70MUMP chapter 3


Chapter 3 The Magical Big Backpack
Translate by Phiphihi
Edited by Sefyna

She felt nothing when reading the novel; after all, the male supporting role is just the stepping stone of the relationship between the male and female protagonists. Moreover, he had no sense of existence and was not at home all day, so she naturally ignores him just watching the heroine’s and the hero’s sweet time and almost forgets Lin Chuan, a dispensable male supporting role.
But now, the male supporting character saved her, and she couldn’t help but be slightly biased.
She had been awake for more than a minute. Hearing that Lin Chuan, the male supporting character, was cooking porridge for her while his parents were cleaning up the room and wanting to keep her here, she couldn’t help but be moved.
Although she had no idea why she crossed over in this manner, the fact that someone could send charcoal in the snow at this time made her feel a little warm.
So she woke up and took a deep breath when she saw the situation of this house. It’s feeble.
She first noticed a row of small framed windows, some of which were glass, some pasted with kraft paper, and a light breeze made a whirring sound. Then there are the two red lacquer cabinets under the window, which are unknown how many years old and are only found in a few places.
The cabinet has a half-mirror with a broken frame, but standing there was dangerous because it could fall over if touched.
In addition, there are two large enamel jars, all of which are half-new and look a bit historical.
This appears to be an adobe house with muddy walls, so if one coughs lightly, they will most likely be covered in dirt.
The bed was very short, she was lying on the east side, and there were piles of quilts on the opposite side. It looked like there were two or three quilts.
She didn’t dare to move the small quilt patches on her body for fear of tearing them apart.
Fortunately, the heat under her buttocks made her feel a little warmer.
Then, a woman in her forties sat opposite her, touched her forehead with a hand that looked older than her actual age, and said gently, “Girl, how are you doing?”
Su Su’s big watery eyes stared at her stupidly as if about to cry.

Mother Lin had never given birth to a daughter and couldn’t help but feel distressed for this lovely girl.
“I, where am I?” Calm down. I can’t go back anyway, first of all…
She had an empty head and didn’t know what to do, so she was a little confused.
At this point, the male supporting character who had saved her appeared, most likely due to the chick complex, and he cried out when she saw him. Then she crept over to him, pulled his sleeve, and asked, “Are you Lin Chuan?”
Lin Chuan frowned at the little hand grabbing him, but he didn’t say a word when he thought this girl was too frightened.
It’s all over. It’s really a novel. She sat softly on the bed after confirming again, wanting to jump back to the mountain.
Lin Chuan walked over to the big backpack and said, “My name is Lin Chuan. I serve in the XX Military Region of XX Province. I opened your backpack because I wanted to confirm your identity. Is that okay?”
Su Su put on the quilt and gently clasped her hands in self-comfort before nodding and asking herself, “Is this really okay considering my ID card and some other items were many years later?”
In shock, she glanced at Lin Chuan and saw that he had taken a portfolio with her name written.
The handwriting is indeed her own, but the bag she used to hold those things was clearly a gorgeous bag. How did it become a file bag?
At this time, Lin Chuan opened it and took out a folded piece of paper: “Su Su, eighteen years old, graduated from XX Normal University, just graduated this year?”
The age is incorrect, but the school I graduated from seems to be the same. She didn’t dare to say anything more, so she nodded lightly.
Then Lin Chuan opened another introduction channel: “Organize and arrange for you to come to our Xiaoshan Village for literacy, right?”
“Can I take a look?” I attend literacy classes and still come to a small mountain village for literacy?
But when she took it over and looked, it was really such a letter of introduction, and she clearly explained her identity and everything.
What’s going on here, not only crossing but also crossing with an identity? Is there such a miraculous thing?
Just thinking about it, Lin Chuan took out the orphan certificate, the food book, the household registration book, the identity certificate, and even the income certificate.
This is too complete.
In short, she is really not a black household here.
“Oh, I’m still a college student. There are no college students in our village.”
The more Lin’s mother looked, the more she liked this girl. She just lay down and didn’t pay attention. Only then did she realize that the ends of her long hair were all curly and looked foreign and beautiful.
After being cross-examined by Lin Chuan, she was ignorant and was determined as a female college student who reported to the literacy class in Xiaoshan Village. Her academic performance is excellent; she knows a foreign language and has done translation.
“You can rest here tonight and report to the village tomorrow.” Lin Chuan put everything back in the portfolio, thinking this girl is too powerful. She has such a degree and experience at such a young age. She must have a lot of hard work. After all, she was an orphan before.
Su Su, an orphan, could only be forced into admitting who she was. If not, the male supporting character might catch her and question her. She softly touched her head, finding it highly nerve-wracking.
The back of her head hurts a little.
She stretched out her hand and found a little blood there.
Mother Lin hurriedly stood up from the kang and walked behind her, taking off her hat, pulling out her hair, and saying, “What a big wound! Is this why you’re confused? Did you hit your head?”
No, I’m not confused. Can this be used to justify transmigration?
“Child, do you remember how you fell down the mountain?” Mother Lin asked as she walked in front of her.
“Do I remember?”
“What kind of car did you fall off of?” Lin Chuan remembered her saying before that it was a bus, but there was no bus in their village or the surrounding villages.
Su Su remembered that the Xiaoshan Village in the book was very poor, so there was no bus at all. As a result, villagers typically drive the road in donkey carts or horse carts. When they went out, the ox carts were too slow and would freeze, so they were not commonly used.
“It seems to be a carriage.” She replied subconsciously.
“All right, old lady, don’t ask any more questions; let her eat and rest, and go to Donghe tomorrow to ask what to do.” Lin’s father finished the matter and issued an order.
Lin Chuan also set up a small table for her and brought her a bowl of porridge.
Su Su was hungry, so she shared a bowl of porridge with Lin Chuan. Then she was taken to a hut in the back, where the small bed inside could fit two people, but it was still very hot.
“Thank you.” She was still a little confused, so she politely thanked Lin Chuan.
The other person simply nodded before walking away, but he quickly returned with her bulky backpack and advised, “Shout if your head hurts again.”

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