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70MUMP chapter 5


Chapter 5 Food Delivery
Translate by Phiphihi
Edited by Sefyna

Su Su felt a little nervous in her heart, thinking that if there were other more powerful time-travel girls, they should be thinking about cooking dinner for the family right now because they would need to eat when they return. But I don’t know anything because I have never used this type of stove.

Furthermore, every family is very tight on money. This is evident from last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast. This family was pleasant, and since she could not cook, it would be unfortunate if she wasted food. Then, why not just stay here quietly?

Despite her panic, she could only remain silent; if she couldn’t, she would help sweep the floor. The ground is dirt, and it’s all ash when swept away.

In the end, she was a little discouraged and said, “I can’t do anything.”

Lin Chuan returned to find a little girl in a fashionable sweater pouting angrily as if she was upset because she couldn’t do anything. In fact, shouldn’t she feel that this place is tough and that the conditions are poor, making her want to cry and beg to return to the city?

He had just quietly placed the meal on the table, picked up the scoop, and was about to drink water when he heard the little girl jump up with a loud noise, patted her chest, and said, “So it was you, you scared me.”

Suddenly, you would find people behind you out of nowhere. Everyone will be startled. How does this person walk? There was no sound.

“Eat the meal I gave you.”

Lin Chuan rarely interacts with a girl alone, so he says nothing more than a single sentence before leaving to avoid suspicion.

Su Su has never before met a man who is so sincere. He even turned around and walked away after speaking softly to a young girl. He is too direct.

“Is it a little bad for me to eat this meal?”

She heard that a big pot of rice was prepared for the team. She was just staying at home, and someone came to deliver a meal. Isn’t this a bit inappropriate?

“You are here to literate the villagers, and you are also contributing to us here; for the time being, the team has decided that the team will pay your rations, and it will be considered half a person’s work points.”

“Well, also, thank you yesterday; I was a little confused due to the fall.” She doesn’t want him to dwell on what she said.

The other party nodded indifferently and then left without a word.

This must be the reason why this man can’t find a girlfriend. It’s no surprise he’d been a bachelor since the heroine dumped him. He would be unable to marry if his family did not arrange a marriage.

However, such a man is quite exciting; after all, he will not mess around and will spend his entire life guarding a woman. Most importantly, he is attractive.

In the evening, everyone came back after a day’s work.

Su Su didn’t do much other than boil a pot of hot water for them, but Mother Lin was so happy that she said, “I usually come back to have a cold pot and a cold stove, but the kang is hot as soon as I enter the house today.”

Su Su embarrassedly scratched her head and smiled awkwardly: “I, I didn’t do anything.”

She had intended to give money, but after considering Lin Family’s self-esteem, she decided against it.

“I’m hungry,” the second child declared.

“Let’s cook; the captain will arrive after the meeting.”

After speaking, Mother Lin went to cook with Lin Hai. They appeared tired, but they worked diligently.
Su Su wanted to help but couldn’t, so she just sat in the room and stared out the window. The sky was overcast, and it appeared that it would snow soon.

The male protagonist eventually approached. I have to say that the male protagonist appears to be much gentler, or at least better at dealing with people and things than Lin Chuan.

He is the son of Chuan’s uncle. Despite the fact that he is an adopted son, his uncle’s family does not regard him as an outsider. He even paid for him to finish high school and become the most educated person in the entire village because he would not be a captain otherwise.

When he entered the room, the first thing he noticed was the girl sitting obediently with her hair in a ponytail. She was dressed in a brand-new wide sweater, and her face was white and smooth as if she had never suffered.

The most important thing is the pair of lovely big eyes staring at him.

No matter which man those eyes were fixed on, no one could relax.

Fortunately, Lin Donghe had some experience, but he felt that this girl’s dress couldn’t be worn by the most powerful leader he had ever seen.

“Hello, Comrade Su? My name is Lin Donghe, and I’m the production team leader in Xiaoshan Village.”

“Hello, my name is Su Su.” She politely shook hands with this man and then sat down.

“I have already read your documents. The commune had said before that a literacy teacher would come over, but we never thought she would be a college student. There are many illiterate people in our village. The autumn harvest will be finished soon. At that time, everyone will have time to study in the commune.”

“Well, I will try my best.”

“And there’s Comrade Su Su’s residence. Can we arrange for you to stay at the educated youth point? It’s newly built by the village, the house is relatively warm, and there aren’t many female educated youths, there are three…” Lin Donghe paused for a moment before continuing.

“Donghe, the kang that the educated youth ordered is very small; I’m afraid there will be no place to live if Su Su goes there,” Mother Lin said.

“Yes, it’s a bit crowded.” Lin Donghe nodded.

“Then, can I just live at aunt’s house?” Su Su glanced at Mother Lin and then said a little aggrievedly: “I don’t like living with unfamiliar people too much. Can I live at aunt’s house?”

Lin Donghe glanced at Mother Lin. Everyone knew there was a warm pavilion in the back of the second uncle’s house, so there was a place to live. They were unwilling to accept outsiders because they had many children and were poor.

But he had no idea Mother Lin would like Su Su. If she came here by herself, this girl should be looked after. Furthermore, the Lin’s daughter rarely returned after getting married. Because they were not biologically related, she was not particularly close to the Lin Family, so how could Lin Mother refuse a little girl who was willing to stay in their house?

This girl was from the city, so it’s not bad if she doesn’t dislike their poverty.

“Then it’s a good time to catch up before it snows. We have a warm house just for you,” Lin Mu agreed immediately.

Lin Chuan frowned but said nothing, but Lin Donghe said, “This, this is not good; isn’t Eldest Brother returning to solve personal problems, the marriage room…”

Mother Lin looked at her son and said, “We plan to buy the house from Lao Ning’s family so that they can get married, and we can reach them after passing through the backyard; Yueyue’s child is also from the city; the housewarming¹ will be done soon.”

“Mother…” Lin Chuan had no idea his parents wanted to buy him a house. He had learned over the years that they had sent these children to school and were deeply in debt due to their grandparents’ illness. The debt had recently been paid off and they’re still tight on money but they still wanted to purchase a house for him.

“Anyway, the money was also the allowance you mailed, and as for the things in the house… There’s really nothing we can do about it; you’ll have to deal with it yourself,” Mother Lin explained neatly.


  1. Housewarming is a dinner at a new house that invite relatives and friends

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