but the female supporting characters were the most attractive? This demonstrates that the male protagonist has vision; would you choose the right one or the most beautiful?

I don’t think the heroine is particularly attractive, but her eyes are surprisingly bright.

“This is Comrade Su Su from the city, right? She is a beautiful girl,” the heroine says, with her gaze fixed on Su Su’s body and a slight smile that earns her a few impression points.
There’s nothing wrong with the heroine’s words; they’re flattering.

However, after careful examination, a girl from the city points out that I am from the city. Isn’t that what causes differentiation?

Su Su smiled as she pinched the corner of her clothes and said, “Thank you for your compliment. My sister is also very beautiful.”

Su Su took a mirror to her face in the morning and discovered that she was much younger than her actual age. Does crossing over have an advantage?
People always like soft and gentle little girls, especially those who are not proud or arrogant.

This girl makes people feel friendly at first glance, and she is different from those in the city,” Mother Lin said with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah.” The heroine was embarrassed, and Su Su noticed she hadn’t interacted with Lin Chuan since she arrived. That stupid boy was in the kitchen and hadn’t moved since his fiancée entered. He simply stuffed wood into the stove.

Mother Lin resigned when she saw the heroine approaching. After all, she is her future daughter-in-law.

“I’m here today to ask what Comrade Su needs from the educated youth. Is there anything you’re not used to?” the heroine said after sitting down.

“I don’t have to go to the educated youth. I want to stay at my aunt’s house,” Su Su said as she grabbed Mother Lin’s arm and shook her with a charming smile.

In a daze, Qin Yueyue asked, “Huh? That… Wouldn’t it be inconvenient?”

A flower-like girl who has recently arrived in the city wishes to live with the poorest family in the village, and because they have many children, she is not afraid of any bad influences. After all, isn’t the Lin family going to discuss marriage with me? How am I going to get married in this place?
Just as the heroine is thinking about it, Mother Lin patted Su Su’s hand and said, “Whether it is inconvenient or not, this girl will live in my house.”

“Since you’re here, we don’t need anyone to send the word now. Your father got you engaged to our family because he was going to the city and needed a guarantor. Now you’re all grown up, and my family’s Chuan is always in the army and can’t come back, so let’s take advantage of this winter for you to get married,” she said to Qin Yueyue.


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  1. Thank you for your translation.
    I like SuSu’s attitude of going after the heroine’s supicious points and Mother Lin seems to also see that suspicious attitude but out of good-will she seems to be willing to look past that.

    1. It’s not about good-will but because Mother Lin’s sense of responsibilities and Heroine’s identity as her soon to be daughter-in-law that she tried to bury Heroine’s disadvantage and only see advantage.
      After this ‘filter’ is gone, she will have no good sense of heroine.

  2. Ok what kind of FL was the original FL? She married SFL and then denied the marriage. Cheated on marriage with ML, got pregnant, pretend to sleep with SFL, told him she is pregnant, but wants to go to college and aborted the child, blames SFL for abortion and tells in laws that their son caused Thier grandsons death ….WHF?

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