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ALCS Chapter 18


The creatures present were no fools. After Duobao’s explanation, they immediately reacted and stared at the experts from the Chan Sect with disdain.

For a long time, the disciples of the Chan Sect boasted that they were orthodox. They couldn’t bear being looked at with such scornful eyes. Just as they were about to move, Luo Feng snorted coldly.

All of a sudden, the scene of the tiger demon appeared in their minds and they stiffened.

Their leader, Yuanshi Tianzun had revealed to them that the hit contained a trace of heaven. Even he did not dare to face it straight on. If Luo Feng decided to act against them, even a saint backing them would be useless.

Seeing that the Chan Sect’s experts had stopped causing trouble, Luo Feng hammered the table. “Alright. Daoist Duobao bids 21,000 merits. Does anyone want to bid more?”

Immortal Puxian took advantage of the crowd’s inattention and pulled the Nanji Elder to the side. “Martial brother, 20,000 merits is not a small sum. Should we still try to outbid the Dai Sect?”

“Of course! How can we refuse?” asked the Nanji Elder without opening his lips. “The trash from the Dai Sect didn’t hold up their end of us teaming up to suppress everyone. They saw that we angered this guy and immediately severed our ties.”

Immortal Puxian originally wanted to remind the Nanji Elder that most of the disciples of the Tongtian Sect Leader were trash. However, after seeing his grave face, Puxian quickly shut up.

Luo Feng asked twice in succession and found that the Chan Sect had no intention to bid on this last spot. He sighed secretly. He wanted to take this opportunity to get more out of these guys, but he didn’t expect that they wouldn’t take the bait!

At the moment when Luo Feng’s hammer was about to fall, the Nanji Elder suddenly raised his head. “22,000 merits.”

“23,000 merits!”

“24,000 merits!”

The Nanji Elder seemed determined to win the third spot. No matter how much Daoist Duobao raised his price, he would not let go.

Luo Feng saw Saintess Jinling whisper something to Duobao. Duobao paused for a moment. “30,000 merits!”

The Nanji Elder roared with passion. “No matter what, I will get this third spot!”

But just as he was about to increase the price, Puxian held him back. “Elder martial brother, even all of our merits combined will only add up to 30,000.”

The Nanji Elder seized Puxian’s collar and asked angrily, “What did you say?”

Immortal Puxian saw the Nanji Elder’s frustration and smiled bitterly, “Elder martial brother, 30,000 merit is already our limit!”

“It seems that the Dai Sect is richer than the Chan Sect!” murmured Luo Feng. He then asked with a smile, “Elder Nanji, as stated, this store doesn’t take credit. You should only bid the amount you have. Don’t be reckless!”

Nanji Elder let go of Immortal Puxian’s collar and turned toward Duobao. He spoke coldly, “Daoist friend Duobao, you win!”


They were just calling each other brothers a moment ago, but now they are suddenly ‘Daoist friends.’ It looks like relations in the Ancient Land aren’t very stable.

While secretly curling his lips, Luo Feng knocked the wooden hammer in his hand on the table. “30,000 merits, deal!”

Although the first two spots were sold for a thousand merits, the last was sold at a price of 30,000 merits.

All in all, Luo Feng made a substantial profit. He suddenly felt much better. He even showed those from the Dai Sect a smile.

Of course, Duobao wouldn’t miss an opportunity such as this. He quickly handed over his magic treasure as well as that of the Saintess Jinling. The other two experts from the Dai Sect showed some hints of disappointment, but there was no resentment.

On the other hand, the Chan Sect had almost started a fight among themselves for their only spot.

“Elder martial brother, the karma on my magic weapon has been accumulated over tens of thousands of years, and I am about to lose control of it. Please let me have this opportunity!”

“Elder martial brother Nanji, I had lost my mind the other day. If I don’t rid my treasure of karma, I might be corrupted by foreign demons. Give this opportunity to me instead!”

The Nanji Elder’s face turned red as saw his martial brothers and sisters fighting for this spot. He angrily yelled, “All of you shut up! This quota is mine!”

The other three members of the Chan Sect looked toward Nanji Elder at the same time. But, when they saw his red face, they quickly swallowed their words.

Luo Feng, who was washing away the karma from Duobao and Jinling’s weapons, saw this and laughed lightly. “Since you have decided, then please give me your treasure, Daoist friend Nanji!”

The Nanji Elder didn’t waste a second and immediately pulled out his treasure. He wanted to see how Luo Feng planned to clear its karmic fire.

The dissatisfied Immortal Puxian watched as Luo Feng took out a handful of white powder from a weird-looking bag and threw it in water. His eyes flashed.

He scanned with his mind and found that the water was just normal spring water. Then, the key must be the white powder.

Suddenly, a crazy idea appeared in Immortal Puxian’s mind. He thought that if he snatched the white powder, he would be able to remove karmic fire from magic treasures as well. As for Luo Feng’s anger, as long as he had a way to remove the karmic fire from treasures, his master Yuanshi Tianzun would protect him.

As soon as the idea appeared in Puxian’s mind, it took root like a seed that could not be pulled out!

It only strengthened as he saw the karmic fire on Nanji Elder’s treasure disappear amongst white bubbles.

Luo Feng finished cleansing Nanji Elder’s treasure and was about to give it back when he suddenly felt gust next to him. Immediately after, Nanji Elder roared, “Immortal Puxian, are you crazy?”

“Ha ha… As long as I have this thing, I can get rid of the karmic fire on magic treasures too. Then I can get as much merit as I want and breakthrough my current cultivation realm.”

Luo Feng found more than half of his laundry powder in Immortal Puxian’s hand and his face immediately turned gloomy.

The Nanji Elder saw this and opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

If Puxian could actually cleanse karmic fire with that bag of stuff, then everything would work out. But if he couldn’t, then the Chan Sect just got into a lot of trouble!

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