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70MUMP Chapter 14


Chapter 14 Voice Recorder

The man opposite looked very fierce, his eyes seemed to be a little different, and the end of his eyes were red.

What’s going on, this, why did the plot of this idol drama happen to her in this era, and the most important thing is how could she felt that her heart beat a little faster?

Fortunately, when she suspected that her heartbeat would be overspeeding, Lin Chuan pulled her up directly, then walked away without looking back, and left again.

However, Su Su felt as if she had touched the tail of love, which was inexplicably sweet.

Cough, anyway, the Heroine doesn’t like him and doesn’t want him, why don’t you try to get someone by yourself?

No, they still have a marriage contract, and there is a bit of a style problem in their upright pursuit.

Or, secretly flirt?

Anyway, being sultry and not doing anything wrong, maybe it can shake the firm heart of the male partner. However, first of all, you have to ask him if he likes the heroine, if he has true love, then forget it.

She stood there struggling for a long time, and then decided to find out the male partner’s mind first.

Just after walking half a block, she saw two familiar figures, who seemed to be heading towards the side of the mountain. There are indeed few people there, but it’s not a romantic place.

She followed quietly, and then squatted on the edge of a small room to listen to what the male and female protagonists came here to say.

Unexpectedly, she heard the female protagonist complained to the male protagonist, said that the Lin family was quite… calculating.

“Tell me, what does it mean that their family didn’t even call me to buy something. And they only made a new quilt. How are we two people going to cover with just one quilt? ” Qin Yueyue, the hostess, cried.

A quilt is a double quilt, of course, it is made wide enough to cover two people together. Usually in the village, single-person quilts are used, but in the city, double quilts are used, so Mother Lin negotiated that she was afraid that she would come from this city because she felt that the single-person quilt was not good, so she would make a double-person quilt, so she was rejected?

"Don't cry, I will go to the second uncle and second aunt to talk to them later." Lin Donghe coaxed the goddess in his mind, looking a little nervous.

"What are you talking about? No need. If I didn't come to see the admission letter, I wouldn't know about it, but I'm really unhappy."

Su Su squatted on the side, feeling that she didn’t have useful to just listen, because it is not necessarily credible when she say it. So he reached out and took out the recording pen in the down jacket. This was used to record lesson. She didn’t expect it to be so useful at this time.

“Don’t be sad either.”

“I can’t be sad, this marriage was originally arranged by my parents. You know your cousin’s temper. He glares at people at every turn, and even killed the cow in the east with one punch. I don’t even dare to look at him. What if, if he wants to do something to me after marriage, what should I do?”

“No, he’s not that kind of person.”

“If, if the object of my engagement were you. How good it is.” The hostess suddenly said such a sentence, and as a result, both of them fell silent.

“Unfortunately, it’s not.” The male protagonist also said the same sentence, it sounded like Lin Chuan was breaking up a pair of bastards.

Su Su felt injustice for Lin Chuan in her heart, but she heard the heroine say brazenly: “Unfortunately I can’t break the marriage, otherwise, I’ll…” Anyone can hear the meaning of this affectionate voice, and cancel the marriage and be friends with the man in front of her. But the male protagonist still struggled with the issue of identity and said, “My cousin is a battalion-level soldier, I’m just a little white man who has nothing… not good enough for you.”

This voice sounded really painful.

Then, the male protagonist said: “Besides, it’s not a wise move for you to break your marriage now, without the help of the second uncle’s family, then I’m afraid you won’t be able to survive the spring ploughing next year.

” Well, when you can leave this place, and you don’t have to be bound by these things anymore.”

Grab the grass. (Cursing)

Mistress, you are too shameless.

Well, it’s not wrong for people to think for themselves. This pair just too selfish and greedy to the point of being shameless.

In the cold weather, she felt numb in her legs after recording for a while, and she couldn’t listen any more, for fear of being mad at herself. She could only stand up and leave quietly, and she ran into Lin Chuan, who was looking for her just a few meters away.

But the other party didn’t speak, just picked someone with hid chin and left.

On the way back, Su Su felt that he was hiding from her, and he was hiding quite far, and ran all the way back to the village.

“…” Isn’t it just a hug, do you want to be so innocent?

Originally, she should be more nervous as a girl, but seeing Lin Chuan being so embarrassed, her ‘perverted aunt’ heart immediately surged up, and suddenly she really wanted to tease this innocent big boy.

At night, Mother Lin was making quilts in the house. Su Su saw Lin Chuan was burning fire and suddenly squatted beside him and said, “Brother Chuan, I want to ask you something…” As a result, Lin Chuan went out directly.

He run really fast a bit like escaping.

Forget it, let’s wash hair first.

She pour the water herself and spread her hair out in the kitchen to wash it.

The room was still warm, she only wore a shirt and pulled down the collar.

Although there were many men in the Lin family, Lin’s father and the children are still surrounding the back yard. There are only three people in the family.

When Lin Chuan came back with the firewood, he saw the snow-white back of neck with a silver necklace that looked very thin. However, the skin is whiter and the neck is thinner. He suddenly stopped, threw the firewood, turned around and left.

“Brother Chuan, help me get the towel.”


Susu raised her head and found that Lin Chuan seemed to want to go out, but he ran too fast and hit the door frame.

She felt pain for him, but she heard footsteps suddenly. Could it be that the other three boys from the Lin family came back? She could only get the towel herself, and then listened to Lin Chuan’s voice and said, “Stop, don’t enter the house.”

“Why? we’re freezing outside.”

“If you dare to go in, I’ll break your legs. Run around the house to warm up.”



“Big brother.”

“If you don’t run, I’ll break your legs.”

After a while of wailing, the Lin family’s three-person team seemed to start running.

“Brother, why are you running along?”



Su Su laughed out loud, why is this Lin Chuan so funny? It turns out that he has such a side.

She tidied up and put on her clothes. It seems that the relationship between men and women is really conservative in this era. You can see it when you look at Lin Chuan.

No, the male and female protagonists are still huddled in the corner to talk about love, it seems to be divided.

However, Su Su had feel that it really too difficult to contact male supporting role. As soon as he approached him, he ran away like a rabbit, without any excuses, and ran quite directly. It made her wonder if he liked the heroine and it was delayed until her literacy class started.

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