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70MUMP chapter 13


Chapter 13 Hugs
Translate by Phiphihi


When was Lin Chuan said he want to send her away? It was clear that she was in hurry the was in hurry to leave because educated youth’s affair. This was talking nonsense with your eyes open, and saying it so righterously.

And Lin Chuan didn’t explain, just stood there straight as if seeing off a guest.

But Mother Lin didn’t know, she glared at Lin Chuan and said, “Then you can go back first, and tell Chuanzi if you have anything.”

In this way, Lin Chuan sent the heroine halfway and came back. When entering the yard, Mother Lin pointed at her nose and scolded her.

“Tell you, and finally let Yueyue come to see the house, so she can arrange it, but what do you do when people come and send her back right away. At that time, it’s useless if we arrange without its resident. She will lives here alone latter. Can you be at ease? what kind of wind does you child smoke? It’s easy for your daughter-in-law to be at home by herself when you’re away all year round? you don’t think about life? Is it something you don’t care?”

“Auntie, don’t blame Brother Chuan. It was Qin Zhiqing who said she had a meeting so she had to go back earlier, so he sent her back.” Su Su hurriedly spoke for Lin Chuan, lest he would be scolded and not say a word of explanation.

“That’s it, then forget it, let her come again tomorrow.”

Mother Lin glared at her son and said, “What are you doing standing there? be a pillar? Go sweep the yard.”

Lin Chuan turned around. I went to sweep the yard and didn’t struggle at all.

Su Su has never seen such a man with such a shaft, why is she scolded and still doesn’t say anything. She was also heard angry word of Mother Lin, and while wiping the room, she said, “It’s like a donkey with a silent head, just like his father.”

Su Su laughed, washing the rag for Mother Lin, and said: “Auntie, I think Qin Zhiqing has misunderstood something.”

“What misunderstanding?”

“Just now Qin Zhiqing told me that she doesn’t know how to do any work, and she doesn’t know what to do when she comes here. I guess she must have thought that she would come to help with the work instead of seeing what she has in her new house.” In the end, it was a matter of delaying marriage or something, when the heroine went to college and fell in love with Lin Donghe, Lin Chuan can find another girl to marry.

“What can’t do work? If she can’t do this work, then what else can she do. Even if their family is in the city, she has been able to do anything since she was a child. After all, she has two younger brothers to take care of it. I look at it, but she just don’t want to marry.” Lin’s mother was also a sensible person, in fact, she know everything in her heart.

“What if she don’t want to get married, in case they are not happy after married?”

“What you little girls understand? Man and woman will be inseparable if they live together for the rest of their lives.”

Mother Lin said with a smile, but she didn’t know that the female lead doesn’t let the male partner touch her at all.

But it was not appropriate for Su Su to say these words, so she could only help clean up and go back to Lin’s house for dinner.

After dinner, Mother Lin asked Lin Chuan to go to the town to buy things, mainly to buy quilts and noodles. Su Su was curious about what the public sales agency was like, so she rode a donkey cart to the town with Lin Chuan and Lin Mu.

Her leg were frozen numb, how could it be so cold in this mountain?

After rubbing her legs for a while, Lin Chuan suddenly jumped to the ground. His horse coat was covered on the legs of Lin’s mother and Su Su, and he ran on the road by himself.

“what are you crazy about? come up.” Mother Lin said.

“It’s too slow, I’m running.” After Lin Chuan finished speaking, he ran past the donkey cart and left…

Su Su touched the warm military coat and felt hot, this man was really cute, he doesn’t say a word of concern when he cares about others, but she felt really warm.

If she really can’t go back, it would be nice to marry such a loving man.

Bah, what do you think? can’t you live by yourself? Besides, the marriage of male partner and the female lead was not finished yet.

When the town arrived in the wild thoughts, Mother Lin went to line up with cloth tickets and cotton tickets to buy things. Yes, you need to queue up to buy things now, and you may not be able to buy them at that time.

Lin Chuan helped to unload the goods in the brigade’s donkey cart, and Su Su felt bored so she walked around.

The current town was called a commune, which is basically no different from a large village. In addition to a certain public sales agency, there is also a blacksmith shop, which does not seem to have any business.

The commune was built on the edge of a mountain, and the snow on the mountain looked as white as a painting. If her phone was still there, she can take a picture.

Su Su was looking around in fascination, suddenly heard someone behind her said, “Be careful.”

As soon as she turned around to see who it was, she was slammed to the wall, then pressed by a very hot man’s chest, feeling his body temperature and strong heartbeat.

She knew who it was from his voice without looking, but she looked up anyway.

The other party was also looking at her, and two pair of eyes stared at each other.

She was pressed against the wall by a tall man, her hands were in ‘surrender’ gesture, she looked like a harmless cute kitten, stretched out its soft claws and scratched gently in the air, ignorantly asked the man, “What’s wrong?”

The man’s heartbeat became irregular, he straightened up and said, “Icicles.”

After being let go, Su Su realized that she didn't know when a row of ice fell from where she was standing. 

Glup, if this hit the head, bleeding was just a light injury.

Just thinking about it, Su Su saw something red dripping from the side of the man’s ear.

Susu felt her head explode with a bang, and exclaimed: “Blood, bleeding.”

But the other party didn’t care about it , wiping it casually and said, “It’s okay, I was stabbed in the neck.”

He wiped the wound twice, and then reached out and wiped the snowdrift with his hand and treat it as okay.

How can Su Su agree, saying: “You can’t do this, what should you do if you get infected? I’ll see if the wound is deep.”

“No need.”

“No…” The other party raised her feet and almost touched his neck.

Lin Chuan had no choice but to squat down and lowered his head, feeling a pair of small hands moving around his neck, incredibly soft.

His breathing was a little heavier, and he wanted to run away immediately, but he was reluctant.

“It’s too deep. Is there a hospital here? I’ll take you to see it.” There was a long wound, and it was still bleeding.

“No, you get up, I’m fine.”

“No, you have to see the doctor.”

Su Su held him tightly to prevent him from getting up and running away, and looked around to see if there were any signs of a hospital. However can she held down the male supporting role with her small body? The other party stood up, and she was instantly brought down.

Lin Chuan also regretted it, and quickly reached out to catch her. He just wrapped his arms around her waist and circled around unexpectedly.

So slender, like hugging his own thigh. And it smells very good, he… what happened to him?

Su Su was also stunned. It was the first time that a man ever hugged her, but why was he held her for a long time?

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