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AMDE Chapter 16



If Norma is truly a wanderer, he is a “Diazi.” You don’t have to owe Diazi a lot.

I don’t know if it’s the other way around!

“No, let’s wrap things up here with Norma Diazi.”

Give Norma a new horse, and since Mcfoy has a face, let’s send him off with a knight. Later, family to family, let’s pay for the help so far.

If it were the family head of Mcfoy, he would do that. I nodded vigorously inwardly.

Alright, Lord Diazi!


However, my mouth did not open.

Then what about Norma Diazi?

Norma must have been looking at me all this time. He was only looking at me with the eyes of a puppy about to be abandoned by its owner. It was not an illusion.

Seriously. What the hell are you thinking?

“… Sir Diazi.”

“Yes, Lord Mcfoy.”

I was a little confused because the voice was so plain, with a face full of lingering feelings.

“Our contract is up to Katam, so let’s go to Katam together.”

Maybe it was because she didn’t like Norma, who played separately. Again, impulsively, her mouth moved first.

The impulse is something I loathe, and I can’t believe I’m doing it.

Why on earth?

I could feel Ektra’s hot gaze through the side of my head. She looked busily back and forth between Norma and me, her eyes telling me that she and everyone else would die of interest.

“Since you have shown me a favor, let me serve you as an honored guest. You haven’t been able to rest properly for two days, and I, Aisa Mcfoy, don’t feel comfortable returning to the estate alone like this!”

Shut up, Aisa McFoy! Reason screamed, but I continued to flutter. I don’t know why I’m persuading him so passionately.

There was a crack in the gentle smile that was always on Norma’s face. His lips stretched, and his lips parted.


I shouted louder than I could at the crack.
T/N: This was where they were standing at.

“Come with me to Katam. I will serve you without any inconvenience, Sir Diazi.”

She did not kneel, but her outstretched right hand will become a dark history that will remain in the path.

Simultaneously, Extra covered her mouth with her hands, like a girl witnessing a confession scene. Everyone looked at the courtship, not the vigorous courtship of young people, with the expression, “Oh, my!” Fortunately, no idiot spoke out.

There was a dead silence. It was so quiet except for the sound of the horse’s rumbling.

‘I’m crazy. What the fuck did I just say?’

When reason finally caught up with the situation, Norma smiled brightly. Like a flower overflowing in full bloom, very brilliantly.

Dramatic exclamations of “Mehera” burst forth from all around. Norma’s laughter seems to bring about a sense of faith that hadn’t existed before.


It was no different for me, either. I couldn’t take my eyes off Norma, who held everyone’s breath and smiled happily.

So far, all of Norma Diazi’s smiles have been business. That was all social life. That person originally smiled like that.

Norma’s sunny smile shines so brightly.

“I’d be happy if the Lord wanted me to.”

In the meantime, Norma Diazi had taken the lead. The man with a beautiful smile said so under the brilliant midday sun.

How am I supposed to reverse this?…. I can’t do it. No one will be able to do it.

McFoy’s family missed the right time to correct it. I just thought that it wasn’t a very losing business.


Erica Seymour, an aide to House Mcfoy, hadn’t slept for a week already. She couldn’t even do the simple task of washing her hair, let alone sleep.

Her gun-like light-green eyes had lost their luster, and her light-brown hair, always neatly braided and twisted, had been undetectable for several days.

How many threats did Erica Seymour’s young owner, Aisa McFoy, face? Up to now, there have been countless kidnappings, murders, and attempted terror attacks against Aisa.

Even so, it was all a ‘mistake’. A capable servant of Mcfoy never lost his master to an enemy.

But it was lost in front of the Emperor at the founding ceremony, where the imperial knights and guards were more thoroughly controlling their surroundings than ever before in that vast crowd.

They were robbed of their crib.

How incompetent is this? Five knights stuck together to stop Sir Glenn Dogman, commander of the Mcfoy Knights, from committing suicide on the spot. Ultimately, Erica had to step in and stop him from dying immediately.

Lord Dogman retired early during his predecessor’s reign and traveled across the continent to realize his long-cherished dream after retirement… Then, ten years ago, when ‘the incident’ broke out, he was an old man among veterans and a loyalist among loyal subjects who returned to the Mcfoy Knights.

Anyone who has been through ‘that day’ is afraid of losing. It must have been shocking to see a precious person, a late-born daughter, kidnapped right before his eyes. Erika fully understood his despair.

Erica Seymour also knows the culprit.

It’s Nyx, the crazy bastard who appeared in Mcfoy 10 years ago and sacrificed the entire Mcoy to gain the power of Alpo, who kidnapped the family head this time.

On that day ten years ago, Erica lost everyone except her mother. At the age of 18, Erica and her mother would have turned into white bones by now if they hadn’t left for Baghdad, a holy place located in the east, with her mother to celebrate her coming-of-age ceremony.

Most of the Mcfoys who survived ten years ago was like that. The ancestral spirits help those who were not in the manor that day. Erica Seymour was one of those people. At least she was left with her mother, so her situation improved.

Erica became an assistant to the young head of the household, suffering from a labor shortage. This was possible because she was a Confucianism who was ahead of her time and deeply educated.

Of course, the more significant reason was that no one else could do it, but Erika was surprisingly a competent aide. Surprisingly, Aisa, who could be said to be the best in terms of bad luck, had at least some good chance and talent.

The face of my young master, who was hit by a blunt weapon and fell to the side, a criminal smiling strangely.

Although she had never encountered Nyx, Erica instantly knew who the madman had cracked his master’s head before him and laughed out loud.

‘It’s Nyx.’

At once, I felt a shudder all over my body. It was the defeat that I decided to let go of my mind by judging that he was dead. As an assistant, I should not relax until I see the body of that bastard.

When I regretted it, it was after what Aisa had said as a joke became a reality.

‘If someone succeeds in hurting me, it’s that bastard, Nicks. If, like, that crazy guy really comes back alive. Hehe”

They say the words become seeds. I told you to watch your mouth.

Anyway, that tiresome joke. My little owner had no friends her age, so she couldn’t even joke dirty. Of course, Erica was also a human without friends of her age, so there was nothing more to say.

It’s been quiet for years, so I thought Nyx was dead. Aisa and Erica had forgotten a little about the guy, who wouldn’t be happier to tear him apart and kill him.

This regret was short-lived. Erica was busy dealing with the immediate task. Despite her shock at having the family’s head taken away right in front of her eyes, she moved very calmly, following the guidelines set by her Aisa.

In the absence of the head, the deputy has to grab and drag McFoy by the collar in confusion. That was chief aide Erica Simore.

As soon as Aisa was kidnapped, Erica split the knights and organized a search party to pursue Nyx. And she went straight back to McFoy territory.

The first thing she did by sending an informant was to secure the young heir of the family, Master Archie, and move him to a safe house. Erica’s mother, Mrs. Seymour, went into hiding as Master Archie’s nanny.

And the top of the romdak. The absence of the head of the house shook everything from the kingdom to transactions with local nobles.

They were engaged in a bloody search battle. When Aisa McFoy’s death was confirmed, it was to pick up and eat the dumplings that would fall faster than anyone else and make the most of it.

It wasn’t that Isa Mcfoy had built trust and friendship with them person-to-person, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t scandalized.

It wasn’t a big deal.

Tweet, tweet. Pororong, tweet.

In the ensuing information warfare and high-level battle, Erika stayed up all night on the 6th and greeted a new morning at the desk in the household office. With the dark circles finally reaching the tip of her chin, she glared at the rising sun before picking up the following document.

‘According to the action guidelines, the moment the sun goes down today, you have to move on the premise of the head of household’s death. Is she really dead? Is that really the end?’

She thought of the thin body struck by the blunt force and fell to the side, and she rubbed her eyes roughly.

‘Isn’t it unfair for the head of household to die like this?’

Erica’s young master’s life was too miserable to die like this. Her owner was fifteen, inheriting the family and the estate, and had died at an immature age. Erica, who rolled together, is not on duty to feel sorry for, but Aisa has never rested since.

Anyway, after going through all that hardship, Aisa is now in a position where she can stretch out her legs and rest. The happiness others say, there was only one thing left to enjoy…

‘Mehera loves humans. Love is frozen to death. This is enough to make a human to play with.’

Erica repeated the blasphemy and read the document with red eyes again.
As soon as she read the report that the only surviving collateral of Asa McFoy’s older half-brother, Gale, was acting disrespectfully, Erica buried her face in her hands.


“You son of a bitch. If you’d gone into Daryl’s son-in-law, you’d have stayed in that manor!”

Regrettably, he could not assassinate Gale by entering the influential southern aristocratic family, which was not easy to touch.

‘Gosh… Where are you, Lord?’

The room was filled with red light. Erica stared blankly at the window. The sun was setting.

“I can’t do this.”

When this year was over, I had to move on to the postmortem plan of Isa Mcfoy, my young master.

Erica Seymour did not have passionate loyalty and love for her master. She was Erica, a lukewarm person by nature, and according to her line, she was the best person in the empire.

Her sensibility was a dry well. If Aisa was a witch, Erika was known as a demon. It was because she feared that no blood would come out even if she were stabbed.

So the relationship between the two did not look very friendly. In the eyes of others, it looked like a very rough and businesslike master-servant relationship. As long as someone gave them money, it seemed like there would be nothing strange about Erica betraying Aisa.

However, they survived and were one of the few remaining in Mcfoy. The bond between the two was perhaps stronger than anything else.

Erica closed her eyes, feeling for the first time in a long time that it was too much to bear.

And just before the sun completely set, the chief aide’s direct contact network was activated. Only Family, Mcfoy was the contact that could be sent to Erica Seymour.

At that moment, Erica called Mehera.

‘I’m alive. I’m alive. I survived.’

After the incident that brought Mcfoy to the brink of extinction, Erica lost her faith. She believed that if Mehera loved humans, the whole estate wouldn’t be like that.

She hated Mehera. Even so, the first thing that popped out was ‘Mehera!’ It was dramatic enough to believe in God’s help.


An unexpected person appeared in the office when Erica was soaked in belated faith.

‘No. Is it rather late for this human?’


“Mr. Kano.”

Erica greeted the uninvited guest with a very annoying expression.

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