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70MUMP Chapter 12


Chapter 12 Heroine’s grievance
Translate by Phiphihi

On the other hand, this era was the time when everyone was envious of the people in the city, thinking that they can go to work all day without having to work in the field and still get paid. In this village, there is not much money to be seen all year round, and there were starvation and freezing.

In fact, in this era, urban and rural areas are basically the same, each have its own advantages and disadvantages.

The brigade still organizing people to donate tables and chairs, then looking for the blackboard, so the literacy class was said to take two days to start. Now, Su Su was following the Lin Family to clean up the newly bought house. Their family has a lot of people and many children, and they were working in full swing.

Su Su followed Mother Lin to clean the glass, after a while, her frozen hands turned red.

“Girl, don’t wipe it, go to the house to sweep the kang, woman can’t be frozen before she gets married.” After all, the hands of city’s girl were too tender, and Mother Lin was reluctant to let her suffer.

Susu smiled and went into the room to sweep the kang, but Lin Hai snatched the broom and said, “Sister Su, you will be rowing your hands if you sweep like this, let me come.”

(TL note:
Kang is a tradisional bed with heating usually used in north China. I translate it as bed before because i can’t find the right word, but i still feel inappropriate so i decided to keep the word kang after find some novel keep this word too.)

She immediately had nothing to do, seeing the hot water in the pot, he said, “I’ll wash the curtains.”

“Can you?” Lin Hai frowned, then looked at her up and down a few times, his face turned red. It’s so beautiful, the more he look at it, the more he feel that this thin-skinned and tender lady was like a legendary Noble Young Lady, and she will definitely can’t work.

If you want to marry a daughter-in-law, you can’t marry like this. She can’t do anything, you have to worry about her all day long.

No, why do you think of marrying a daughter-in-law? The eldest brother hasn’t married yet, and he can’t tell when it will be his turn.

Su Su didn’t know how far his mind wandered, and said to him, “I can still do this job.” Then she found a pot and wanted to lift the lid of the pot and scoop water.

But the pot lids of this era were made of wood and were very heavy. She can’t lift it up, and the pot lid fell back with a snap.

“Be careful with your hands.” There was a seam in the middle of the pot lid. Seeing that silly girl’s hand plucked the seam and tried to lift the pot lid. Don’t need to ask, she was someone who had never cooked.

Lin Chuan went up and held her hand first, and then he opened the lid of the pot.

Susu realized that she was saved when she saw the heat coming out, and said, “Thank you.”

She didn’t know whether it was because the heat or work, she always felt that Lin Chuan face was red in the fog, before she looked closely, the man had already strode into the courtyard to chop wood. Listening to the sound, felt as if he was venting, quite aggressive.

Su Su felt inexplicably while scooped the water to wash the curtains. Now the curtains are really well embroidered and easy to wash. In addition, the windows are small, so they are not very big.

After washing, put them outside in the sun, although will freeze into lump, but after two or three days, you can take them in the house and put them on the kang. That’s how she wash clothes before, it’s really hard.

Just when she was about to hang the other half, it was snatched by a big hand. She looked at this hand and then looked at the tall figure with a few question marks floating over her head.

Mother Lin said: “You let Chuanzi dry it for you, don’t come out and freeze your hands.”

“huh? oh.” Yo, it’s not all wood, so he can take care of girls.

Mother Lin said again: “Chuanzi, after you help Su Su finish drying the curtains, call Yueyue to come over. She will live in this house in the future, so we has to ask her how she want to place things, how to tidy it up, hurry up.”

Lin Chuan nodded and left.

Susu wiped her hands and thought, this is not what the story recollections said that Mother Lin let the heroine do the work, but Mother Lin didn’t say that. She just asked her to come and see how the house was laid out. This was to respect her, after all, she was the bride who was going to live here in the future.

Besides, with so many people working, it’s not her turn to do anything. It’s already almost cleaned up, and when Lin Chuan calls people, it’s almost done.

Su Su didn’t say much, she’ll see the heroine’s performance later.

After about half an hour, the heroine finally came, with a look of grievance.

Ah, really misunderstood.

If someone think you were bad or reject you psychologically, you will never be able to get to her heart, so this is the case with the current heroine. Lin Chuan actually has a lot of bright spots, but she turns a blind eye.

For example, now, she came in under protection, and when she arrived, she frowned when she saw that her family was busy with her. Then she asked Mother Lin like an angry little daughter-in-law, “Auntie, what can I do?”

Instead of asking if there was anything, he directly asked what could be done. This was clearly a misunderstanding.

But Mother Lin and the others were simple old farmers, so they didn’t pay attention to the deep meaning of her words, so they said directly: “Come in and have a look.” The meaning was to let her go in and see if there was anything that needed to be cleaned up and changed.

Then the hostess entered the house, and after looking around, she picked up the broom and swept the floor a few times, but her hand was stabbed.

Su Su thinks that she and she are probably on the same trip, and they are the kind of people who are not diligent and indistinguishable.

“Are you alright, you don’t need to sweep this place that have been sweep.” Su Su grabbed the broom, but found that the heroine secretly shed tears. This was for her to see, right?

“I, I really don’t know what to do, and I don’t know how to clean up the house. What should I do now?” Qin Yueyue whispered to Su Su.

Su Su knew that her heart had long been crooked (TL note: thinking in the wrong direction), so she had to explain it.

Su Su frowned and said, “Qin Zhiqing, how do you say this? The aunt asked you to come, but let you see how the house is to be arranged and where the furniture is placed, not for you to clean up the house. You didn’t look at it. Is there everything was done or Is anything less?” The voice was not too small, the person who placed the basin in the outhouse could definitely hear it.

Although I don’t know who put the pot, but it’s good to pass a word.

“Then, they can do what they like. The educated youth still have something to do. Everyone is in a meeting to discuss how to continue to do things that will help the village during the slack.” Qin Yueyue also a smart person and knowing this Su Su was completely towards the Lin family, so the style of speech has changed.

Su Su said: “Oh, then take a look at it. If there is nothing dissatisfied, talk to the aunt and go back. Don’t delay your meeting.”

After she finished speaking, she ignored the heroine and turned away. The Lin family posted their hot face to Heroine’s cold ass, which was a bit unworthy.

As soon as she went out, Su Su saw Lin Chuan standing outside the door, his face a little dark.

Damn, others can pass the word when they hear it, but this one will definitely not pass it on.

“I’ll take you back.” Lin Chuan said and stood at the door waiting.

“I, it’s not good for me to go back as soon as I came…” Qin Yueyue knew that it was thanks to the Lin family’s help that she could persevere here, so these people were not easy to offend.

“I’ll take you back.” Lin Chuan said again bluntly.

There was no other way, Qin Yueyue had no choice but to go out, and then said to Mother Lin, “Brother Chuanzi said to send me back, so I’ll leave first.”

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