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70MUMP chapter 11


Chapter 11 I Don’t Like You
Translate by Phiphihi

Lin Chuan didn’t say a word, just stood under a tree not far away, smoking a cigarette.

Not to mention, the man look handsome when he smoke, it would be nice if he could be gentler with girls. But there is nothing wrong about him, she just a stranger he saved in the mountains, if he want to be gentle, he can only be gentle with the Heroine.

Just thinking about it, the heroine was coming, there were two female educated youths with her.

They seemed to misunderstand that Lin Chuan was there to intercept the heroine, and after seeing him there, they left laughing. Heroine also smiled shyly, walked up and said, “Brother Chuanzi, do you have anything to do with me?”

Lin Chuan took a breath, and then said, “It’s okay.”


Su Su rolled her eyes at the sky. It’s strange if Heroine likes him with this attitude, it’s too cold and hard.

“Oh, I thought you were here waiting for me. Brother Chuanzi, don’t you think the timing of our marriage is a bit wrong, why don’t you discuss it with your family…”

“Then when do you think it is the right time? “

“I… If I pass the exam, I have to go to school. Even if we get married, we can’t live here, right?”

“Then what do you think we should do?”

Lin Chuan felt upset for a while. The marriage report is up. If the marriage can’t be concluded, how will he go back and explain to his leader? Most importantly, he had absolutely no idea what this girl was trying to do by muttering in front of him. If they doesn’t get married now, should they wait until she finishes college?

“I think, after I finish college, can we get married?”

Sure enough, Lin Chuan stomped the cigarette to death.

“First of all, you may not be able to pass the exam. Although the difficulty will not increase much from the test in the first year, it is still very difficult. I came back to get married. If you You want me to wait for you to graduate from college, why didn’t you say it when you communicated before? I wrote a letter about marriage report, but you didn’t mention it in the letter.”


Su Su stretched out her fingers and counted. After a moment, she think this is the most spoken word by male supporting actor since she entered this world.

He still added: “If you really want to go to college, I support it, so we can delay… the matter of children.”

Hearing this, Su Su was stunned, the male supporting role is actually very good. Her can let the heroine go to college, not even have children. He was not too young. Well, at least not young for this era.

It’s really not as cold and hard as what was written in the book. After all, their family is almost ready, and they even bought a house for them alone. If they don’t get married, the Lin family will be gossiped by others, and will become the laughing stock of the whole village.

So it’s not wrong for the Lin Chuan to insist on getting married, after all, they are all adult.

But he didn’t know that the heroine really didn’t want to marry in the countryside now. Her idea was when she walks out of the village, the sea and sky will be vast, then she will find a gentle and affectionate man. Even the male lead is much stronger than Lin Chuan.

Of course, it is not written in the book, these are all analyzed by Su Su.

After all, she was also a woman, so she naturally knows what motivated women will think.

“I, I don’t want to hear this question.” The Heroine was about to cry in a hurry, this Lin Chuan was so unreasonable.

“Have you finished talking? I’m done resting. Ah, Qin Zhiqing, why are you crying? Are you happy to marry Brother Chuan?” Su Su said with a smile, and then received the loving eyes from the male partner, okay he was saying to her: How can you be blind at such a young age?

But Susu picked her chin and continued: “I told you, your vision is really good, and you will be happy in the future.”

A man who can coax people was not necessarily good, just like the male protagonist, he does look good, But later one, two, three, four or five confidantes will be sorted out for you, and you will be annoyed to deal with them.

It’s not as good as the male supporting role who have waited for her for so long, and how many three years were in a person life. Most importantly, it’s a sexless marriage.

This man didn’t touch the heroine as long as she didn’t agree, and he married a daughter-in-law but he couldn’t eat meat all the time. In the end, he was greedy and could only hug his friend’s child, and she was misunderstood by the Heroine and have to explained it.

When think about it, Lin Chuan is really miserable.

Lin Chuan coughed lightly and turned his face to the side in embarrassment. Qin Yueyue glanced at Su Su, then turned and ran away.

Su Su touched her chin, and wondered if Qin Yueyue had misunderstood her, why she looked at her like that before running away. In fact, she really has no interest in Male Partner, she just wants them to break up early. Without Heroine, Lin Chuan would definitely find a good woman to marry for a lifetime.

As soon as they left, she ran to Lin Chuan and whispered: “Brother Chuan, do you think Qin Zhiqing doesn’t seem to want to marry you too much, does she not like you?”

Lin Chuan suddenly stared her and said, “Little girl, let’s not get involved in this matter.”

“Hey, I’m just analyzing it. What are you in a hurry? After all, if a girl really likes a man, why wouldn’t she want to marry him? Stay by his side all day.” In fact, she didn’t understand, she was just talking nonsense.

Lin Chuan paused for a moment. He was very clear about these situations, but what could be done? If he really broke off the marriage, then Qin Yueyue would not be able to stay in this village. The fame of women in this era is greater than anything else.

If he doesn’t get married, he feels sorry for his parents, it will be difficult for him to be caught in the middle.

Of course, as a man, he swallowed all these things without saying a word.

Su Su doesn’t know why she thinks that Lin Chuan actually understands everything and understands that the heroine doesn’t like him, but why did he insist on marrying her?

When they got home, they found that everyone had gone to clean up the newly bought house. It was behind their house, and it was back to back. If you open the back door, it was very convenient to connect the doors together, and the house is much better than Lin’s, there are pigsties, the yard is also large, and there are many vegetable gardens in the back. It would be worth at least tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in a compound like this in modern times. If you really live in the countryside, it would be really good to have such a small home.

But the heroine was a college student and will eventually return to the city.

In fact, for a modern person, the concept of rural people and urban people has been blurred. In Su Su’ era, the treatment of rural people was better than people in the city. They had fields, land, houses, and subsidies every year.

Many urban people went to the village to buy a place to build a house because they were bored with the life in the city. After all, the air there was good, and people’s hearts are not complicated. Usually, it’s good for everyone to sit and chat together.

She remembered that before she crossover, her parents said that a very wealthy relative was living in the village for the elderly retirement, even brought cats and dogs. Listen to it make her envious.

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