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  • Before the Villains’ Ending

    Before the Villains’ Ending

    Before the novel’s ending, I possessed a supporting character. Now, I am the younger sister of a villainess soon to die, two months until the execution. While visiting my elder sister, I often visited the rest of the villains. “Didn’t you get better?” “… What?” In the prison I often visited to see my sister, the novel’s villains started looking at me. “I’m asking if this wasn’t acting. Answer me, Margaret Eilish.” The man’s words were beyond my expectations in such a dangerously intimate atmosphere. I looked at the man from afar. Get a hold of yourself, Margaret. Nothing good will come out of revealing my illness in front of the guard. I whispered back with a little confusion, pretending to know nothing. “… Tell me what you mean. I’ll listen to you calmly.”

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  • Bon Appétit

    Bon Appétit

    “Are you eating in this situation?” “Of course! I’ll have to keep savoring the taste until I die. Do you want one?” She was reincarnated in a novel as Luana, the abandoned princess. And her death was already decided. She just wanted to let people know about her cooking talent, but she was misunderstood as a witch because of her cheese jerkies! The general of the conquering army, Duke Legion, who had lost his sense of taste, took her to the empire for her extraordinary jerkies and to break the curse that had come down from generation to generation. “It is delicious, isn’t it?” “Prepare the same for the dinner.” She was happy to be able to cook and eat as much as delicious food as she wanted…… But now, she also wanted to look after Legion. ‘Eat three meals a day, and make sure to make dessert. I’m sure he will be able to gain some weight….!’ The Duke took the jerky from the princess. On the surface, it was no different from any beef jerky. But when he took a bite of it, it felt like a new world had opened up. The jerky, made by the princess, felt more tender than the others as he gently crushed it with his teeth. The taste of condensed meat smudged his tongue as he chewed on. It was just as she said. He could feel the savory taste of the spicy meat, and at the end of the day, he wanted to have more. The desire that he had, faded for a while. “I didn’t really want anything, but now I think I do.”

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  • Born as the Hidden Daughter of a Villainess and the Male Lead

    Born as the Hidden Daughter of a Villainess and the Male Lead

    Born as an extra in the completed novel. The main characters had their own happy ending, and they lived a peaceful life with their grandfather without any incident. Suddenly, the original male lead came to me and knelt down. “……? What’s going on here?” “…..You.” Said the male lead whose eyelashes were shaking. “You’re Mariette’s daughter.” I dropped the flower crown I was holding from my hand. Who is Mariette? Isn’t it the name of the original villainess who lost everything and met a tragic end? Then, I’m Mariette’s daughter? What a crazy thing to say. At that time, I was seriously thinking about whether or not the male lead turned crazy after the ending of the novel. “And… also my daughter…” The male lead said with tears in his eyes. ….Huh? “I’m finally meeting you. I didn’t even know I had a child. Baby, I’m actually your father!!” The moment when the male lead continued to speak mournfully. Crying-! Someone suddenly came out and slapped the male lead in the back of the head with all his might. Slapping- The male lead, who was hit in the head, passed out and threw his face on the dirty ground. “Where did you lay your hands on, you bastard!” Then, the grandfather, whose face was blushing, appeared and shouted aloud. “You’re such a fool who doesn’t even know grace, how much my daughter suffered because of you and left, where are you shamelessly coming from?” I stared at the male lead, who had his face savagely smashed on the floor, and Grandfather, who came with a bigger stone this time with a lot of energy. It was the moment when the secret of my birth that I had never dreamed of was revealed.

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  • Can Drink a Cup of Nothing

    Can Drink a Cup of Nothing

    The Third Prince, Zong Luo and the King of Beining, Yu Beizhou, have been at odds with each other. Water and fire were never compatible. Their tit for tat confrontation was exhaustible. Unfortunately, things went awry. After an imperial edict came, Zong Luo laughed facing the heavens. His ink hair was scattered, he closed his eyes, and committed suicide under the city gate. However, he woke up again, barely escaping death’s door. Following that, he became entwined with Yu Beizhou once more, till death eventually came upon him. His enemy’s face was stunning, flamboyant, and sinful. Only after staring at him did he only notice a little bit of light floating within his unfathomable eyes. “Senior martial brother,” Yu Beizhou said in a low voice, grasped his sword in hand, and touched his eyebrows intimately, “We meet again.” ……. Zong Luo had a dream. He dreamed that after his death, the man sewed up his uncollected body, and kept it in an ice coffin for nine years. Glory, wealth, and world domination that will last for thousands of generations- Zong Luo didn’t want it, but Yu Beizhou got it all. However, no one knows that after going to court every day, after the tyrant dismissed the palace servants, he would walk into the cold bedchamber alone. “Senior martial brother, it’s already nine years.” Yet it’s still so cold no matter how warm it is. “I hate you so much.” He held the body in his arms and muttered to himself. -Hate is the strongest form of love-

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  • Cinta yang Mengintai di Meja Makan

    Cinta yang Mengintai di Meja Makan

    Siswi kelas satu SMA, Igarashi Mizuka, suka memasak. Tapi begitu dia masuk SMA, orang tuanya mulai bekerja di luar negeri dan dia harus tinggal sendirian. Tiba-tiba muncul di hadapan Mizuka yang kesepian adalah Hino Yousuke, seorang model dan aktor yang memintanya untuk membuatkan makanan untuknya. Mizuka bingung mengingat status lelaki itu, tapi ia tetap membuatkannya makan siang dan pada akhirnya menyukainya…

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  • Concubine’s Invitation

    Concubine’s Invitation

    The charming butterfly Hilaria has flown into the palace! With a glimpse into the future ahead of an important decision, she becomes an Emperor’s concubine to save her motherland. She’s so extraordinary there was never even any hesitation! “How long are you going to keep me looking up?” From maids to Empresses, no one can help but to falter in her presence! “Cute… The Empress is lovely… delicious even.” – Ebenezer, the desirable Emperor who pretends to be kind with a smile – well he’s just a bonus. From there, Hilaria’s dangerous journey begins. “Shall we have a cup of tea?” I’ll take care of you.” The sweet trust and romance that blooms in the Imperial Castle is full of intrigue!

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  • Copy of Resentment

    Copy of Resentment

    1. Resentment arises from the souls of dead people, and everyone has it, so it’s not too unusual. But those who have strong resentment after death and have not dissipated will lose the way to reincarnation. Wandering in the world day after day, waiting for that great savior who can resolve their resentment. “As I said, death is an important node that cannot be crossed.” Lu Shen’s expression was light. “So sorry, I can only penetrate into the resentment of the dead.” Behind each resentment copy, there is a different life. 2. According to rumors, the gate of the No.4 Middle School  is facing the crematorium’s closed door, and the haunting rate and enrollment rate are the highest in the city. Students from as far as 800 miles away were afraid of such a well-known magical institution, but with the arrival of an equally magical transfer student, a delicate balance had been upset— The strange things that happen every night of the full moon, the strange and rigid school motto, the old cases left more than ten years ago… What is the source and truth behind all these supernatural events? “It doesn’t matter what it is,” said Bian Shengjian, frowning, “just tell me, what exactly are you?” Lu Shen was silent for a while, then raised his head and stared at him: “First, I’m not a thing.” “Second,” Lu Shen said with a sudden smile and a very gentle tone: “If I said I was a ghost, would you believe it?” Well, in fact, this is a nonsense campus ghost story. The full text doesn’t play cards according to common sense~

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  • Courtship Period

    Courtship Period

    [Please note that a powerful interracial creature is approaching, and the other party exudes a strong courtship pheromone to you.] Ban Xia: “???” [The light brain automatically generated three plans for you: One, accept the courtship of the other party, and the alien will excitedly bring you back to the lair. Second, refuse the courtship of the other party, and the alien will directly take you back to the lair. Three, run away immediately, the alien will catch up to you, beat you up and take you back to the lair. 】 Wandering on the alien planet, Ban Xia saw giant birds, and rode mammoths, so even if another aboriginal wooed him, he could calmly deal with it. Until the sky darkened, a monster-like magical dragon crashed down with a bang, the monster’s scaly head leaned in front of him, stuck out his scarlet tongue, and licked him. Ban Xia:!!!∑(°Д°ノ)ノ Tian Nanxing has been a lonely dragon for thousands of years, and never had the idea of ​​finding a mate. Until one day , it smelled the scent of an unfamiliar male, and that smell made it quickly enter the courtship period. “I want to… want to lay eggs.”

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