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70MUMP chapter 10


Chapter 10 Robbing People
Translate by Phiphihi

After walking in, Su Su frowned, the room was full of pungent smell of smoke.

It was still a low and large warehouse-like earthen house, and even the door was made of wood nails, which was not strong at all.

She turned around and took a few breaths before continue walked forward. There were already five or six men and two or three women sitting inside, and they looked quite old.

Seeing Susu coming in, their eyes lit up, and then some stood up to make room for her, while others smiled and seemed very welcome .

In the back, the Linchuan felt that they were full of calculations, because these people were all thorns in the village.

Lin Donghe immediately introduced: “This is Comrade Su, who came to us to hold a literacy class from the city. She is young but a college student. Everyone is welcome.” After speaking, he took the lead in applauding.

Those people also clapped. They were probably not used to applauding, so they put it down after a few clap.

Lin Donghe felt helpless, just taking a few clap can prove how welcome she is, and people in the city can saw it at a glance.

Su Su didn’t care, and introduced herself with a smile: “My name is Su Su, hello everyone.”

Lin Donghe added: “Comrade Su has just come to our Xiaoshan village, everyone is very concerned about your clothing, food, housing and transportation, so…”

” Okay. Let’s not talk about these nonsense, then I’ll start. Comrade Su, can you, a girl from the city, come to our village and endure that hardship, especially Lin’s second son and his family have more people and less food. Why don’t you come and live in our house? Our house is just me and my wife and two girls. There is plenty of space for you to live in. How about eating rice every seven days?” a man in his fifties said.
(TL note: people in this era rarely eat rice usually they eat sweet potato, corn, or multi grain porridge because the lack of resource)

But a woman replied: “I said, big fat head, you said this to fool a little girl? Who doesn’t know that one of the two girls in your family is a paralyzed, and wouldn’t Su Girl have to take turns to cook when she goes to your house? Besides, she has to live with your paralyzed girl in a room, that smell…”

“Widow Qiao, what are you talking about?” The fat man stood up, looking like he was going to beat people.

Widow Qiao ignored her, stood up and walked in front of Su Su and wanted to hold her hand, but the person disappeared inexplicably. Instead, there was a tall figure in a military uniform, Lin Chuan who couldn’t look directly.

She took a step back in fright and stammered: “You heard that too, I’m a widow, there is only one son and I in the family, there is a place to live, the population is small and…”

“No.” This is not what Susu said, but Lin Chuan.

The scene cooled down for a while, and Su Su, who was squeezed into the corner without even a chance to show her face, had a black question mark floating on her head. One was she doesn’t understand why these people started to rob her, and the other was she doesn’t understand why Lin Chuan, who usually a lump of wood, stands in front of her, refused to let woman, get near her and even refuses for her.

However, it became clear immediately.

Widow Qiao frowned and said, “What do you mean Chuanzi? Comrade Su hasn’t spoken yet, what are you refused for others? Get out of the way for me, I have something to say to Comrade Su?”

Lin Chuan He didn’t make a sound, but he just didnt move.

Su Su stretched out her hand and pushed him but didn’t push his pillar-like figure that isolated her behind him. She couldn’t help but poke him angrily. it was fine if she didn’t poke, after this poke it became even harder, and he didn’t move, as if he had turned into a stone.

Widow Qiao was also angry, but she couldn’t push him away.

“What’s the matter? Lin’s second family just wants to keep Comrade Su at home, right? You don’t think about the number of kids in your family. What if you starve this delicate city girl?” Widow Qiao couldn’t push then she stand there with her hands on her waist and cursing.

Su Su felt that it was time to say a few words to the Lin family, but at this moment a shrill female voice said: “Widow Qiao, you really think beautiful, there are two rooms in your house, you want take Comrade Su over but where do you live? Do you want to share a room with your son? Won’t this delay you to bring a man home?”

“…” So, this Widow Qiao’s style is not decent? therefore, Lin Chuan does not allow this widow to touch her.

Pfft, it’s inexplicably cute.

Widow Qiao immediately replied: “Zhao Xiaohua, what are you talking about, when have I ever done that kind of thing?”

“Don’t say useless words, as if someone doesn’t know. Besides, your son’s style problem, you don’t have good intentions to bring such a beautiful girl to your house, right?” Zhao Xiaohua said sharply.

Su Su clearly felt that the tower in front of her was a layer higher, and suddenly said like a thunderbolt: “Shut up.”

Not know if it was because of the momentum, everyone really shut up.

Then Male Partner said domineeringly: “I rescued the person in the mountains, and will live in my house from now on. Even if our family starves to death, we won’t let her lose any weight, so do you have any opinions?”


Su Su thinks she may have seen a different Lin Chuan, why did he become so domineering?

“Brother Chuanzi, at least ask Comrade Su’s opinion?”

Lin Donghe also felt that this cousin had decided, but after all, they couldn’t make the decision for Su Su.

Su Su was finally released. She took a breath of fresh air and said weakly, “I’m already familiar with Brother Chuan’s house, so I live there. Thank you for your concern, You are all very kind to me.”

She has a natural milky sound, especially when the voice was small, it sound milky and crisp. The men present all felt that their bodies were half soft, not to mention how comfortable.

However, since the little girl said so, they are embarrassed to force her.

The woman named Zhao Xiaohua struggled for a while and said, “I said Comrade Su, your brother Chuan is going to get married soon, so why don’t you move to other house?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lin Chuan glared at Zhao Xiaohua, made her shiver.

Su Su’s eyes widened, how could this woman say such a thing, she didn’t care about the Male Partner at all. Uh no, at first she was thinking, but then she found out that he was 2nd man in the book, she stopped.

Zhao Xiaohua was taken aback, and then said loudly, “I’m just talking about casually.”

“Next time, we’ll see you in the commune.” What Linchuan said was ruthless, not only Zhao Xiaohua, but also others dare not say anything.

That’s not enough, Lin Chuan turned to his cousin and said coldly, “Now that everything is settled, is there any welcome ceremony?” He bit the last two words, the meaning couldn’t be more obvious.

Lin Donghe immediately shook his head and said, “No more.”

“It’s getting late, go back to eat.” Lin Chuan turned to look at Su Su, and lifted his chin lightly.

Su Su: “…”

She turned around and walked in front, but she was overtaken by Lin Chuan as soon as she got outside.

Although the two of them were walking on the road, they were separated by distance of five people. No matter how much Su Su chased after him, the distance in the middle never shortened.
(TL note: steel straight man Is online (≧▽≦)

In the end, she was so tired that she sat on a tree stump, panting and said: “I will take a break.”

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