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  • Villainess Maker

    Villainess Maker

    I possessed the villainess in the novel. It was even a romance fantasy that I wrote myself 10 years ago. The villainess, Ayla, is destined to be killed by the male lead while cursing the female lead. That means it’s okay if I don’t turn out to be villainess, right? “I’m going to spend the rest of my life playing rich and unemployed!” However, As I began to fool around, the day suddenly began to turn around. The reason for that was because I didn’t act like a villainess?! I don’t want to die! “Please stop the loop…….” “The method is simple. You just have to be a real villainess .” “Real villainess?” “Wealth, power, honor, man, take everything away.” Then a dangerous-looking sorcerer came to me. “If you want, I’ll take her crown and gladly put it over your head, and lead you to the throne…” He whispered the devilish sweet words into her ears with a gentle voice. “So, what’s your answer?” Will I be able to stop the loop and become a real villainess?

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  • Villainous Lady, The Obsession Begins

    Villainous Lady, The Obsession Begins

    The youngest Princess of the Grand Duchess family, the villain of the novel… …..Live under the guise, she fell in love with her fiancé, the world’s most handsome man. “Prince, I love you!” “I was only engaged to repay the favor. I won’t fall for you, Young Lady.” But even if she devoted everything, there was no law that everything would unconditionally work. She learned it and turned away. However. “Oh, let’s break the engagement!” “I love you. I realized too late.” You know, when people give you a chance, you have to seize it. If you don’t want to hang on and cry like this Prince.

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  • When the Fair Rich Beauty Becomes the Poor Girl

    When the Fair Rich Beauty Becomes the Poor Girl

    Jiang Bao never thought she would have a younger twin sister.….. they were fraternal twins with totally different looks and personalities, and the other twin had always been wandering outside. She was 16 when she enrolled in Massachusetts (MIT), where she lived in a manor with a horseracing track. She was the top rich and beautiful young lady in the social circle, with an overbearing personality. Lin Can was the meal ticket for her whole family, with low self-esteem. She was arranged to work as a hostess and was discriminated against in school and by the members of her 18 line girl group. When the fair rich beauty and the poor girl exchange bodies, everyone around them notices that the girl who always wanted fame and experienced extreme bullying and criticism, and the prideful and aloof girl are different from before…… – One-sentence summary: The max-level big boss has opened an alternate account and butchered all the newbies! (* ̄︶ ̄) TL notes: Fair Rich Beauty is directly translated from the Chinese term 白富美 (baifumei), which is a positive term and refers to a girl who is fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful in appearance. 18 line girl group, or 十八线女团 (shi ba xian nu tuan), is a chinese term that refers to an unpopular girl group, often known to take more measures to gain traction compared to famous groups. A K-pop equivalent term would be a nugu girl group.

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  • When The Mother Of The Duke’s Son Returns

    When The Mother Of The Duke’s Son Returns

    I returned to my husband’s funeral. Third life. I will never make the same mistake again. So now! right now! I’m going to beat my son’s butt first! “Bliss! I raise you by myself, not even my own son. ”How can you betray your mom as soon as you become a duke?” My goal in this life is not to make a Duke son, but to make a Human son! Being praised by people around you for successful financial techniques and rational judgment is an added bonus. Love? Dating? I’m back, but I don’t need it. Because I’m busy making my son a good human first! It was like that… But a young man who is too good for me is obsessed with me. “You’re not running away, are you?” I’m sure it’s not true. Aren’t you supposed to tell me what to do after a kiss?” “When did I?!” “First of all, shall we move? If possible, go to a narrow and dark place.” Duke, don’t do this! I have a son who gets hurt if I don’t pay attention to him! “You still don’t know? I don’t care if you have a son.” Suddenly, a large, thick hand of a man wrapped around my waist. So that I don’t run away anymore.

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  • While You’re In Love

    While You’re In Love

    I actually knew the truth. «I didn’t marry my wife because I loved her.» So it’s not his fault. It was all my fault to have false expectations. «I just signed a contract with her based on needs.» Three years as his wife. I tried hard to be the right woman for him, but I couldn’t get a piece of his heart. «I didn’t know it would last this long. It’s annoying.» I was nothing to him to the extent that I was thrown away as soon as the heroine appeared. In the end, the main character was the main character and the extra was the extra. No matter how hard I try, I’m just an annoying extra. The role hasn’t changed. So it’s right for me to leave. «I’m sorry I’ve been bothering you all this time. Please be happy with her.» 

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  • Why Does My Baby Have to be a Villain?

    Why Does My Baby Have to be a Villain?

    When I woke up after banging my head on the road, I possessed a novel I enjoyed reading. Although not a single line about her appeared in the original, she is the only daughter of a wealthy family with enormous wealth. I was embarrassed for a brief moment but later thought that this was a great opportunity. This is my favorite novel, and I can finally meet Locus, the villain of this novel. At the same time, this is my only chance to save Locus! I clenched my fists as I made up my mind. As long as I’m here, Locus’ life will end happily without any shortage. Especially without being pushed aside by the main characters! I will paint his path with gold! To do that… ‘Locus had an unhappy family history since childhood.’ I have to erase this one line from the novel. Really, this is ridiculous, why does my baby have to be a villain in the first place?

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  • Your Majesty, Please Come In

    Your Majesty, Please Come In

    I, the Prince of Xiang, have done three wrong things in my life. First, take Emperor Jing to the brothel. Second, let Emperor Jing know the gangsters in Jianghu. Third, as Buddha said…Can’t be mentioned casually.

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