70MUMP chapter 2


Chapter 2 The Character in the Book
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The pain, horror, and impact of crossing over made Su Su unable to take it any longer, and she fainted.

Lin Chuan felt the other person’s small head tip down against his neck, making his whole body go stiff. He was twenty-five this year, and this was the first time he had been so close to a girl.

However, he didn’t have any strange thoughts. It would be better to go down the mountain early.

Today, in order to get home early, he had taken a shortcut – but the dangers in the mountains were only understood by the people on the other side. At night, there weren’t only wolves but also bears. It would be a little difficult for him to leave if he encounters them, not even mentioning the strangely-dressed delicate girl on his back.

However, Lin Chuan was a top soldier in the entire region. Even with a large backpack and a girl on his back, he could walk as if he was flying. He reached the edge of the mountain in a short time.

Although he was carrying a girl on his back to save her, he still observed the situation in the village for the sake of their reputations. When he found that no one was around, he ran to the back of his house.

Lin’s family were outsiders. They moved to Xiaoshan Village because of the flood back in their hometown. They had no status in this village, but they weren’t excluded, just relatively poor because of the large population.

Lin Chuan entered the house and unknowingly frightened the Lin family. They watched in shock as Lin Chuan placed a small girl wearing a red jacket on the bed and set an oversized backpack down, all at the same time.

“Well, what’s going on?” Mother Lin asked, lighting up the oil lamp.

After her eldest son joined the army, he seldom returned home. This would be the first time this year. Although her son had been engaged, if she was honest, she hadn’t been satisfied with that girl. It would be nice if he could voluntarily carry back his own little wife.

When she thought of this, she felt happy, and stretched out her hand to slap her eldest son with a smile: “Okay, are you going home with your wife?”

Outside the door, three little heads peeked over, and the second son – aged seventeen – said, “Mother, is this sister-in-law?”

Lin Chuan rubbed his temples and said, “What sister-in-law? I’m engaged, go back to sleep.”

Lin Hai was very worried that this eldest brother would beat them and hurriedly took his brothers back to bed.

Their father frowned and said, “If this isn’t your wife, why did you carry her back?”

“I picked her up in the mountains.” Lin Chuan spoke to his mother, “Her leg seems to be hurt, mother, take a look.”

“Okay.” The Lin family were all kind-hearted people. When they heard that she had been picked up, they knew she might have encountered something difficult. Since there was a problem, they had to help; their son did the right thing.

So Mother Lin immediately poured some hot water and removed the pair of small, warm-looking leather shoes from the girl on the bed, putting them aside carefully, and said, “These shoes have fur all over them. Yes, they must be expensive.”

She then found out that those cotton pants fit close to the body, were fluffy and elastic, and could be rolled up with a swipe.

“Oh, why is this girl so pale, she’s more delicate than our fourth child,” Mother Lin said.

Lin Chuan was originally suspicious of this girl’s origins, but subconsciously glanced over her calves after his mother said this.

They were quite white. No, what was he thinking about? He corrected his attitude and pulled the big pack to his side.

Lin’s father said, “What are you doing? Do you also look at girls’ things?”

“I’m a soldier, and she is very suspicious. Plus, she said something about a signal before, so I doubt…” He didn’t say anything more but kept moving.

Lin Chuan’s father stopped talking; the country was just in turmoil, and now it was indeed more strict in administration. In addition, his son was also a battalion commander in the army, so there must be reasons for his decisions. However, he was a little unused to looking at other women’s things, so he lit a dry cigarette and smoked it without looking at the backpack on the bed.

“I think you all think too much, what can such a small girl do? Luckily, this injury isn’t serious. Old man, can you find the plaster I used when I was injured last year and put it on this girl?”


Lin Chuan’s father went, and he didn’t see anything he wanted to see here, but found a stack of portfolios, opened it, and basically understood the girl’s identity. He closed the box in relief.

Mother Lin said, “Why? Not suspicious anymore?”

“Yes.” Lin Chuan didn’t say much but still looked over at the girl on the bed discreetly. She wasn’t suspicious, but it turned out she was a rare college student, and that was really amazing.

This little girl, who can go to this remote place where even the birds wouldn’t shit, was really special.

Thinking of this, he turned around and went outside to light the firewood and cook some rice porridge by himself. It didn’t matter whether he ate it or not, but comrade college student must eat when she wakes up.

Lin Chuan’s father and mother had nothing to say to their son, who didn’t like to talk. They could only deal with the small girl’s injury and find her a small quilt to cover up with, then discuss what to do next.

Seeing that it was getting dark, it was impossible to find the captain and make arrangements. They could only let her stay here. Fortunately, after their adopted daughter got married, her small house was still reserved. It was okay to reside there for one night.

Just as they were thinking about it, the small girl on the bed woke up in a daze.

Su Su had confirmed that she was now inside a historical novel and had been rescued by the supporting character inside it.

The male supporting character Lin Chuan was a good soldier, and he wasn’t really the film actor or cosplayer she thought to be. But he was very miserable in the book.

Ten years ago, the Lin family had a marriage contract with the heroine’s family, and the heroine had applied to come here out in the countryside so that she could be taken care of by their family. Although they let her live as an educated youth to avoid suspicion, they had helped her a lot. When the heroine was admitted to a university just one year after her arrival, becoming the only college student in the area, the Lin family had been proud of this for a long time.

But the heroine’s family favored their sons over daughters and didn’t pay for her college expenses at all, so these were all paid for by the second male lead.

As a result, the heroine secretly fell in love with the hero, Lin Donghe, who was the captain of the village. Although the hero was still the captain, he was actually the son of a certain army leader. He had been entrusted to this village during the war, into the care of the Lin family who raised him like a son, though he will soon be recognized by his real family and reunited with them in the city.

As for the secondary male lead Lin Chuan, he had bitterly supported the heroine to finish college. But the other party said that love is free, they are young people in this new era, and can’t be tragically tied because of outdated ideas. The good man had grown old and finally married a little widow.

The little widow was still restless. When the heroine returned to the village to show off, she was caught cheating with another, and then she was forced to die because of the cooperation between the two main characters. This caused the Lin family to be ostracized by the villagers. The two elderly couldn’t stand this blow and died one after the other, and the others left and scattered; a good home was gone.

As for the hardworking Lin Chuan, although his career went well, he never remarried in his life. But he was always called upon by the heroine to help, and she insisted on recognizing him as a brother to help her solve some problems.

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