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ALCS Chapter 19


Despite Immortal Puxian’s attempt to steal the laundry powder, Luo Feng did not panic. The system had taught him that even if the laundry powder was taken by a saint, it would not have any effect. On the contrary, there might be some side effects.

What made Luo Feng unhappy was that Immortal Puxian dared to steal his goods in front of everyone. It was an act that he could not tolerate. He decided that he would fight for his legitimate interests with the System.

“System, can I only fight back if others attack me? If people in the Ancient Land figure this out and only steal from me without attacking me, then wouldn’t I be unable to keep my store open? In that case, what is the purpose of this system?”

Hearing Luo Feng’s words, the System stuttered: “In theory, you are not allowed to attack, but the System has accepted that your words make sense to some extent, so it has decided to change the rules.”

Luo Feng was shocked and waited quietly for the system to change the rules.

Beep beep…

Luo Feng heard a sound in his mind, and then the system’s majestic voice emerged: “Based on the host’s feedback, the system has decided to increase the host’s authority. Within the protective shield, the host has the right to exercise the power of divine punishment…”

After the system took some time to explain, Luo Feng finally understood the meaning of the power of divine punishment. That is, the system gave him the right to exercise divine punishment as long as he stays in the barrier. In other words, in the protective barrier, Luo Feng was equivalent to the will of heaven. Even if a saint came in the barrier, his only fate would be to submit.

Hearing this, Luo Feng jumped up in excitement. With this power, he had nothing to fear! Even if Yuanshi Tianzun came here in person, he would have to lie down.

“Did the Elder go crazy? Why is he so happy despite losing his goods?”

“Psh. What Elder. I bet he just made up his own reputation. See how he doesn’t even dare to act when Immortal Puxian just stole from him.”

“Looks like he probably got lucky and found a legendary item. Now that Immortal Puxian took it from him, he probably went crazy from anger!”

After the System gave Luo Feng more authority, Luo Feng could control every blade of grass within Ziwei Mountain. However, he didn’t bother to act and wanted to see how the Chan Sect would respond.

Immortal Puxian originally intended to grab the laundry powder and run away, but when he found that Luo Feng didn’t move at all, his heart immediately began to murmur. Is it really as those creatures say? Is this guy just a mortal who got lucky?

Thinking of this, Immortal Puxian wavered. He approached the Nanji Elder and whispered, “Elder martial brother, is this guy actually a mortal?”

The Nanji Elder looked at Luo Feng and found Luo Feng’s face full of amusement. He frowned. “It doesn’t matter whether he’s a mortal. Since he hasn’t responded, we should try using this thing to clear the karmic fire from our treasures.”

Hearing this, Immortal Puxian relaxed and took out his treasure in front of Luo Feng.

Immortal Puxian thought back to Luo Feng’s actions and decided that there shouldn’t be any tricks. He started cleaning his treasure with the laundry powder.

One breath, two breaths… After five breaths, Immortal Puxian found that the karmic fire on the treasure had not decreased, but increased, and his body started shaking.

“He’s done for,” murmured many of the creatures around as they shook their heads.

The Chan Sect’s experts have gotten themselves into big trouble this time!

Using the same thing, Luo Feng could wash away the karmic fire on the magic weapon, but Immortal Puxian couldn’t. The only explanation is that this thing is only useful when it’s in Luo Feng’s hands. But now that the Chan Sect has stolen it, would Luo Feng still wash away the karmic fire from magic treasures of the Chan Sect?

The Nanji Elder is a decisive person. Seeing that the powder is useless in Immortal Puxian’s hands, he quickly bowed to Luo Feng. “Elder, my junior brother Puxian made a mistake by giving in to his desires. I hope that Elder can look upon our teacher, Yuanshi Tianzun’s face and give…”

Before the Nanji Elder could finish his words, Luo Feng sneered and laughed. “I just said not to bring out Yuanshi Tianzun to pressure me. Are you deaf?”

The Nanji Elder’s expression froze, but then he thought of his fellow brothers who still need to clear their magic treasures of karmic fire and forcefully smiled. “Elder, please calm down. Although my junior brother has committed a crime, the Chan Sect will definitely compensate Elder. If Elder has any requests in the future, the people of the Chan Sect will fulfill everything desired.”

However, the Nanji Elder didn’t expect that Luo Feng pointed at Immortal Puxian and said coldly. “Tell him to kneel and crawl over to me with the laundry powder. Then you can take your Chan Sect and immediately get out of my Ziwei Mountain.”

If anyone dares to anger me, I’ll kill you!

Immortal Puxian wanted to refuse, but the Nanji Elder glared at him. He quickly kneeled.

He didn’t have a choice. It was his fault that he made such an error. If he couldn’t make Luo Feng happy, then even if the Nanji Elder didn’t punish him, his own sect brother would tear him apart.

Some creatures who had doubted Luo Feng’s powers immediately shut their mouths as they saw Immortal Puxian kneel down.

What a joke! If Luo Feng was a mere mortal, would Immortal Puxian kneel in front of him!?

After Immortal Puxian returned to the Chan Sect’s group, the Nanji Elder commanded with a lowered voice, “Let’s go!”

Just then, Luo Feng stopped them. Facing the Nanji Elder’s questioning face, Luo Feng pointed to Immortal Puxian hiding in the back and said without expression, “You guys can leave but he must stay.”

The Nanji Elder held back his anger as he responded, “Elder, junior brother Puxian had already kneeled in front of you. What more do you want?”

Immortal Puxian was the disciple of a saint. Even apologizing was disrespectful toward the saint. Once they returned to the Chan Sect, their teacher would probably reprimand him. Yet now, there was someone who wouldn’t let it go.

Luo Feng put his hand behind his back and looked at the sun in the sky. He said lightly, “Puxian will commit suicide and return to samsara. Only then will this be settled.”

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